Where was Christmas in Notting Hill filmed? See all Locations

The new Hallmark movie “Christmas in Notting Hill” takes viewers on a charming journey through the picturesque streets of London and Dublin through its shooting locations.

While the film’s title suggests a focus on the beloved London neighborhood, a significant portion of the production was actually shot in Dublin, Ireland.

Let’s have a closer look at the actual shooting locations of this new holiday movie directed by Ali Liebert and written by Alex Yonks for Hallmark Channel.

Where was Christmas in Notting Hill filmed?

Christmas in Notting Hill was filmed in two vibrant European cities, London and Dublin during summer 2023, director Ali Liebert posted a reel on Instagram.

Filming began in late March 2023 and wrapped on April 15, 2023 across these European locations, Edwina shared on Instagram.

London, England, UK

Notting Hill, the namesake of the film, is a vibrant and upscale district located in West London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, known for its posh localities and high-end restaurants.

Christmas in Notting Hill Filming in London, UK at Notting Hill
Notting Hill (Image: Google Maps)

The film’s namesake neighborhood provided the backdrop for several scenes, including Georgia’s stroll through the charming streets.

The cast members were seen strolling along the iconic London Tower Bridge during the shooting period. Built in 1886, London Tower Bridge is a bascule bridge, which means that the central two spans can be raised to allow ships to pass through.

Christmas in Notting Hill filming at London Tower Bridge in England
Courtsey of Hallmark

Several opening scenes feature landmarks around London like the London Eye, Big Ben, and double decker buses to establish the city as a backdrop.

Dublin, Ireland

The production team transformed parts of Dublin into a festive Notting Hill neighborhood to match the movie’s namesake district in West London, known for posh cafes and restaurants.

On Capel Street, the Black Sheep Pub became the Notting Hill Cafe seen in the film. Nearby shops were renamed to complete the illusion of being in London.

Another key location was The Hill Pub in the Ranelagh area of Dublin which dates back to 1845. Decked out in twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and Union Jack decor, the pub was renamed as the London Hill Pub for filming that took place in early April, Irish Independent reported.

Even the streetscape was changed with the addition of iconic red British phone boxes. Producer Edwina shared a stunning photograph with the caption, ‘Great night shoot on the Hill.’

St. Stephen’s Green is a public park situated at the heart of Dublin. This verdant urban square serves as the backdrop when Georgia and Graham share their first kiss next to the fountain.

The restaurant where Graham brings Georgia on a dinner date is actually The Old Spot located on 14 Bath Avenue in Dublin.

The Old Spot was used in the filming of Christmas in Notting Hill
The Old Spot Restaurant (Image: Google Maps)

This upscale eatery is known for its classic Irish cuisine with global influences, was decked up in Christmas lights and props to become the venue for the couple’s special evening. Scenes were shot here on April 2nd.

Another important Dublin landmark seen in the movie is the Ha’Penny Bridge over the River Liffey.

Ha'Penny Bridge in the filming of Christmas in Notting Hill
Ha’Penny Bridge over the River Liffey (Image: Google Maps)

In a montage scene showing the two characters exploring the city, we catch a glimpse of them walking hand-in-hand on this iconic cast iron footbridge as the sun sets behind them. The bridge was built in 1816 and adds old-world charm to the capital’s landscape.

As we can see, while London and Notting Hill form the backdrop of the story, the actual filming was predominantly carried out on location in picturesque Dublin. The production crew did a remarkable job of transforming regular Irish sights into the British holiday setting.

Hallmark movies are usually filmed in Canada like Holiday Road & Catch Me If You Claus but some films like Christmas in Notting Hill and A Merry Scottish Christmas took some liberty every year to shoot on European locations.

Christmas in Notting Hill Cast

  • Clodagh Moriarty as Ghost
  • William Moseley as Graham Savoy
  • Sarah Ramos
  • Joelle Rae as Lizzie Bright
  • Grace Reilly as Leah

What is Christmas in Notting Hill movie about?

Christmas in Notting Hill follows the story of a football star Graham Savoy who’s always busy too busy for love but when he visits Notting Hill for Christmas, he thinks that he has found his soulmate but he’s still skeptical if she feels the same.

They start spending more and more time together to know each other better and eventually, they become more attracted towards.

Every time they visit a new London location, their bond grew stronger but for how long? Will their romance last forever? To know the story, you need to watch the movie.

Where to watch Christmas in Notting Hill?

Christmas in Notting Hill is set to premiere on Hallmark Channel on Nov 25 at 6 PM Eastern and 5 PM Central Time.

The holiday movie will air again on the following timings:

  • Nov 29 at 10/9c
  • Dec 3 at 2/1c
  • Dec 8 at 4/3c
  • Dec 15 at 12a/11c
  • Dec 24 at 10a/9c
  • Dec 29 at 4/3c
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