Where was Netflix’s Single All The Way filmed? Netflix Cast & Plot

Directed by Michael Mayer, Single All The Way is a romantic Christmas themed comedy film written by Chad Hodge and produced by Joel S Rice. The film is really special for Netflix as it is the first gay holiday film for the streaming platform. It follows a guy named Peter who doesn’t want to look odd in front of his family as he hasn’t made any relationships yet. So, he invites his bestfriend and former roommate Nick to pretend as his boyfriend. The movie is full of fun and emotional drama and you will love it if you are a fan of comedy movies.

Single All The Way Filming Locations

Netflix’s Single All The Way was primarily filmed in Montreal, Quebec while some scenes were also filmed inside and Los Angeles, California. The filming began in 20 March 2021 and wrapped up in June 2021. The production unit was spotted filming in April 2021 at Pointe-Claire near the Beaconsfield Golf Club.

Mckibbin’s Irish Pub located at 1426, rue Bishop is featured in the scene where Peter and James have a drink while the scene where Peter is bringing a surprise from an LA Bakery was shot in the interior of Maman restaurant. Parc Jean-Drapeau is a park formed by the combination of 2 islands which was also used as New Hampshire forest. Another popular romantic theme filmed in Montreal were Baby Its Cold Outside, Two For The Win, etc.

Single All The Way Cast

Single All The Way Cast
  • Michael Urie as Peter
  • Philemon Chambers as Nick
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Sandy
  • Steve Lund as Tim
  • Rachel Mutombo as Pasadena Mom
  • Luke Macfarlane as James
  • Barry Bostwick as Harold
  • Madison Brydges as Daniela
  • Alexandra Beaton as Sofia
  • Melanie Leishman as Ashleigh
  • Gryffin Hanvelt as Simon
  • Jennifer Robertson as Lisa
  • Dan Finnerty as Kevin the Snow Plow Guy
  • Viggo Hanvelt as Sam
  • Stefano DiMatteo as Tony
  • Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles as Jim
  • Kathy Najimy as Carole
  • Matt Keyes as Josh
  • Adam Capriolo as Adam
  • Christopher Hayes as Philip (as Chris Hayes)
  • Marvin Ishmael as Victor
  • Max Emerson as Influencer
  • Amanda Ip as Spin Lady #2
  • Kyle Krieger as Influencer
  • David Baby as House Owner (as David Bâby)
  • Christina Filippidis as Mrs. Claus (as Chrisina Filippidis)
  • Michael Mast as Construction Guy
  • Elizabeth Petel as Santa Mean Girl Server (as Elizabeth Samson Petel)
  • Hadi Mourad as Photographer
  • Olivier Orston as Partygoer
  • Courtney Rasmussen as Woman in Pub


Single All the Way is follows a young gay man who convinces his best friend to pretend as his boyfriend on the Christmas party. However, Peter’s mother has some other plans, it seems that she is already aware from her son’s single situation. That’s why she already has planned a blind date of Peter with a handsome spin instructor named James. But whom will Peter choose out of his best friend and the new handsome instructor? Whatever happened, that will be lot of fun along with Jennifer Coolidge who is casting as Aunt Sandy in the Netflix’s LGBTQ film.

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