Does cooper cheat on Billie in Sex/Life Episode 8 (Finale), Major Spoilers

Created by Stacy Rukeyser and Belle Nuru Dayne, Sex/Life is an American drama series streaming on Netflix that premiered on 25 June 2021. The story inspired by BB Easton’s novel named 44 Chapters About 4 Men and moves around Billie Connelly, a mother of two who is a former psychology PhD candidate of Columbia University, her love-life turned upside down when her present strikes with wild days of her past.

She has a husband named Cooper but her mind can’t stop thinking about her ex Brad. Let’s find out if Billie is cheating on him or not in the episode 8 of the series. Did Cooper cheat on Billie or not?

Sex/Life cheating: Does Cooper cheat on Billie with his boss brad?

Yes! Cooper cheat on Billie and even he encourages Billie to make a connection with other man in the sex party. He ask Billie to play a part in front of strangers when the couple goes to attend a sex party. Cooper even hooks up with a young lady in front of her woman but Billie won’t because she feels excruciating with unknown.

Does Cooper cheat on Billie in Sex/Life

This maybe the time when Billie imagines her as the wife of her ex-boyfriend Brad. She has made so many special memories with her ex but can’t have enough confidence to surrender her relationship with Cooper. Even though, she wants to move on and experience the wild side of her with Brad, he is a good fit for her and that’s why Brad is the one who has guts to say No to Cooper. This could led to a season 2 of the series.

Will Billie and Cooper end their relationship with a divorce?

Billie and Cooper might finally get a divorce now. But what is holding Cooper back from taking the step is his determination and care for his family. Even Cooper wants to be with Billie after knowing that Brad is not having a job and he could not able to serve Billie and children.

On the other hand, Billie is fighting a emotional battle in her mind where she finds her entering Brad’s apartment and revealing him the truth that she may not leave her husband. But Cooper cheat on Billie for sure in the finale.

Billie doesn’t want to end her relationship with Cooper as she can’t imagine her future without him but her ex Brad keeps on promising her that he is right fit for her and she will keep her happy forever. Cooper was watching the whole stuff but doesn’t utter a word. Billie come towards Cooper and hug him with cheating repercussions. When he ask about the thing with Brad, Billie replies that it was in the reference to sex party they attended but that was not easy to digest. It seems Cooper cheat on Billie in the party only but Billie is cheating on him from the very beginning.

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