Where was Laughing All The Way filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Lifetime Channel’s 2023 holiday film Laughing All The Way transports viewers to a snow-covered, Christmas-y backdrop in the capital city of Canada as the story unfolds between comedian Aubri Wilson and Hollywood star Mike Baxter.

As Aubri works to organize a Christmas variety special and Mike rediscovers his comedic roots, their journey plays out against the charming streets, landmarks, and establishments of Ottawa.

The movie is directed by Marita Grabiak from a script of Rickie Castaneda, Megan Hocking and Dane K Braun, with Tim Johnson, Joe Wilka and Lisa Alford as executive producers under Fireside (Laughing) Films Inc. and Johnson Management Group.

Laughing All The Way Filming Locations

This Lifetime rom-com movie Laughing All The Way was filmed on location in Ontario, especially in the capital city of Ottawa, Canada.

Some popular landmarks that were used in the filming includes Pub 101, Sens House, ByWard Market, Confederation Park, and Carleton.

Filming for the movie began in January 2023 and wrapped in early February 2023 within Ottawa, Amanda shared on her Instagram.

She wrote in the caption:

Can’t wait to see what the future holds ✨

The production crew of Laughing All The Way set up a shooting camp on the picturesque street of Elgin Street to cature scenes at locations like The Waverley Elgin, Harmon’s Steakhouse, and Confederation Park, CTV reported.

The Waverley Elgin, Downton Ottawa

Built in 1962, The Waverley Elgin is a historic apartment building located in downtown Ottawa.

With its mid-century modern architecture featuring clean lines, balcony railings, and patterned concrete screens, it serves as an iconic backdrop representing Ottawa in the 1960s.

Pani Zade shared a photo over her social media during the shooting of Laughing All The Way in Feb 2023.

The lobby and hallways with their vintage terrazzo floors and original light fixtures provide a nostalgic atmosphere.

Scenes set inside an apartment was done in the building’s kitchens and living spaces were decorated in period style.

The Sens House, Ottawa

Remember that fancy dinner scene where Aubri and Mike get to know each other?

The Sens house is featured as a dinner restaurant in Laughing all the Way
via The Sens House X

That swanky place is actually the Sens House, a restaurant in Ottawa, Canada.

It’s got a real classy vibe, perfect for a romantic night out (or, you know, pretending to have one for a movie!).

The Senators House, also known as Sens House, is a popular sports bar and grill located right near the Canadian Tire Centre hockey arena.

Laughing all the way filming in Ottawa
Courtsey of Lifetime Channel

But fans in Ottawa probably recognized the familiar red, black, and white colors of their beloved Senators!

Byward Market, Ottawa

Need a break from all the stand-up routines and romantic tension? Take a stroll through ByWard Market!

This bustling marketplace is packed with shops, cafes, and street performers, giving you a real taste of Ottawa’s lively spirit.

Byward Market area in Laughing All the way
Byward Market Area (via Tripadvisor)

It’s the perfect place to soak up the holiday cheer and maybe even grab a souvenir (or two!).

Over 200 local vendors and artisans set up colorful stands and kiosks along the lively streets of Byward during the shooting of Laughing all the Way.

In key scenes, viewers can catch glimpses of some of the iconic Byward buildings and church spires adorned with Christmas wreaths and lights.

The heritage buildings provide a festive holiday backdrop unique to Ottawa’s historic vibe and hometown traditions.

Pub 101, Byward Market, Ottawa

When Aubri’s got the mic in hand and the crowd’s roaring, that’s the legendary Pub 101 in Ottawa!

Open since 1984, Pub 101 is considered as a historic Ottawa establishment in the Byward Market area, the most popular shooting location in Ottawa.

This comedy club is a real hotspot for up-and-coming comedians, and it’s easy to see why. The atmosphere is electric, and the laughs are guaranteed.

via Google Maps

It has a warm woody interior and exposed brick walls that perfectly matched with the expectations of production crew.

As the comedy club setting, they perhaps set up a small stage and seating areas weaving between crowded tables filled with extras laughing all the away.

Confederation Park, Ottawa

Built in 1967 to coincide with Canada’s centennial celebrations, the park combines mid-century design with the Rideau Canal and Ottawa River shorelines.

As one of Ottawa’s landmark downtown parks, Confederation Park offers both manicured areas for lounging and wide open fields for sports and play. Ish Morris shared a bts pic during the filming of Laughing all the way.

Josie shared another on set photograh on her Instagram when the shooting of Laughing All the Way was ongoing.

Scenes depicting family picnics, recreational sports games, or even protest rallies can leverage the variety of backdrops within Confederation Park. The views of Parliament Hill and the Ottawa Locks are also an option for patriotic symbolism.

Carleton Place, Town in East Ontario

The town’s charming downtown area and picturesque streets provided the perfect backdrop for the film’s heartwarming holiday story, the same location was used to film Noel Next Door in 2022.

Josephine shared a picture featuring the main shooting camera used in the shooting of Laughing All The Way. She tagged Carleton Place, Ontario in the the location and also mentioned a local coffee shop in Ontario, that was used for shooting purposes.

Other Ottawa Locations

More central Ottawa sites like ByWard Market and Eldorado Taco also served as filming spots for the shooting of this optimistic holiday tale. With plenty of snowfall and regressive architecture, Ottawa set an ideal seasonal stage for the Lifetime movie.

Iconic Ottawa landmarks likely appear in establishing shots and exterior scenes throughout “Laughing All The Way” as well, including scenic spots along the Rideau Canal, the striking Château Laurier hotel, and renowned institutions like the National Gallery of Canada.

We all know Canada is the first love of filmmakers when it comes to making holiday movies whether it belongs to Hallmark, Lifetime, Great American Family or any other channel, everyone loves Canada.

Some of the recent productions include Our Christmas Mural, Holiday Road, and Catch Me If you Claus, while some were done on their actual setting like A Biltmore Christmas, Haul Out the Holly Lit Up, and A Paris Christmas Waltz, but every movie is special in its own way and you can’t really miss any of them, if you love romances.

Behind the Scenes

Pani Zade, who stars as Aubri in the movie shared some bts pics on her Instagram with other cast members, and they are so beautiful!

Laughing All The Way Lifetime Cast

Paniz Zade as Aubri Wilson

Jake Epstein as Mike Baxter

Other cast of Laughing All the Way includes:

  • Mary Walsh as Bella Deldomino
  • Amanda Collie
  • Tim Progosh as Jeremy
  • Luca Thunberg as Kid
  • Josephine
  • Jinesh Bianca Lewis as Renee
  • Gregory Wilson as Henry
  • Derick Agyemang as Damon Cardona
  • Ish Morris as Ian Lyles
  • Paul Constable as Robert Busbee
  • Candice Lidstone as Stephanie

What is the plot?

Aspiring comedian Aubri is put in charge of organizing her comedy club’s Christmas variety show. As she searches for the perfect headliner, famous comedian Mike Baxter, who launched his career at her club, returns to his roots.

Mike and Aubri bond over planning the show and their shared love of comedy, falling hopelessly in love in the process. Their journey together leads both to success in their careers and finding romance during the Christmas season.

Laughing all the Way premieres on Lifetime Channel on Nov 26 at 8/7c.

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