Where was Flipping for Christmas filmed? See all Locations

The holidays are made for heartwarming tales, and the Hallmark channel delivers once again with their new Christmas film, Flipping for Christmas.

Directed by Katherine Barrell from the scripts of Brett Heard, the movie follows Abigail (Ashley Newbrough) who agrees to help her sister in inheriting their family house, but to her surprise, the process is not simple as it seems.

Things become more complicated when Bo comes for Abigail and his ideas doesn’t even match with her. Will the romance fly between two of them and what will happen to Abigail’s sister?

Flipping for Christmas Filming Locations

Flipping for Christmas” was filmed primarily throughout Hamilton, a port city on the shores of Lake Ontario known for its charming mix of old and new architecture. Filming began on March 28 and wrapped on April 23, according to a tweet from Christopher Giroux.

Queen Anne Major

The Hallmark movie features the majestic Queen Anne Manor in Hamilton, Ontario as the inherited home that Ashley Newbrough’s character Abigail aims to renovate and sell.

Flipping for Christmas Hallmark movie house
Courtsey of Hallmark

Built in 1887, this stately mansion now hosts events and weddings, but in the film, it transports viewers back in time as the home of Abigail’s late aunt.

Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle in Hamilton serves as the exterior of the lively Christmas market in “Flipping for Christmas.”

This impressive 1834 castle once belonged to famous Canadian politician Sir Allan Napier MacNab.

Flipping For Christmas movie scene featuring Ashley Newborough holding paint roller in her hands while arguing with Marcus Rosner
Courtsey of Hallmark

Its grand architecture provides the perfect backdrop for the Christmas market scene where leads Abigail and Bo, played by Marcus Rosner discuss their plans.

Bayfront Park

A key scene in “Flipping for Christmas” takes place on the shores of Lake Ontario at Bayfront Park in Hamilton.

With sweeping views of the city skyline, Bayfront Park offers a picturesque scene for Abigail and Bo to share a romantic ice skating sequence. The park’s wintry beauty shines on camera.

James Street North

Charming James Street North in Hamilton was transformed into a holiday shopping mecca to shoot this Hallmark movie.

The pedestrian road lined with boutiques and eateries provides festive scenery for a shopping montage where Abigail and Bo browse for Christmas decorations.

Locke Street

Trendy Locke Street in Hamilton, known for indie cafes and shops, offers the cozy coffeehouse backdrop where Abigail and Bo meet up on their blossoming romance.

Their conversational coffee date on Locke Street’s picturesque main drag shows off Hamilton’s hip side.

With its mix of historic mansions, castles, parks, and charming streets, Hamilton proved the perfect winter wonderland setting for Hallmark’s feel-good holiday flick about finding love while renovating a historic home.

Meet the cast of Flipping for Christmas

Ashley Newborough is starring in the main role of Abigail in this new Hallmark movie. She’s known for her roles in Rent A Goalie (2006), Privileged (2008), Small Town Christmas (2018), Mistresses (2013), and Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance.

Marcus Rosner is playing the role of another lead character of the movie. He is known for his roles in Arrow, Finding Mr Right, Coupled Up for Christmas, Sex/Life, Team Bride, Love Stories in Sunflower Valley, etc.

Other cast of Flipping for Christmas movie includes:

  • Natalie Lisinska as Claire
  • Eman Ayaz as Jessica
  • Ray Galletti as Antonio
  • Varun Saranga as Blair
  • Sugith Varughese as Mayor Kumar
  • Peter MacNeill as Edward
  • Scott Ryan Yamamura as John Clements
  • Kyana Teresa as Chloe
  • Asher Waxman as Dylan
  • Nathaniel Wainman as Parker
  • Marnie Delwo as Mother

What is the movie about?

The film follows Abigail, played by Ashley Newbrough, as she returns reluctantly to her hometown, to help her sister flip a house.

Little does she know, she’s about to meet a handsome contractor named Bo, played by Marcus Rosner, who has very different ideas for the renovations on the old property.

Spoiler alert: sparks fly between these two faster than you can spell “mistletoe.”

Flipping for Christmas premieres on November 3, 2023 at 8/7c, Dec 26 at 12a/11c, and Jan 5, 2024 at 8/7c only on Hallmark Channel.

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