Hallmark’s Fly Away With Me Filming Locations, Cast, Synopsis

Fly Away With Me is a 2022 romance comedy movie directed by Marita Grabiak for the Hallmark Channel.

It stars Natalie Hall in the lead role of Angie, an aspiring writer who finally lands into the condo of her dreams in a tight market where the entry of pets is strictly prohibited. Peter Mooney is starring in the role of Ted as her neighbor.

The dialogues are written by Jonah Gillespie, Lauren Rice, and Chris Matheson and the film is produced under Tim Johnson Productions.

Where was Fly Away With Me filmed?

Fly Away With Me movie was filmed inside Ottawa district of Ontario, Canada during summer 2022. The whole filming was done in the Southern region of Ontario near the Ottawa and Rideau River.

Fly Away with me Hallmark locations

Actually, a Stearman plane was used in the film to present Ted’s role as an air traffic controller but you will find a cool plane instead of that old fashioned aircraft. Natalie shared various on location photos of the movie featuring the plane, a historic site, her child and the filming set.

The team has used the Hallmark’s Ottawa soundstage to helm all the interior scenes. Even though, an apartment was booked, most of the scenes were done on the production setup designed by the crew members.

Fly Away with me Hallmark cast

Hall shared a similar experience that you can expect while working with Crown Media. She wrote that the entire crew was like a family and so supportive of one another. Moreover, the actress expressed her gratitude towards the entire crew to take care of her little one while the shooting was ongoing.

Ottawa is a popular visiting location among tourists because the place is known for its landmarks, waterfalls, government buildings, and museums. Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal National Historic Site, Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Peace Tower, and Royal Canadian Mint are some top tourist attractions.

The place also serves as a filming location to various Hallmark movies as Stalked By A Prince, Two For the Win, Boyfriends of Christmas, On the Count of Three, Christmas CEO, etc.

Fly Away with Me Cast

  • Peter Mooney as Ted
  • Natalie Hall as Angie
  • Karrie Kwong as Dr. Moore
  • Joseph Kathrein as Kyle
  • Gabriel Hudson as Mateo
  • Melinda Michael as Gineen
  • Kathryn Kohut as Beth
  • Paul Constable as Louis
  • Chris Zamat as Seth
  • Peggy Prud’homme as Nancy


The sweet comedy movie follows the story of Angie who finally get a chance to enter into her dream apartment where no pets are allowed. However, the unexpected arrival of a parrot lift up her mood but she wants to find the real owner of the parrot without getting caught.

Fly Away With Me filming locations and synopsis

She also discovers that her next door neighbor is secretly hiding a dog. Now, the duo teams up in search of the actual owner of the parrot. Will they able to reunite the talking creature to his owner or ends up living together? To know the full story, you need to watch the movie.

Fly Away With Me is now streaming only on Hallmark Channel.

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