Moriah’s Lighthouse Hallmark Movie Cast, Filming Locations, Synopsis

Moriah’s Lighthouse is the latest romantic Hallmark movie directed by Stefan Scaini from the screenplay written by Paul Campbell, Terrence Cunningham, and the story is based on the book series by Serena B Miller.

It stars Rachelle Lefevre as a woodworking artisan named Moriah living in a French town who dreams to restore the huge local lighthouse.

The film is produced by Borga Dorter and Hubert Toint, Agnes Bristow and executively produced by Leif Bristow, the production is done under Leif Films Media.

Let’s find out where the film sets in and what were the actual locations of filming.

Where was Moriah’s Lighthouse filmed?

Moriah’s Lighthouse was filmed at the same location where the plot sets in, that is in Brittany, France inside the Western Europe.

Moriah's lighthouse location

According to IMDb, filming of the movie began in March 2022 and wrapped in April 2022.

Moriah’s Lighthouse location

The lighthouse that Moriah wants to restore in the film is Ploumanac’h Lighthouse located in a commune named Perros-Guirec inside the Côtes-d’Armor department of Brittany.

Officially known as the Mean Ruz Lighthouse, it’s an active lighthouse but is closed for the public.

Moriah's Lighthouse filming locations
Source: Hallmark

The lighthouse was first constructed in 1860 and was destroyed by German troops in 1944 and then it was replaced by another lighthouse in 1946 that exists today.

Its design was planned by Henry Auffret and built by a local construction company, Martin et frère.

Hotel Castel Beau Site

The hotel in which Moriah resides is Hotel Castel Beau located at 137 Rue Saint-Guirec in the Perros-Guirec commune.

It is one of the most popular hotels of Brittany for tourists due to its ideal location in front of the beach and is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on various tourism sites.

Duncan Talhouet as Jacques and Valeria Cavalli as Catherine
Courtsey of Hallmark

Perros-Guirec has been a seaside resort since the end of 19th century and is known for its sandy beaches, water sports, and pink granite rocks of varied shapes and patterns.

Unlike Hallmark’s Caribbean Summer that highlights island village, this Hallmark film features hotels and seaside scenes.

L’Île Renote and Jentilez

Moriah and Ben take a boat ride around the islands located off the coast of Ploumanac’h. The islands provide tranquil atmosphere and a stunning setting for the movie’s romantic moments.

Behind the scenes

The cast members shared that the filming was done in challenging weather conditions, including strong weights and low temperatures. Even though, the environment wasn’t film friendly, the crew managed to shoot the scenes in the way they wanted.

Exec producer and his wife drove over 3200 miles to check out the lighthouse which was chosen by his wife. Serena Miller participated in a Q&A section on the Hallmark Facebook Group and revealed her excitement to see the soaring pictures from the drone.

Cast of Moriah’s Lighthouse

Rachelle Lefevre is starring in the main role of Moriah in the Hallmark movie. Even though, she belongs to French in the movie, she is originally from Quebec, Canada. Her fluency in French helped in playing the role perfectly.

Luke Macfarlane plays the role of Ben in Moriah’s lighthouse movie. Previously, he has starred in several Hallmark movies like he played the role of Michael in Christmas Land, he starred as Nick in Sense & Sensibility.

  • Valeria Cavalli as Catherine
  • Duncan Talhouet as Jacques
  • Jerry Di Giacomo as Maurice
  • Serge Dupire as Nicholas
  • Régis Péjus as Bonbon Staf
  • Catherine Hubeau as Anastasia
  • Caroline Marcos as Brigitte

What is the movie about?

Moriah is a woodworking artisan who lives in a French seaside town. Her dream is to renovate the local lighthouse but when she met an American architect named Ben, she finds that the architect is here to restore the local lighthouse that she always wanted.

At first glance, it seemed that a romantic relationship was forming between these two but as the story progresses, we see Moriah feels betrayed and hurt on hearing about the plans of Ben for the Lighthouse. Through their journey, they learn so many important lessons of life.

Moriah’s Lighthouse was released on 18 June 2022 at 8:00 PM EDT on the Hallmark Channel and is now streaming on the official website of Hallmark or you can subscribe to FUBO to watch the movie on demand.

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