Noel Next Door Filming Locations, Full Hallmark Cast, Synopsis

Noel Next Door is the newest and the first Hallmark movie that marks the beginning of Countdown to Christmas 2022 movies. What a lovely beginning with holiday sweetheart Natalie Hall.

This year’s Countdown to Christmas catalogue is packed with 31 brand new holiday movies that will seriously make your heart smile. Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier are in the main roles of next door neighbours.

The heartwarming Hallmark movie is directed by Max McGuire from the screenplay given by Keith Hemstreet which is itself adapted from the novel by Annabelle Costa and is set to premiere on 21 Oct 2022 at 8:00 PM ET & 7:00 CT only on Hallmark Channel.

Where was Noel Next Door filmed?

Noel Next Door was filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada during Aug 2022. The filming wraps within 2 weeks like usual Hallmark movies. A production camp was setup in the capital city of Canada during the first week of August and most of the shooting took place in the interiors of the set. The artificial snow was prepared by the crew members to make the scenes look natural.

Noel Next Door filming Locations
Natalie Hall in the Hallmark movie

The picturesque towns of Almonte and Carleton Place were also utilized for shooting purposes. Carleton is just 15 minutes south of Almonte along country Road 29, the role of this town in Christmas movies is increasing due to its pretty downtown and easily accessible shops which can be adapted into a filming set.

Hamilton, Ontario

One prominent location is the Cozy Café where the main character Noel, played by Natalie Hall, spends much of her time. The warm and welcoming café scenes were filmed on location at Cake and Loaf Bakery in Hamilton, Ontario. The bakery’s cozy retro interior perfectly embodied the vibe the filmmakers wanted for the Cozy Café.

Cedardale, Ontario

The magical Christmas tree farm where Noel finds love with Jake is actually located about 30 minutes from Hamilton in Cedardale, Ontario. Cedardale Tree Farm was chosen for its picture-perfect countryside setting and authentic family-run tree farm operation. Its sweeping fields blanketed in snow create a memorable holiday backdrop.

Natalie Hall and Corey Sevier on Noel Next Door christmas farm location
Courtsey of Hallmark

St. Thomas, Ontario

For the charming historic inn where Noel and Jake stay, the film crew shot on location at the Auberge du Pommier in St. Thomas, Ontario. The Auberge, about an hour from Hamilton, is a popular local inn praised for its elegant accommodations and fine dining. Its classic architecture lent an idyllic feel to the scenes.

In addition to the main shooting locations, the production team also utilized Bayfield Street, Downtown St Thomas, and Port Stanley beach to film some scenes of this holiday special.

Canadian provinces are the favourite filming location among filmmakers especially Hallmark directors who love the working environment and the residents who always co-operate with the production staff along with the cast members. Also, the lucrative taxation programs also attract cinematographers and even this industry provides employement to various locals.

Autumn in the City, Perfect Harmony, Flipping for Christmas, The Holiday Stocking, Mid-Love Crisis, Pumpkin Everything, Fly Away with Me, and On the Count of Three are recent Hallmark movies that were filmed inside Ottawa City of Canada.

Noel Next Door Cast

All the cast members of the Noel Next Door Hallmark movie include:

Noel Next Door Hallmark cast
  • Joanna Douglas as Shannon
  • Natalie Hall as Noel
  • Callum Shoniker as Henry
  • Sean Jones as Frank
  • Corey Sevier as Jeremy


Based on the novel How the Grinch has stolen my hear, the movie follows a single mom who falls in love with her next door neighbour after a misunderstanding. Noel is a single mother who is passionate about her work but one day, she notices that her neighbour Jeremy is planning to ruin her Christmas plans.

How to watch Noel Next Door in 2023?

Noel Next Door is set to premiere on Nov 8 at 8/7c, Nov 18 at 6a/5c, Nov 24 at 10a/9c, Dec 10 at 2/1c, Dec 19 at 6/5c, and Dec 31 at 12a/11c only on Hallmark Channel.

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