Where was ‘Mistletoe Match’ filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

The Lifetime channel movie Mistletoe Match takes us through a charming holiday tale of finding love and the true spirit of Christmas through its filming locations across iconic venues in Hamilton, Ontario.

Directed by Canadian director Graeme Campbell from the scripts of Jessica L Randall, the movie follows a journalist named Olivia (Elena Juatco) who goes undercover to investigate a popular matchmaking event, where she collides with a single dad Thomas (Ryan Bruce), who is also skeptical of the program like her. As they spend more time together, they develop feelings for each other.

The film was originally released on Dec 14, 2022 by Reel One Entertainment in Canada and now, the movie is getting popular once again as it has been released on Dec 3, 2023 on the Lifetime Channel inside the United States.

Mistletoe Match Filming Locations

Mistletoe Match was primarily filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with some scenes taking place in Toronto. Principal filming began on March 25, 2022 and wrapped in April 2022.

Tessa shared a heartwarming photo of her along with other cast members, after the filming wrapped.

Production team took the advantage of the city’s holiday vibe, beautiful public garden spaces and the downtown’s old world Victorian architecture with charming neighborhoods.

Set costumer Fidget Fletcher shared a bts picture on her Instagram by tagging Toronto as the location.

Moreover, Juatco shared a studio selfie on her instagram in March 2022, when cameras were rolling to shoot the Misltetoe Match in Toronto, Ontario.

Some of the inteiors were shot in Toronto while most of the shooting was done in Hamilton. Here are all the Hamilton locations that were used in the filming, according to The Spec.

Gage Park, Brampton

Several pivotal scenes in Mistletoe Match were filmed in Gage Park, a gorgeous green space situated on the eastern Mountain which has been a popular community gathering area for Hamiltonians since the early 1900s.

Juatco posted another picture while shooting the christmas movie on her Instagram during the filming days in April 2022.

The park’s lush greenery, serene pond, and iconic pavilion provided the perfect backdrop for several key scenes, including Olivia’s initial encounter with Thomas and their heartwarming stroll through the park’s snow-covered paths.

Sophie shared another pic during the filming of Mistletoe Match, the same picture was selected as a cover for Vanity Fair magazine.

Liuna Station, Hamilton

Liuna Station, the former Canadian Pacific Railway station in downtown Hamilton, now operates as a popular conference center and banquet hall while retaining its distinctive early 20th century terra cotta brick exterior.

Elena posted a dashing pic of her along with all the cast members at the luxury wedding venue, an absolute beauty.

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The brand itself posted a throwback picture of Elena from their official Instagram account.

The station’s grand architecture and vibrant atmosphere provided a fitting backdrop for the Mistletoe Match event, where Olivia and Thomas’s paths first crossed.

Charlton Avenue West

Located near the intersection of Charlton Avenue West and Queen Street South, Charlton Avenue contains numerous examples of pristinely preserved Victorian, Edwardian and Queen Anne style architecture originally built in the late 19th century when the area was an elite inner city neighborhood for Hamilton’s industrial titans.

Elena Juvatco, Ryan Bruce and Tessa Kozma baking together at Mistletoe Match house location
Courtsey of Reel One Enterainment

An old house located at 300 Jackson Street W Hamilton was used the house of Thomas Kade, a single father and widower. This is the place where Kade is seen baking with Olivia and Erin.

Chilton Place

Another notable filming location was a picturesque home on Chilton Place. Situated close to St. Joseph’s Hospital less than a kilometer south of Charlton Avenue, the street features charming homes with abundant holiday trimmings.

This home served as the residence of Olivia Hayes in the movie. The home’s quaint charm and welcoming atmosphere reflected Olivia’s kind and genuine nature.

Behind the Scenes

Elena posted an Instagram reel singing the song that she wrote during the filming of Mistletoe Match and hopefully, director loved it and wanted to open the movie with it.

Tessa shared another bts pic of her under the professional camera screen after the movie premiered in Canada.

Ontario has emerged as a popular shooting location over the past two years and numerous successful holiday films have been filmed there so far.

Some of the recent productions include Christmas with a Kiss, Laughing All The Way, Christmas on Windmill Way, and the 2020’s popular Lifetime film Is there a Killer in My Family was also shot in the same Canadian province.

Mistletoe Match Lifetime Cast

Mistletoe Match cast featuring Elena Juatco as Olivia and Ryan Bruce as Thomas Kade
Courtsey of Reel One Entertainment

Elena Juatco as Olivia Hayes

Olivia is a journalist who is assigned to write an exposé on the Mistletoe Match event. She is initially skeptical of the event, but she begins to change her mind when she meets Thomas.

Ryan Bruce as Thomas Kade

Thomas is a kind-hearted man who is participating in the Christmas matchmaking event. He is initially attracted to Olivia, but he is also hesitant to get involved in a relationship.

Other cast members of the movie are:

  • Vas Saranga as Alfie
  • Will Bowes as Chris
  • Chris Hong as Marcus
  • Dianne Aguilar as Mia
  • Andrea Davis as Lisa
  • Catherine McGregor as Lucille
  • Vivian Peryl Simms as Vivian Simms
  • Sophie Bastelle as Vanessa (as Sophie van Bastelaer)

Where to watch Mistletoe Match?

Mistletoe Match premiered on Lifetime Channel on Dec 3, 2023 at 8 PM ET inside the United States.

If you have missed the premiere, you can stream the movie on demand from Lifetime Movie Club or TV streaming services like Philo and DirecTV Stream inside US.

The movie is currently streaming on Paramount+ inside UK and on FOXTEL Now inside Australia.

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