Where was A Biltmore Christmas filmed? See Cast & Locations

A Biltmore Christmas is the latest Hallmark Channel movie that takes us through a magical journey back in time through the the real-life Biltmore Estate, the crown jewel of Asheville, North Carolina.

The romance begins with a screenwriter, who is hired to prepare the script for a holiday movie. She accidentally knocks an hourglass on the tour that transports her back to the 1940s.

With Kristoffer Polaha and Bethany Joy Lenz in the lead roles, the fantasy romance movie is directed by John Putch from the script of Marcy Holland for the Hallmark Channel.

Production companies involved in the film includes Synthetic Cinema International, Hallmark Media, Lighnin’ Production Rentals, and Talent One. Let’s find out the filming locations of ‘A Biltmore Christmas’ movie right now.

Where was A Biltmore Christmas filmed?

The expansive Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina takes center stage as the exclusive filming location for the Hallmark Channel’s new Christmas movie, “A Biltmore Christmas.”

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Built by George Washington Vanderbilt II between 1889-1895, this sprawling 250-room French Renaissance chateau truly transports you back in time.

Biltmore estate frontview, which was used for filming A Biltmore Christmas Hallmark movie
Spectacular view of Biltmore Estate (via Biltmore)

From the stone exterior and sculpted gardens to the ornate interiors brimming with priceless antiques, Biltmore radiates old-world charm and elegance.

This marks the first time the iconic 250-room French Renaissance chateau plays itself in a movie, showcasing both the estate’s breathtaking architecture and gardens, as well as its rich history.

Old style Christmas decorations inside Biltmore Estate to give a feel of 1940s
‘A Biltmore Christmas’ Christmas decoration during filming (Image via Biltmore)

Shooting on location at Biltmore began in January 2023 and lasted for 15 full days, utilizing both interior and exterior spots across the 8,000-acre grounds. Nine rooms inside the 178,926 square feet Biltmore House were used for filming.

The crew took advantage of the estate already being decorated for the 2022 Christmas season, according to Romantic Asheville.

However, they did make adjustments to ensure the Christmas décor accurately reflected the post-World War II time period of 1947 when the movie within the movie, “His Merry Bride!,” was originally filmed at Biltmore.

Several majestic first-floor rooms of Biltmore House were used as filming locations, including the grand Banquet Hall with its 70-foot high barrel-vaulted ceiling, and the palm tree-filled Conservatory known as the Winter Garden.

The Oak-paneled Library which exhibited owner George Vanderbilt’s love of literature and travel was also used for filming, News Observer reported.

Rooms which were used for filming A Biltmore Christmas were decorated in italian design
Biltmore Estate interio during Christmas (Image via Sourwood Inn)

The grounds of Biltmore make up an equally important backdrop, with both the historic Conservatory and Italian Garden featured prominently. Scenes were also shot along the exterior facade of the house, on the Loggia overlooking the front lawn, and at The Inn on Biltmore Estate.

Hendersonville, North Carolina

IMDb mentioned that some of the exterior scenes were done in Hendersonville. A local reporter from Asheville reported that the filming was done at the Old Hendersonville train depot and Flat Rock Playhouse.

The film schedule lasted 15 days on the Biltmore Estate and included a week inside the charming Biltmore House, the rest shot in the gardens along with the Estate’s exterior and around the outskirts of the 8,000-acre property.

While the majority of Hallmark movies are filmed in Canada like Our Christmas Mural and Holiday Road, there are a select few that are filmed in other locations. Some of the recent films that takes place outside Canada includes, Haul Out the Holiday Lit Up, Christmas in Notting Hill, and Letters to Santa.

Behind the Scenes

From a behind-the-scenes perspective, filming “A Biltmore Christmas” was an immense undertaking. Shooting required over 12-hour days on set for the actors and crew.

Kristoffer Polaha and Bethany Joy Lenz dancing together in A Biltmore Christmas hallmark movie
Courtsey of Hallmark

Over 200 yards of artificial snow were brought in to transform Biltmore into a winter wonderland.

WCNC Charlotte posted a Facebook reel in January 2023, when the shooting was ongoing. They wrote:

Filming is now underway for Hallmark’s upcoming holiday movie, “A Biltmore Christmas. Here’s a look behind the scenes

More than 300 locals were cast as extras, selected out of a record-breaking 8,000 applications. In total, the production spent 15 days filming at various locations across the sprawling 8,000 acre Biltmore estate, as per the report from Biltmore.

Who’s in the cast of ‘A Biltmore Christmas’?

  • Bethany Joy Lenz as Lucy Hardgrove
  • Kristoffer Polaha as Jack Huston
  • Colton Little as Claude Lancaster
  • A.K. Benninghofen as Margaret
  • Philena Gilmer as Woman – Sandra
  • Jonathan Frakes
  • Mary Beth McDonough as Director
  • Jennifer Cortese as Peggy
  • Annabelle Borke as Ava Hayward
  • Robert Picardo
  • David Alexander as William West
  • Caity Brewer as Becca
  • Tommy Cresswell as Michael Balaban
  • Zander Ash as Young boy at Christmas party
  • Jason Saucier as Security Guard
  • Barbara Nuss Stiles as Present Day Tourist
  • Bobbie Peterson asTree Lighting Patron
  • Alphie Hyorth as Angel
  • Josh Yarusinsky as Waiter
  • Violet Bernice Gernhard
  • Dillon Belisle as Modern Day Film Crew Member
  • Ray Fawley as James’s Father / 1947 Actor
  • Corina Violette as Modern Day Crew / Studio Employee

What is the plot of movie?

The movie plot centers around Lucy Collins, a modern-day screenwriter played by Bethany Joy Lenz who time travels back to 1947. Her mission is to recreate the script for the original “His Merry Bride!” which starred Jack Huston, played by Kristoffer Polaha.

Over the course of her journey both back in time and on location at magnificent Biltmore, Lucy discovers connections between the past and present that change her life completely.

Where to watch A Biltmore Christmas?

A Biltmore Christmas premieres on Nov 26, 2023 only on Hallmark Channel inside the United States. If you have missed the premiere, worry not, you will be able to rewatch the movie on:

  • Nov 28 at 10/9c
  • Dec 2 at 6/5c
  • Dec 8 at 10/9c
  • Dec 17 at 6/5c
  • Dec 21 at 8/7c
  • Dec 25 at 6/5c

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