Where was Christmas on Windmill Way filmed? GAF Cast Details

The Great American Family movie Christmas on Windmill Way takes us through some heartwarming places in Ontario through its mesmerizing filming locations.

Directed by Don McBrearty and written by Billy Schofield, the holiday romance movie stars Christa Taylor Brown and Chad Michael Murray in the lead roles of the two savior, planning to save Meijer’s windmill way property from getting sold.

The film is produced by David Anselmo under Brad Krevoy Television, Hideaway Pictures, and KM Windmill Love Productions while the distribution is done by Great American Family in US and by CTV Life Channel in Canada.

Where was Christmas on Windmill Way filmed?

Christmas on Windmill Way was filmed in North Bay, a city located approximately 230 miles north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Principal photography began in late June 2023 and was wrapped by July 5, 2023.

Christa Taylor Brown and Chad Michael Murray on the filming set of Christmas on Windmill Way discussing behind the scenes
Courtsey of GAF

Specific filming locations in North Bay included downtown North Bay, the shoreline of Lake Nipissing, Heritage Railway Station, and various small towns surrounding North Bay.

Mclaren shared three bts pictures on his Instagram along with the caption,”That’s a wrap.” He also tagged North Pole as the location.

The charming small-town backdrop of North Bay perfectly captured the heartwarming holiday spirit that the movie wanted to convey.

Victorian-style downtown provided quaint streetscapes dotted with local shops and restaurants that got decorated for Christmas.

Some scenes were also filmed along the picturesque shoreline of Lake Nipissing.

Behind the Scenes

From Marya Duplaga’s Instagram post, we learned about the commute of costume designer Maria Duplaga that lasted for three weeks of shooting.

She discussed her daily routine during the filming. From the long driveway to basecamp, she covered everything.

Erin posted another bts pic on Instagram to show her involvement in the film. She shared the pics on her last day at the filming set on June 30, 2023.

Heather Manitowabi, the makeup artist of the movie wrote on his Instagram:

Pleasure working with great cast and crew on this production.

Rising popularity of Ontario

Ontario has become the second most popular Canadian province among holiday filmmakers after British Columbia. Whether it’s North Bay, Grey Country, Toronto, or Hamilton, holiday film producers are not leaving any area behind.

We have seen so many films this year that were shot in Ontario province, no matter it belongs to Lifetime, Hallmark, or Great American Family, Ontario was used by everyone.

Some of the recent holiday productions include A Not So Royal Christmas, Flipping for Christmas, Catch Me If You Claus, Christmas in Maple Hills, and the popular Lifetime movie Is there a Killer in My Family? was also shot in the same Canadian province. Another reason to add Ontario to your bucket list for this Christmas.

Christmas on Windmill Way Cast

Christa Taylor Brown as Mia

Brown is a newcomer in the film industry. She has appeared in TV series like Tribal, Wyonna Earp, and films like Dream Wedding and Range Roads.

Christa Taylor Brown Mia Miejer in Christmas on Windmill Way cast
Courtsey of Great American Family

In Christmas on Windmill Way, she plays Mia, a woman who is trying to save her family’s windmill from being sold. . She is a pastry chef who is passionate about baking and her family’s traditions.

Chad Michael Murray as Brady

The movie has a Buffalo connection as one of the lead actor, Murray was born in the city of New York. He plays Brady, Mia’s high school boyfriend who returns to town for the holidays.

Murray has appeared in several popular movies and TV shows like “One Tree Hill,” “Freaky Friday,” “House of Wax,” “Sullivan’s Crossing,” “Riverdale,” and “A Cinderella Story.”

Other cast members of Christmas on Windmill Way movie includes:

  • Erin Agostino (Lily) plays Mia’s younger sister
  • Darrin Baker (Walt) plays Mia’s father
  • Marcia Bennett (Ann) plays Mia’s mother
  • Jon McLaren as William Jansen

Where to watch Christmas on Windmill Way?

Christmas on Windmill Way premieres on the Great American Family Channel on Nov 23, 2023 inside the United States and Canada.

Now, you can stream the movie on-demand via Frndly TV, Philo, SlingTV, Fubo, and Hulu Live TV. You just need to search the movie in their search catalogue and you will be able to stream it.

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