Never Been Chris’d Filming Locations, Hallmark Cast Details

The Hallmark’s new original Christmas film Never Been Chris’d takes us through the picturesque Manitiba province of Canada through its filming locations.

Directed by Jeff Beesley and written by Joie Botkin, the movie sets in a winter town of Virginia where Janel Parrish and Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes, the two friends reconnect with their highschool crush, Chris Silver. As they spend time together, a complex love triangle forms, forcing them to confront their feelings for each other.

The film is executive produced by Anthony Fankhauser, Lexi Lewis, Stan Spry, Kendra Towers, Eric Scott Woods, and Devan Towers for the Hallmark Media.

Where was Never Been Chris’d filmed?

The majority of Never Been Chris’d was filmed in Winnipeg, the capital and largest city in the province of Manitoba inside Canada. According to various reports, filming took place from May 12th to June 8th, 2023 in Winnipeg and surrounding communities.

Surprisingly, none of the cast members have posted updates about the filming of this marvelous Hallmark production. They were either too busy working or too lazy to post anything on social media.

Never Been Chris'd filming locations
Courtsey of Hallmark

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is a popular filming location because of its unique culture and history. The city is home to a large Indigenous population, and its streets are lined with historic buildings. This makes it an ideal setting for productions that want to capture the unique flavor of the Canadian West.

Downtown Winnipeg

The production team utilized Downtown Winnipeg to film some scenes. It is the central business district of Winnipeg that offers a variety of urban filming locations, including skyscrapers, office buildings, and shopping malls.

The Forks, Winnipeg

The Forks is another location which was used for shooting purposes. It is a historic marketplace and a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of unique filming locations, including cobblestone streets, heritage buildings, and waterfront views.

Never Been Chris'd Hallmark movie cast
Courtsey of Hallmark

Surrounding communities near Winnipeg that were used as filming locations included Stonewall and St. Andrews. The cast and crew made use of the small town charm of these communities and featured beautiful winter landscapes around Manitoba.

Production Details

Never Been Chris’d was produced by top Canadian production companies Been Chris Pictures (Vancouver-based), The Cartel (Montreal based), and Cartel Pictures (Toronto-based), all of which are well-respected production companies with a proven track record of success.

Manitoba offers financial incentives for productions, making it an affordable filming location. The province has diverse landscapes and architecture that can double for many different locations.

Winnipeg’s Experience Hosting Films

As this Hallmark movie continues Winnipeg’s reputation as a great city for filming movies and TV shows, the city has hosted major productions like Fargo (movie and FX TV series), Love Strikes Twice, Miracle in Bethlehem PA, Under the Christmas Sky, and Percy Jackson.

The Manitoba capital provides a friendly filming environment and local crew experience. Never Been Chris’d showcases the city beautifully with its mix of period architecture, modern cityscapes, and natural winter scenery.

Who’s in the cast of Never Been Chris’d?

Janel Parrish as Naomi Long

Parrish is best known for her roles as Mona Vanderwaal in the ABC Family series “Pretty Little Liars” and as Margot Montrose in the Freeform series “Famous in Love.” She has also appeared in the films “Bratz” (2007), “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” (2018), and “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” (2020).

Tyler Hynes as Chris Silver

Hynes is a prolific Hallmark actor, who has starred in over 20 films for the network. He is also known for his roles in the Hallmark series “When Calls the Heart” and “Good Witch.”

Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes as Liz Waitt

Lamothe-Kipnes is a Canadian actor who has appeared in a variety of television shows and films, including “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Anne with an E,” and “Christmas in the Rockies.”

Other cast members includes:

  • Linda Ko as Linda Long
  • Samantha Kendrick as Karly
  • Henriette Ivanans as Mimi
  • Uchenna Nkwonta as Mindy
  • Quinn Greene as Ryan
  • Madison MacIsaac as Jojo Hooper
  • Alex Poch-Goldin as Travis Hooper
  • Solange Sookram as Venture Capitalist
  • Tyrell Witherspoon as Marty
  • Angelica Venancio as Store Worker

What is Never Been Chris’d movie about?

Liz and Naomi, two inseparable best friends, travel back to their hometown of Westin for the holidays. Their excitement turns to nostalgia when they reconnect with their high school crush, Chris Silver.

The two girlfriends find themselves caught in a love triangle, forcing them to confront their true feelings for Chris and for each other. As they navigate the complexities of love and friendship, they must also deal with family struggles and long-kept secrets.

Where to watch Never Been Chris’d?

Never Been Chris’d premieres on the Hallmark Channel on the following dates:

  • Nov 4 at 8/7c
  • Nov 5 at 6/5c
  • Nov 9 at 8/7c
  • Nov 18 at 10/9c
  • Nov 24 at 8a/7c
  • Dec 26 at 4a/3c

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