Cruel Instruction Lifetime Cast, Trailer, Filming Locations

Cruel Instruction is an American drama film directed by Stanley M Brooks and written by Adrienne Rush, production is done under Lighthouse Pictures, Mar Vista Entertainment, and Happily Ever After films for Lifetime. The original network will also air a special called Beyond The Headlines after the film release on 12 March 2022 at 8 PM EDT only on Lifetime Channel. Let’s find out the places where the movie shooting took place and who’s in the cast?

Cruel Instruction Lifetime Cast

  • Kelcey Mawema as Kayla Adams
  • Cynthia Bailey as Karen Adams
  • Morgan Taylor Campbell as Amanda Scheff
  • Sydney Scotia as Maggie
  • Meghan Grant as Hilary
  • Julia Benson as Carly Scheff
  • Nicole Muñoz as Sofia
  • Mackenzie Murdock as Trent
  • Calder Stewart as Bryce
  • Genea Charpentier as Lindsay
  • Tiernan Hickson as Dawn
  • Lea Matina as Juanita
  • Anita Wittenberg as Dr. Pratt
  • Jason Gray-Stanford as Mr. Seckerling
  • Xantha Radley As Nurse Patty
  • Sidney Quesnelle as Ashley
  • Junnicia Lagoutin as Allison
  • Tim Beckmann as Mr. Davis
  • Daniel Chai as Teacher
  • Maggie Ma as Doctor
  • Zak Santiago as Nurse Eli
  • Calix Fraser as Jason Scheff
  • Veenu Sandhu as EMT
  • Colleen Wheeler as Irene
  • Camryn Manheim as Miss Connie
  • Justin Lacey as Stephen
  • Viv Leacock
  • Justin Rimorin as Boy 1
  • Tristan Ranger as Boy 2
  • Kwesi Ameyaw as Principal

Where was Lifetime’s Cruel Instruction filmed?

Cruel Instruction was filmed inside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada according to our sources. The real plot sets in Utah but the actual filming was done within Vancouver, BC. A readymade set was designed for the filming purposes to and the staff took some additional time to bring more aggressive expressions.

Cruel Instruction filming locations lifetime

It was really exhausting for some cast members but they really enjoyed each other’s company, especially Cynthia Bailey. Some latest films shot inside Vancouver are Rescued By Ruby, Upload Season 2, The Adam Project, etc.

Is Cruel Instruction based on a true story?

Kayla Adams and Amanda Scheff are two fictional names given to real students named Courtney Konopasek and Ashley J. DeBoer based in Provo Canyon School, Utah. These two courageous women exposed the force feeding medication program lead by Miss Connie at the youth residential treatment center. You can also check out the real photos of darkness shared by Courtney on her FB profile. Those two girl gone through extreme trauma and mental pressure but they made it in the end and that’s what make them an inspiration for teenagers.

For your information, this is the same school that Paris Hilton attended. When Courtney was a teenager, people used to crack jokes about her life that it sounds like a lifetime movie and here it comes true. She’s an amazing woman who agreed to do the movie in order to help and save someone else from going through the things she went through.


A trailer has been released on the official website of Lifetime that highlights the cruel beahvior of the facility members who are giving cruel instructions to the students. Moreover, they are treating disciples as animals. The small trailer is so thrilling and give us chills with the exceptional acting.


The story follows the 16 year old Kayla Adams(Kelcey Mawema) who was sent to a youth residential treatment center by her mom Karen(Cynthia Bailey) at a school counselor suggestion. Kayla arrived on the same day when her roommate Amanda(Morgan Taylor Campbell) was admitted to the Utah facility.

Being a veteran, Amanda knows the dark secrets of the center like verbal and physical abuse, solitary confinement, and abitrary punishments that are given to students to keep them on their toes forcefully. Will the two been able to expose the truth behind this dark place?

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