Where was Catch Me If You Claus filmed? See all Locations

The Hallmark Channel’s latest Christmas movie, Catch Me If You Claus, transports viewers to the quaint city of Ottawa, Ontario through its stunning shooting locations.

This lighthearted holiday film highlights some of Ottawa’s most iconic landmarks and neighborhood gems while telling the story of an aspiring news anchor Avery Quinn, who catches a home intruder claiming to be Santa’s son, Chris.

Bradley Walsh has directed this heartwarming holiday film from the screenplay of Nina Weinman (Undercover Holiday) and produced by Shane Boucher and Caitlin Delaney.

Hallmark’s Catch Me If You Claus Filming Locations

Catch Me If You Claus was filmed entirely on location in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Filming began on October 16, 2023 and wrapped after three weeks in November 2023.

The movie features beautiful shots of Ottawa dressed up for the Christmas season. Iconic Ottawa locations seen in the film include Sparks Street, Saint Patrick Basilica, The Rainbow Bistro on Murray Street, and A Fine Thing Furniture on Somerset Street.

Sparks Street

Sparks Street, Ottawa’s pedestrian mall located in the heart of the Downtown Core was transformed into Christmas mall for the shooting of “Catch Me If You Claus.” The festive lights and holiday decorations seen along the outdoor mall help showcase Ottawa’s Christmas charm.

St. Patrick’s Basilica

The neo-Gothic splendor of St. Patrick’s Basilica also appears in background shots throughout the film. Moreover, the historic Ottawa church provided the perfect setting for scenes requiring an imposing, old-world backdrop.

Catch Me If You Clause filming in Ontario featuring Luke McFarlane sitting on a sofa while Italia Ricci seeing him with folded hands
Courtsey of Hallmark

Local Shops Highlighted

Supporting Ottawa establishments also helped in adding authenticity to the movie’s setting. The Rainbow Bistro is a popular local pub, café, and music venue located on 76 Murray Street.

Its warm ambiance and mouthwatering dishes provided the perfect setting for heartwarming moments between the film’s characters.

Ottawa-based ‘A Fine Thing Furniture’ is also featured as both an event space and a retail store in the holiday film. The shop’s eclectic collection of vintage items provided a touch of nostalgia and unique charm.

You will also like to explore the filming locations of A Season for Family, Christmas Made to Order, and The Naughty Nine if you have enjoyed Catch Me If You Claus.

Behind the Scenes

Kim Roberts shared her excitement over the filming through an Instagram reel.

She wrote in the caption that traveling is the best part about her job and she love it. She said, I was able to meet my biological family in Ottawa and all thanks to Catch me if you Claus.

Xavier Sotelo provided another filming update on his Instagram during the shooting of this Christmas movie on Oct, 30. He marked the location as Ottawa, Ontario with the caption:

“No better way to start the week on a Monday morning than in Studio with Jim working on one of our last movies due out before Christmas!!!!”

Xavier posted another update on the next day of filming. He shared a photo with his stunt double, ‘We were wearing the exact same wardrobe,’ he wrote.

Italia Ricci is a really big name when it comes to Hallmark holiday movies. You might not know any of the other cast but you must know Ricci and Mcfarlane.

Ricci posted a few bts pics in the form of a carousel on her Instagram that starts with a smiling Ricci and then goes to a group of cast and crew members involved in the film.

The carousel also features a hand-written signboard that reads, ‘This is a Film Set.’ That was created to make the people aware about the ongoing filming in the area so that they don’t get involved in the live shooting accidentally.

Cast of Catch Me If You Claus

Italia Ricci plays Avery Quinn, an aspiring news anchor who catches a home intruder wearing a red suit claiming to be Santa’s son, Chris.

Luke Macfarlane plays Chris, the home intruder who insists he’s Santa’s son on a first Christmas mission.

Other cast members include:

  • Samantha Brown as Talia
  • Kim Roberts as Nancy Lee
  • Katerina Maria as Misty McAllen
  • Stefan Keyes as Bink Binkerson
  • Don Shepherd as Ellis
  • Jennifer De Lucia as Mandy
  • Suzanne Cyr as Sophie Ashburn
  • Andrew Jackson as Santa
  • Mikael Conde as Dillon
  • Tom Keat as Ricky
  • Xavier Sotelo as Hewitt Vance
  • Matt Stefiuk as Jason
  • Dina Renon as Executive #1
  • Nabil Khatib as Tom
  • David D’Lancy Wilson as Max
  • Pierre Brault as Lewis
  • Matt Willis as Tiny Tim
  • Delia Lisette Chambers as Becca
  • Samantha Hart as Officer Billings
  • Dean Hagopian as Ebenezer Scrooge

Where to watch Catch Me If You Claus?

Catch Me If You Claus is set to release on Nov 23 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel inside US. You will be able to rewatch the movie on:

  • Nov 25 at 4/3c
  • Dec 3 at 4/3c
  • Dec 7 at 10/9c
  • Dec 16 at 8a/7c
  • Dec 24 at 6/5c
  • Dec 27 at 10/9c

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