Color My World With Love Filming Locations, Hallmark Cast, Synopsis

Color My World With Love is the newest Hallmark romance film directed by Peter Benson and written by Shari Simpson, Pamela Wallace, and Charlie Shahnaian. It stars Louisville native David DeSanctis in the lead role with Lily D Moore. Orly Anderson, Kimberley Bradley, and Jonathan Eskenas are acting as executive producers.

The film tells the story of two young artists with Down Syndrome who fall in love with each other and features beautiful landscapes and restaurants. But the question is where can you find all that cool stuff. Probably, the shooting locations will answer this question.

The movie premiered on 12 June 2022 at 9 PM EDT only on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. Worry not, if you missed the premiere, the movie is set to rebroadcast on Thursday, 16 June at 9 PM Eastern, June 19 at 7 PM Eastern, and 22 June at 9 PM Eastern Time exclusively on Hallmark Channel inside the United States.

Where was Color My World With Love filmed?

Color My World With Love was filmed entirely inside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during March 2022. Filming began in March 2022 and wrapped up in early April 2022. ET report suggested that the production wrapped up before 13 April 2022. It was revealed that the production was wrapped but no release date was announced.

Another source reported that the shooting lasts for around 14 hours a day to get the perfect timing. Lily revealed that the film is really close to the heart of all those who were involved in it and that’s why cast members enjoyed the process rather than complaining.

Color My World With Love filming locations hallmark

Vancouver is the favorite shooting location for almost all the Hallmark directors. The cinematographers select this place due to relaxation in tax programs and ideal shooting environment.

The city is the filming capital of Canada where shooting of numerous films like Heart of The Matter, Warming Up To You, Just One Kiss, Umma, Lifetime’s Cruel Instruction, Adam Project, Dash of Love, etc. took place.

Color My World With Love Cast Hallmark

  • Lily D. Moore as Kendall
  • Bobby Love as James
  • Erica Durance as Emma
  • Karen Kruper as Bev
  • David DeSanctis as Brad
  • Benjamin Ayres as Nic


The movie follows Kendall, a talented female artist and painter with Down Syndrome who is making progress in her life under the shadow of her supportive mother, Emma and grandmother, Bev. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets a guy named Brad, there begins a new love story for Kendall.

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