Where was Fugueuse filmed? See all Locations in Québec

The French-Canadian drama series Fugueuse has been entertaining audiences with its gritty storyline and stellar performances since its premiere in 2018.

It has been announced that the monster-successful TV series is making its debut on Netflix for international audiences, and the release date is Nov 15, 2023.

Based on a troubled teenager Fanny (played by Ludivine Reding), the drama series created by screenwriter Michelle Allen sheds light on the dark underworld of sex trafficking and the exploitation of minors.

The show is set between Montreal and Quebec City in Canada, but was actually filmed in a variety of locations throughout the province of Quebec.

Let’s take a look at where this impactful series was brought to life.

Fugueuse Filming Locations

Fugueuse was primarily filmed in and around the city of Montreal inside Québec, Canada. Principal photography for for the season 1 commenced in August 2017 and wrapped in December 2017 while the second season began filming in July 2019 and finished on 26 November 2019, Ludvin shared on her Instagram.

Montreal, Quebec

As a production based in Quebec, it’s no surprise that Fugueuse was primarily filmed in and around Montreal. The Canadian city provided numerous urban and residential filming sites for the show’s production team.

Fugueuse filming locations in Montreal
Courtsey of TVA

Specific locations included parks, restaurants, streets, and neighborhoods across Montreal. The diversity of filming spots allowed the city to represent different aspects of the characters’ lives and development throughout the Fugueuse story.

Montreal’s architecture and local culture also added authenticity to the show’s settings. Filming in Montreal enabled the show to incorporate the unique flair of a major Canadian city into its backdrop.

Longueuil, Quebec

In addition to Montreal, the city of Longueuil in southern Quebec served as a key filming location for Fugueuse.

The production team shot scenes in Longueuil neighborhoods, shops, parks, and commercial areas. As a suburb of Montreal, Longueuil provided a complementary urban environment for location filming.

Scenes set in residential areas or requiring a neighborhood feel were filmed around Longueuil. The mix of houses, apartment buildings, and local businesses offered the perfect sites for multiple story points and character interactions.

Neufchatel-Est–Lebourgneuf, Quebec

The bungalow located on the North Shore in Neufchâtel, Quebec served as a sanctuary for Fanny amidst the turmoil of her life.

Fanny house is located in Neufchatel in Furgueuse series
Courtsey of TVA

Its familiar walls and comforting presence provided a sense of stability and belonging, reminding her of the love and support that awaited her return.

The living room, with its cozy fireplace and comfortable furniture, served as a gathering place for Fanny and her family, while the kitchen, with its ample countertops and well-worn appliances, was a hub of activity.

Moreover, the scenes where Fanny is seen cycling were also took place in the neighborhoods of the same bungalow.

Boucherville, Quebec

Boucherville is a city located on the south shore of the Saint-Lawrence River, just east of Montreal. The peaceful residential streets of the Canadian suburb were used to portray a more innocent side of Fanny’s life.

The production team chose to use École Secondaire De Mortagne as Fanny’s high school due to its proximity to the bungalow in Neufchâtel that served as her home.

Fugueuse high school scene filming in Bouchervile
Courtsey of TVA

Established in 1975, the school has proudly served the community for over four decades, fostering a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

This decision helped to establish a sense of continuity and familiarity for Fanny’s character, even as she faced significant challenges and changes in her life.

The Canadian province is famous for the shooting of holiday movies like Moriah’s Lighthouse and Single All The Way, but director Michelle Alan utilized the area for a serious drama.

Behind The Scenes

The neighborhoods and landscapes seen throughout Fugueuse are more than just backdrops, they are an integral part of the emotional journey. The urban settings of these Quebec locales allowed the show to bring the characters and narrative to life in an authentic, engaging way.

From Montreal’s vibrant energy to Longueuil’s suburban landscape, the filming sites became integral parts of the Fugueuse viewing experience. The locations enabled the drama to unfold in environments that matched the mood and evolution of the series.

Fugueuse Cast

The cast of Fugueuse series is as follows:

  • Ludivine Reding as Fanny Couture
  • Danielle Proulx as Manon, Fanny’s grandma
  • Charlotte Aubin as Peggy, Ariane’s stepmother
  • Kimberly Laferrière as Natacha
  • Lynda Johnson as Mylene Couture, Fanny’s mother
  • Iannicko N’Doua-Légaré as Carlo Stevenson
  • Claude Legault as Laurent Couture, Fanny’s father
  • Laurence Latreille as Ariane Béliveau-Leduc
  • Amadou Madani Tall as Fred
  • Geneviève Rochette as Sylvie Béliveau, Ariane’s mother
  • Stéphane Crête as Ariane’s father
  • Camille Felton as Jessica Rivet-De Souza
  • Jean-François Ruel as Damien Stone/Antoine Tremblay
  • Miryam ‘Mimo’ Magri as Michelle Garcia

What is the plot?

The streets of Montreal hold both beauty and darkness. For young Fanny, they represent a world of possibilities just beyond her grasp.

Though she lives a simple life, her heart yearns for adventure and a love that will sweep her off her feet.

When a charming stranger enters her world, Fanny is quickly spellbound by his promises of the life she’s always wanted. Blindly, she allows him to lead her away from everything she’s ever known.

Fugueuse series on Netflix
via TVA

But soon his true colors begin to show. Behind his dashing façade lies a monster who ensnares innocent girls into a terrifying web of exploitation.

Trapped and alone, Fanny finds herself in a living nightmare. Surrounded by other lost souls, she clings to ragged hopes of escaping this endless darkness.

With quiet resilience, she vows to never stop fighting for the freedom that was so cruelly ripped away. Though the road ahead is filled with unimaginable obstacles, she refuses to abandon her dreams.

Fanny’s journey illuminates a hidden world that many never see. But even the deepest shadows cannot extinguish the human spirit’s flame. Where there is life, there is hope. And Fanny will stop at nothing to reclaim hers.

Where to watch Fugueuse?

The drama series is currently streaming on Netflix for international audiences since it’s premiere on Nov 15, 2023, 7Jours reported.

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