Where was ‘Is There a Killer in My Family’ filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Lifetime Channel’s 2020 mystery thriller film, Is There a Killer in My Family? takes us on a chilling journey through the dark secrets of Crawford Island in Maine but the actual shooting was done in Ontario province of Canada.

Directed by Leo Scherman and produced by Neshama Entertainment, the movie follows true-crime author Carly as she delves into the unsolved murder of Diana Crawford while seeking refuge in her family’s ancestral mansion.

As Carly uncovers the island’s haunting past, she finds herself entangled in a web of deception, leading her to question whether the killer might be closer than she ever imagined. So, if you’ve started biting your nails, let’s dive into the actual filming locations of this horror movie.

Is There a Killer in My Family Filming Locations

The Lifetime mystery film ‘Is There a Killer in My Family’ was filmed in the beautiful towns of Owen Sound and Meaford in Ontario, Canada. Several iconic landmarks of those towns were used as filming locations.

The Meaford Independent reported that the shooting of the movie began under the title, Island of Shadows on Aug 29, 2019 in downtown Meaford. Some pedestrians encountered minor days as the main street was covered with the filming equipments on the filming day.

A crew member shared some bts photos on the set after finishing the production on 1st Oct 2019.

Morland Palace, an imposing 19th century mansion, was featured prominently in the film as the ancestral house of Carly, holding deadly secrets The palace’s gothic architecture and remote location established an atmosphere rife with intrigue.

Morland Place located in Grey Country, Owen Sound was used as Carly's ancestral American home

Regal Heights, a unique neighborhood characterized by its brightly painted Victorian homes, also made appearances, the cheery facades belying the darkness within. You can see the location in the below picture, shared by cinematographer McClellan during the shooting period.

Lastly, the gothic stone buildings of Wycliffe College were used for the shooting of campus scenes, hinting at sinister occurrences behind ivy-covered walls.

Is There a Killer in My Family filming at Wycliffe College
Courtsey of Lifetime

The college’s library was used to shoot a few interior scenes of Is There a Killer in My Family movie, where Carly goes to discover the dark secrets behind the murder of Diana Crawford.

Beyond specific structures, the towns themselves played a role in creating suspense. Here’s another picture posted by a crew member in the filming timeline.

Both communities on the shores of Georgian Bay provide picturesque backdrops.

18 Deet Huron also posted a filming update on Instagram when the shooting was ongoing in Greater Toronto Area. They said,

It’s amazing that we are at the downtown of toronto to cater LaRue entertainment! It was happy to be there for the last shooting🤩

Together, the group of seasoned performers captures a family mystery by creeping doubts and horrible suspicions. Their powerful performances stay with you long after the final chilling twist.

Ontario is a beautiful filming destination among filmmakers from years, numerous successful Hallmark, Lifetime, and GAF families have been filmed in this east-central Canadian province. Some recent ones are A Not So Royal Christmas and Christmas in Maple Hills.

Is There a Killer in My Family Lifetime Cast

Anna Hopkins as Carly

Carly is a true-crime author who returns to her family’s mansion on Crawford Island to investigate an unsolved murder. She is determined to uncover the truth, even if it means putting herself in danger. Hopkins is known for her roles in the films “Black Beauty” and “Degrassi: Next Generation.”

Christopher Jacot as Kevin

Kevin is Carly’s supportive husband who accompanies her to Crawford Island. He is initially skeptical of Carly’s theories, but he eventually comes to believe her. Jacot is known for his roles in the films “The Death of Superman” and “Suicide Squad.”

Alex Paxton-Beesley as Lauren

Lauren is a mysterious local who is connected to the Crawford family’s dark past. She is reluctant to help Carly with her investigation, but she eventually provides some key information. Paxton-Beesley is known for her roles in the films “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” and “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.”

Other cast members of the mystery include:

  • Ann Pirvu as Dina
  • Erin Agostino as Diana
  • Andy King as John Henry
  • Kim Roberts as Mrs. Palmer
  • Vickie Papavs as Kathy Bellak
  • Joan Gregson as Louise Bellak
  • Daniel Stolfi as Steven Bryant
  • Carlos Gonzalez-Vio as Captain Morrow

Where to watch Is There a Killer in My Family?

Is There a Killer in My Family is a Lifetime original film and is streaming on Lifetime Movie Club inside the United States.

The app is free to download and browse but in order to watch the original content, you need to take a monthly or an yearly subscription.

Right now, the cost of a monthly subscription is $4.99* per month while an annual subscription costs $49.99* per year.

You can also watch Is There a Killer in My Family on DirecTV, just make sure that the Lifetime Channel is covered in the plan that you currently have.

Another way to watch Is There a Killer in My Family is by renting or purchasing it on-demand from digital platforms like Apple TV, VUDU, and Amazon.

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