Where was Stalked By a Prince filmed? Full Lifetime Cast

Stalked By a Prince is the latest Lifetime thriller film directed my Max McGuire that moves around a publicist woman who gets infatuated by a British prince’s charm and plans to experience her life as a fairy tale but her plans turned into vain when Jack confined her from entering into his luxurious mansion. The film is full of surprises and unexpected turns that will blow your mind likewise any other Lifetime thriller. Let’s find out the exact places where the movie was shot?

Stalked By a Prince Filming Locations

Lifetime’s Stalked By a Prince sets in English country but was actually filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada during fall 2021. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada which is known for its natural attractions and pivotal entertainment production houses that attract new filmmakers to shoot at this place.

Ottawa Film Office released a photo on their official Instagram featuring Natalie Hall, director McGuire and another crew member. Fairmont Château Laurier is an upscale hotel located at Rideau Street which was reportedly used as a shooting location.


Stalked By a Prince cast
  • Natalie Hall as Alyssa Banks
  • Jonathan Keltz as Jack
  • Michae Swatton
  • Konstantina Mantelos
  • Melanie St-Pierre
  • Alexander Crowther


Publicist Alyssa Banks thinks she’s woken up in a fairy tale when she meets Jack, a British Prince for the first time. Everything seems to be going great in the first place when Jack wines and dines Alyssa, taking her to extravagant meals, on romantic helicopter rides over Los Angeles, and whisking her away to Europe on a private jet. But Alyssa’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when the volatile Prince refuses to let Alyssa leave his family’s luxurious estate in the English countryside.

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