Where was Silent Night Fatal Night filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Lifetime Channel’s new holiday film Silent Night Fatal Night transport viewers to a snow-covered Christmas-y backdrop as a famous mystery writer went missing from her house on Friday.

Directed by Peter Sullivan from the screenplay of Robert Dean Klein, and Adam Rockoff, the film centers around a mystery novelist, Mallory, who is kidnapped and forced to write while held captive in her distinctively decorated home.

The story of this film is given by Jeffrey Schenck, produced by Brian Nolan and Peter Sullivan, and executive produced by Barry Barnholtz, Zelma Kiwi, and Jeffrey Schenck under Hybrid.

Silent Night Fatal Night Filming Locations

Silent Night Fatal Night was entirely shot on location in Los Angeles, California inside the United States. Filming of the movie took place across iconic LA neighborhoods in August 2023.

The city boasts diverse neighborhoods, offering a range of filming locations, from palm-lined streets to urban landscapes adorned with festive décor during the holiday season.

Additionally, LA houses numerous studios and soundstages, allowing filmmakers to create whimsical winter wonderlands within the city limits, further enhancing its appeal for holiday-themed productions.

Hailey Rutledge shared a photo after the shooting wrapped on August 28, 2023. She also tagged LA in the location.

Though Los Angeles lacks snow-covered landscapes, director Peter Sullivan transformed the City of Angels into a fitting backdrop for this twisty yuletide tale.

LA’s adaptability makes it a perfect choice for filmmakers seeking an unconventional holiday backdrop.

Silent Night Fatal Night filming in Los Angeles
Courtsey of Lifetime

From downtown to Hollywood, Sullivan made use of the diversity across the sprawling metropolis to find shooting sites that popped with the holiday flair.

As Mallory develops an ingenious plan to escape her nightmare, viewers will surely feel the spirit of the season sprinkled throughout Southern California landmarks.

And with the wealth of studio space and talented crews available locally, Sullivan had all the resources needed to deck the halls, LA-style.

Behind The Scenes

Rutledge posted a few bts pictures on her instagram that shows some raw scenes taken in the library set. There is also a photo of clapperboard dated August 15, 2023 which confirms that the shooting was ongoing at that time. Again, she marked LA as the picture location.

Silent Night Fatal Night Cast

Alex Camacho as Mallory/Gideon

Alex Camacho plays the dual roles of Mallory Dearborn, a best-selling mystery writer, and Gideon character in Silent Night Fatal Night movie. Camacho is a relatively new face in Hollywood, but she has already made his mark with roles in “Touch The Water” and “To Kill a Stepfather.”

Matthew Pohlkamp as Michael

Matthew Pohlkamp is arguably the most recognizable face in the cast of “Silent Night, Fatal Night.” He portrays Michael, the desperate manager who holds Mallory captive in thefilm.

Pohlkamp had a long and successful career in film and television, appearing in productions like “Goosebumps,” “The Life Walk,” “Despair Sessions,” “If Walls Could Talk,” and “My Daughter’s Ransom”

Hailey Rutledge as Carrie

Hailey Rutledge plays the intriguing role of Carrie, whose full connection to the story remains to be seen. While Rutledge’s filmography is still growing, she has already gained recognition for her performances in “Wild West Chronicles” and “The Final Rose.”

Other cast members include:

  • Talia Asseraf as Receptionist
  • Brice Griffin as Grant
  • Angela Barber as Janice
  • Jeanette Schock as Evelyn
  • Ayanna S. Flemings as Wendy
  • Gregory Niebel as Sheriff Hill
  • Robert Hawkey as Paul

What is Silent Night Fatal Night movie about?

Mallory is a famous mystery writer who wants to write something new, but her manager wants her to keep writing her popular Gideon detective series.

He gets very angry and kidnaps Mallory over the holidays, forcing her to write one last Gideon book while locked in a Christmas-decorated house.

Mallory decides to write a new thriller about her own kidnapping as a way to cope. The holiday setting creates an ironic contrast between the bright, warm Christmas decorations and Mallory’s dark, scary situation.

Over the course of the movie, Mallory tries to finish her book and figure out how to escape.

Where to watch Silent Night Fatal Night?

Silent Night Fatal Night premieres on Lifetime Channel on Dec 7 at 8 PM ET inside the United States.

If you have missed the premiere, you can stream the movie on demand from Lifetime Movie Club or TV streaming services like Philo and DirecTV Stream inside US.

The movie is also available on Lifetime Movie Club app with other originals like Mistletoe Match, Ladies of the 80s, and Is There a Killer in My Family.

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