Caribbean Summer Filming Locations, Hallmark Movie Cast, Synopsis

Caribbean Summer is a 2022 comedy family romance film by Hallmark that follows the hilarious tour of Jade who is forced to go on a vacation after an embarrassing event happened during a live broadcast. The movie is directed by Steven R Monroe and written by Kelly Bowe with Arlene Gibbs.

Stan Spry, Eric Scott Woods, Anthony Fankhauser, and Gaylyn Fraiche are serving as the executive producers for the film produced under The Cartel Pictures and Crown Media Productions. The film features beautiful island but where is the place located? Let’s dive right into the filming locations.

Where was Caribbean Summer filmed?

Caribbean Summer was filmed in Placencia, Belize inside the Central America during April. Principal filming began in March 2022 and wrapped up in April 2022 covering almost 4 weeks.

According to IMDb, most of the scenes were filmed in the town of Placencia. The place is located in Stann Creek District of Belize where the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea was captured and used as a backdrop for various scenes. Dana Barnaby, the cinematographer revealed that the shooting was fun.

Caribbean Summer filming locations

The cast took to Instagram to share the awesome filming experience working with the villagers and exploring their cultures. Previously, the place was known as Placentia with the southern point named as Pleasant Point.

The location has become an important tourist place since the beginning of 20th century and shooting location to the dating reality shows like Temptation Island.

Vancouver is the favorite shooting location for most of all the Hallmark films like Color My World With Love, Heart of The Matter, Warming Up To You, etc. but this film features a beautiful island which was only possible in a Caribbean Island. Moreover, the title signifies the location.

Belize is less popular location when it comes to filming of movies or TV shows but when someone visits the place, the person carries the positivity and mesmerizing memories. The cast and members of Temptation Island have also shared their wonderful experiences.

Caribbean Summer Cast

  • Aisha Toussaint as Ingrid
  • Ser’Darius Blain as Ford
  • Richard Bobb-Semple as Pop Hughes
  • Elizabeth Conboy as Tabitha Marlowe
  • Heather Hemmens as Jade
  • Ron Sierra as Hibbert
  • Buom Tihngang as Hughes


A morning news anchor Jade is forced to take a vacation after an embarrassing moment during a live telecast. In an attempt to make her destination prosperous, she decides to book a rental home.

As she arrives at her rented home, she finds someone entering her home and interrupts the intruder. Later on, she discovers that the house belongs to the intruder Ford and she was scammed.

To her surprise, the home owner allows Jade to stay under certain conditions. As they start to know each other, a sweet relationship begins between both of them. However, Jade learns that Ford has to choose between her career and her heart. Will he give up on her now?

The Caribbean Summer is set to premiere on 16 June at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel and now streaming on the official website of Hallmark.

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