Where was ‘Our Christmas Mural’ filmed? See all Locations and Cast Details

Hallmark Channel’s latest original Christmas movie “Our Christmas Mural” brings the spirit of the holidays to life through beautiful artwork and a budding romance.

Directed by Tara Johns from a script of Alan Donahue, the movie follows a single mom Olivia, who is fired from her job at an art gallery and is suffering from emotional pain. As she returns to her hometown, she unexpectedly enters an art competition to paint a mural by Christmas Eve and fall for her rival in the Christmas event.

The movie is set in a small town of New Hampshire but wasn’t filmed in the US. So where exactly was Our Christmas Mural filmed? Let’s find out the filming locations that set the scene for this heartwarming story.

Our Christmas Mural Filming Locations

Our Christmas Mural was filmed in and around Montreal and surrounding communities in Quebec, Canada. Filming occurred from August 28, 2023 through September 25, 2023.

Our Christmas Mural filming locations
Courtsey of Hallmark

Neshama Productions confirmed through their Instagram post that they opened cameras on August 28 in Montreal. They wrote:

Neshama Entertainment is excited to announce that we are going to camera today, in Montreal, Quebec, to begin filming Our Christmas Mural. The project will shoot over the coming weeks.

Casting Workbook also gave out a call to hire the cast members for the holiday movie. The casting call also revealed that the shooting took place in and around Montreal and surrounding areas under the title of The Christmas Mural.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal stands in for the fictional small town in New Hampshire where the movie is set. This culturally rich city is known for its European charm, cobblestone streets, historic Old Montreal neighborhood and vibrant music and arts scene – a fitting backdrop for a movie centered around a mural painting competition.

Over the years, Montreal has become renowned for its colorful street art and murals beautifying buildings across various neighborhoods.

The popular Under Pressure annual graffiti festival invites artists to legally create large-scale public art, emphasizing creative youth engagement and community improvement.

With its picturesque urban settings and a supportive infrastructure for TV and film production, Montreal has attracted numerous major motion picture projects like “The Naughty Nine,” “Never Been Chris’d,” “Single All The Way” and “Fugueuse.”

Our Christmas Mural joins the ranks of Hallmark titles filmed in this cinematic city like Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up and Christmas in Notting Hill.

Other Shooting Locations

The production took advantage of charming small shops, cafés and parks as backdrops surrounding the Montreal. Nearby countryside landscapes and petite villages would make for ideal Christmas mural competition and painting scenes as well.

Our Christmas Mural filming in Montreal
Courtsey of Hallmark

The blend of urban and rural scenery spotlights the province’s natural beauty and unique architecture. Though specific landmarks are not known, there’s nothing much to share because the whole movie is about a painting a mural, we don’t know the name of that huge wall.

Tristan D Lalla, who stars as Cody in the film shared some bts pics over Instagram.

Cast of Our Christmas Mural

Alex Paxton-Beesley as Olivia

Alex Paxton-Beesley stars as Olivia, a single mother who is struggling to find her artistic spark after the loss of her husband. When she returns to her hometown for Christmas, she enters a mural painting competition and finds herself reconnecting with her creativity and rediscovering love.

Dan Jeannotte as Will

Dan Jeannotte plays Will, a handsome teacher and Olivia’s rival in the mural painting competition. He is a beloved member of the community, and quickly becomes Olivia’s friend and confidant. Jeannotte is a newcomer to Hallmark Channel, but he has already made a strong impression with his charming performance in this new film.

Sarah Booth as Ivy

Sarah Booth plays Sarah, Olivia’s best friend and neighbor. Sarah is a supportive and encouraging friend, and she is always there for Olivia when she needs her. Booth is a veteran of Hallmark Channel movies, who has starred in numerous films, including ‘Christmas at Graceland’ and ‘Crown for Christmas’.

Tristan D Lalla is starring as Cody and Gina Landry as singer.

Our Christmas Mural Release Date

Mark your calendars! Our Christmas Mural debuts on the Hallmark Channel on November 26, 2023 as part of the network’s annual Countdown to Christmas programming event. The repeat telecast will air on the following dates:

  • Nov 26 at 6/5c
  • Nov 1 at 10/9c
  • Dec 5 at 8/7c
  • Dec 9 at 4/3c
  • Dec 14 at 10a/9c
  • Dec 24 at 10/9c

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