Where was Hallmark’s Holiday Road filmed? See Film Locations

The new Hallmark Christmas film Holiday Road transports us to the picturesque province of British Columbia in Canada through its stunning locations.

Martin Wood has directed this heartwarming holiday movie from the scripts of Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo.

The movie is executive produced by Alexandre Coscas, Michael R Goldtein, Gina Matthews, Ben C Silverman, and Grant Schrabo under Basset Hound Distribution and Timeless Pictures. Now, let’s dive into details of the shooting locations.

Holiday Road Filming Locations

Like most Hallmark films, ‘Holiday Road’ was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during August 2023. Principal filming began in the third week of August 2023 and wrapped in early September.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a popular filming location for Hallmark movies because of its diverse scenery, convenient amenities, and welcoming atmosphere. The city has a long history of hosting film productions, and its crews are experienced and professional.

Holiday Road on the Vancouver set during the shooting
Courtsey of Hallmark

It is happening with Hallmark movies that are filming in Vancouver that no cast member shared anything during the filming, they only post everything after the finishing of project like we saw in A Season for Family and A World Record Christmas.

None of the cast members give away any filming details on social media until the project was finished. They kept doing their work silently, without giving a peek into the filming set.

Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, BC

Vancouver International Airport, located on Sea Island in Richmond provided a perfect backdrop for filming airport scenes. YVR was transformed into Portland Airport for shooting puposes.

Holiday Road movie filming at Vancouver International Airport
Courtsey of Hallmark

Production crew was granted special permission to film at the airport, and they worked closely with airport staff to ensure that the filming did not disrupt airport operations.

The Vancouver International Airport is a major transportation hub for Western Canada, and it is one of the busiest airports in North America. So, filming at the airport was quite challenging.

Behind the Scenes

Most of all cast members have shared pictures with smiling faces and a positive caption, Heavy noted. While sharing the Hallmark film poste Brittany wrote while:

“Christmas came early for me this year as I got to travel Portland>Denver on a Vancouver soundstage with 7 new pals, and 1 oldie. Thank you amazing cast and crew for an incredibly fun and heartwarming shoot. 🌲❤️🚐”

Enid-Raye Adams posted another bts pic with fellow director on her Instagram, saying that the whole bunch of cast and crew was hilarious and on the top of that, the storyline left her belly laughing off camera.

Princess Davis posted three bts photos on her instagram in November 2023. She also marked Vancouver, British Columbia as the picture location.

Previously, she uploaded two gorgeous photos of her on Instagram talking about the Vancouver. She wrote: “My fav place ✨ spent the last month filming a really fun project 💖 super excited to share more!!”

That way, we can confirm twice that the filming took place in August 2023.

Even though, we have already shown Princess Davis twice, we want to show her more. She posted a reel on Instagram to encourage fans to watch the movie on this Friday night.

She took some more pictures during the shooting and she will definitely share them on her Instagram in the coming days. Hope, we will see more of her bts pics after the official airing of the movie like Katie shared some photos after the premiere of Letters to Santa on Hallmark Channel.

Holiday Road Cast Hallmark

Sara Canning as Dana

Sara Canning is the lead actress in Holiday Road. She plays Dana, a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet. When she is stranded at an airport during the holidays, she joins a group of strangers on a road trip to Denver.

Warren Christie as Clay

Warren Christie plays Clay, a businessman who is also stranded at the airport. He is initially reluctant to join the road trip, but he eventually warms up to the idea and forms a bond with Dana.

Kiefer O’Reilly as Ben

Kiefer O’Reilly plays Ben in Holiday Road, a young man who is trying to escape his past. He is initially shy and withdrawn, but he eventually opens up to the other members of the group.

Princess Davis as Maya

Princess Davis plays Maya, a young woman who is full of life and energy. She is the one who suggests that the group take a road trip to Denver and from the preview video, we can also say that she’s a vlogger in the film.

Enid-Raye Adams as Tricia

Enid-Raye portrays Tricia, a woman who is just searching for some happy moments that will make her life.

Sharon Crandall as LeiLing

Sharon Crandall plays Lei, a young woman who is struggling with her identity. She is initially quiet and reserved, but she eventually finds her voice.

Trevor Lerner as Dusty

Trevor Lerner portrays Dusty, an older man who is trying to reconnect with her family. He is the voice of reason for the group and helps them to stay on track.

Other cast members of Holiday Road Hallmark movie includes:

  • Brittany Willacy as Ember Craig
  • Kwasi Thomas as Karl
  • Jecca Beauchamp as Grace
  • Laura Mitchell as Beth
  • Benita Ha as Ming
  • Kayla Deorksen as Sarah
  • Kapila Rego as Amy
  • Simon Chin as Santa Claus
  • Tal Shulman as Barista #1
  • Jennifer Rose Garcia as Local Elf
  • Ryan Beil as Agent
  • Sandra Shapiro as Barista #2
  • Tim Carlson as Bart

What is the plot of Holiday Road?

The movie follows nine complete strangers going on a Christmas road trip to Denver, Colorado during the festival season. As you can expect from Hallmark movies, a romance sparks between a male and female lead as they explore Denver together but what about other seven people? What will they get? To know the story, you need to watch the movie.

Where to watch Holiday Road movie?

Holiday Road is set to premiere on Nov 24 at 8/7c only on Hallmark Channel inside the United States. If you missed the premiere, you will be able to rewatch Holiday Road on the following dates:

  • Nov 27 at 10/9c
  • Dec 2 at 12/11c
  • Dec 6 at 6/5c
  • Dec 11 at 10a/9c
  • Dec 19 at 10/9c
  • Dec 30 at 12a/11c

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