Where was A Widow Seduced filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

The Lifetime thriller ‘A Widow Seduced’ may tell a dark tale of deception and danger, but the filming locations provide a striking visual backdrop.

Directed by Bill Corocoran from a script of Jessica Landry, the movie follows Kellie, a career driven widow who falls for a charming businessman during an online meeting, but as she met him in real life, she realized that Dan got a secret.

The film is from Vortex Productions, and is produced by Christopher Giroux and Jesse D Ikeman with Bill Marks and Justin Rebelo as executive producers.

Where was A Widow seduced filmed?

The Lifetime movie ‘A Window Seduced’ was primarily filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Principal photography began on 6th of July 2022, executive producer Giroux shared on his Instagram with lots of cool bts photos.

You’ll also find the hashtag of ‘A Dangerous Romance’ if you look closely at Natalie and Pirvu’s Instagram posts.

They used the hashtag, because that was the original working title for the movie. Not much information is available regarding the exact filming locations in Hamilton, but here is whatever we know.

The shooting wrapped after 17 days of filming on July 23, Giroux dumped another set of bts pics on Instagram.

The cast and crew set up camp across various Hamilton neighborhoods, using both interior and exterior cityscapes to establish the world inhabited by the film’s central characters.

Urban Landmarks

The urban landscapes and natural beauty of this vibrant region were carefully adapted into a filming set by the production crew of A Widow seduced.

Some of the famous landmarks in Hamilton includes the Gage Park, Westfield Heritage Village, Dundas Conservation Area, LIUNA Station, Dundurn Castle, and Hamilton Cemetry.

Interior Scenes

While exterior shots captured Hamilton’s character, the indoor scenes were captured around the real production address in Toronto, Ontario.

A Widow seduced filming locations
via Lifetime

Some scenes were taken on a residential property in Hamilton to portray the world of the well-appointed widow. The private property is located in a less popular region of Hamilton but looks perfect for filming.

Natural Beauty

In addition to its neighborhoods, Hamilton boasts natural landscapes along the Niagara Escarpment.

Though the thriller largely plays out across concrete jungles, the area’s forests, waterfalls, and trails framed exterior establishing shots. Viewers got a taste of the terrain’s diversity.

A Widow seduced is produced by Vortex Productions, the same studio has produced Flipping for Christmas (also filmed in Ontario) and Christmas Island (filmed in Nova Scotia) for 2023.

A Widow Seduced Cast

Natalie Brown as Kellie Gibson

Brown is starring as the widow of a widow seduced movie. Her credits include in The Strain (2014-2017), Sophie (2008-2009), Dawn of the Dead (2004), Nightmare Alley (2021), Twisted Neighbor (2023), The Breach (2022).

Gray Powell as Dan Smith

Powell is known for his mysterious roles in Designated Survivor (2019), ARQ (2016), Hollywoodland (2006), Sort Of (2021-2023), Kaw (2006), The Hardy Boys (2022-2023), Murdoch Mysteries (2016), and Fugitive Pieces (2007).

Other cast members of the Lifetime movie includes:

  • Jamie Spilchuk as Jack Gibson
  • Erin Agostino as Sasha
  • Annie Briggs as Alana
  • Christine L. Nguyen as Justine
  • Sima Sepehri as Mona
  • Jeanette Roxborough as Lucy
  • Kerry-Lee Frinkle as Shelby
  • Ann Pirvu as Christine
  • Simon Northwood as Thug
  • Kerry-Lee Finkle as Shelby
  • Michael Brown as Officer Chambers

What is the the plot of A Widow Seduced?

Kellie, a boss lady at her job, felt a big emptiness after her husband passed away. It was like a piece of her puzzle was missing. Time passed, and she decided to dip her toes back into the love pond, but this time, online!

Enter Dan, the dreamboat guy. He was like a walking Swiss army knife – cooked dinners, cleaned like a magician, and had a smile that could melt glaciers. Kellie was smitten, and soon, Dan moved in, becoming part of her life, her bank account, and everything in between.

But something wasn’t quite right. Dan’s past was as blurry as a kaleidoscope on spin cycle. He dodged questions about his life before Kellie, leaving her feeling suspicious. Those hidden secrets, like buried treasure, were probably not the kind she wanted to find.

So, Kellie, our brave heroine, put on her detective hat and started piecing together the clues. Was Dan a prince in disguise, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? To know the full story, you need to watch the full movie.

A Widow Seduced premieres at 8:00 PM ET on Lifetime Channel. If you have missed the premiere, you can stream the movie on-demand from the Lifetime App.

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