Where was Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend filmed? See Locations and Lifetime Cast

Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend is the newest Lifetime holiday movie that takes through a beautiful American town with its filming locations, but the actual shooting was done in Canada.

Directed by Graeme Campbell from a script of Victoria Rose, the movie tells the story of single mother Emma Morgan and her daughter Lily as they navigate the holiday season filled with surprises.

The holiday romance movie is produced by Jordana Aarons under Reel One Entertainment, Champlain Media, and CME City Productions like most Lifetime movies.

Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend Filming Locations

The heartwarming Lifetime movie ‘Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend’ was filmed primarily in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in June 2023. Hamilton provided a variety of urban and natural locales for the production, Smadu shared a pic on Instagram.

As per reports, principal photography for the Lifetime movie was carried out in June 2023 under the working title “A Boyfriend for Christmas” and the shooting wrapped within the same month. Let’s have a look at the specific landmarks:

Mom's Christmas Boyfriend filming in Hamilton
Courtsey of Lifetime

Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology, Hamilton, Ontario

Located at 900 Woodward Avenue, the crew members set up camps at the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology, using the museum’s red brick buildings with columns and wood beams as a backdrop.

Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology
Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology (via Google Maps)

Its old-fashioned architecture offered a vibrant, timeless atmosphere that was augmented by the crew’s Christmas decorations. The museum is normally open to the public to display 19th-century steam engines and you can also visit the location anytime.

Downtown Hamilton, Ontario

Additional filming took place in downtown along King William Street and outside of the French restaurant at 37 King William Street. These urban locations offered the charm of a commercial district bedecked with Christmas trimmings.

37 King William Street, Hamilton (via Reddit)

Toronto, Ontario

Some of the shooting was also done in Toronto, Connie shared a few bts photos on her Instagram.

Private Residence in Dundas

The family home seen in the movie is a private residential property in the Dundas suburb of Hamilton.

Production team decorated the elegant suburban property with fake snow and Christmas trees to transform it into a winter wonderland, despite filming taking place in June.

With its mix of urban and natural locations, Hamilton proved a practical and visually appealing filming destination to bring this Lifetime holiday story to life.

With its diverse landscapes, Hamilton has proven to be a fitting location for several Lifetime Christmas movies, including “A Not So Royal Christmas”, “Laughing All the Way”, and “How to Fall in Love By Christmas”.

Behind the Scenes

Lead actress Jeananne Goossen said of her experience filming, “It was maybe the most fun and wholesome time I’ve ever had on set!”

Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend Cast

  • Zach Smadu as Zach Mitchell
  • Jeananne Goossen as Emma Morgan
  • Ai Barrett as Lily Morgan
  • Anthony Bewlz as Clark Winters
  • Connie Manfredi as Brit
  • Chris Wilson as Brady Fleming
  • Amanda Martínez as Veronica Worth
  • Tianna Nori as Interviewer
  • Sarah DeSouza-Coelho as Christmas Elf

Where to watch Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend?

Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend premieres on Lifetime Channel on Dec 23, 2023 inside the United States, and is available to stream on-demand from Lifetime App. Moreover, you can access the film on Philo, DirecTV, and Hulu+live TV as they gives an access to Lifetime channel.

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