A Christmas Intern Filming Locations, Lifetime Cast Details

The new Lifetime holiday film ‘A Christmas Intern’ transports viewers to the glittering city of Los Angeles, where dreams and romance intertwine during the most wonderful time of the year.

Directed by David DeCoteau, the Christmas movie follows Alexis, a young CEO running a company called Cyber Santa. It’s almost Christmas, and Alexis is super busy trying to make her company a success.

She’s hoping to get an investment from a big company, but first, she has to prove that Cyber Santa is a good idea.

To make things even crazier, her mom Cecilia, suddenly shows up from Florida! Cecilia is full of energy and surprises, and she’s not afraid to shake things up. She even decides to become an intern at Cyber Santa, even though she’s retired!

With Cecilia around, things get a little chaotic, but in a good way. She helps Alexis see things from a new perspective, and she reminds her that the most important thing is family. And maybe, just maybe, a little Christmas magic can help Cyber Santa succeed after all.

So will Alexis be able to impress the big company and save her business? And will Cecilia’s Christmas spirit help bring the family closer together? Find out in “The Christmas Intern”!

Where was A Christmas Intern filmed?

A Christmas Intern was entirely filmed on location in Los Angeles in the spring of 2023. The production crew took full advantage of the diversity of locales the city offers to create a memorable Christmas tale.

The Christmas Intern filming locations
Courtsey of Lifetime

Principal photography commenced in May 2023, capturing the lush greenery and flowers in full bloom across the city, before wrapping up efficiently in just a few weeks time in June 2023. The cast and crew also traveled to downtown and Beverly Hills to film some scenes.

Vivia Fox shared a few behind the scene photos in June 2023, a few days after the shooting wrapped.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles provides an ideal backdrop for filming A Christmas Intern with its year-round sunny climate, variety of urban and natural landscapes, and wealth of production infrastructure and talent.

Most of the shooting was done inside the studios. CYBER SANTA seems like an industrial building, but that was actually a production house in LA.

A Christmas Intern filming in Cyber Santa
Courtsey of Lifetime

Production crew did a lot of work to decorate the exteriors and interiors of the shooting set. They spread Christmas ornaments everywhere to give us a perfect holiday feeling.

Several iconic spots throughout the sprawling metropolis served as settings for key scenes in the movie. The cast and crew relished the lively atmosphere of classic LA neighborhoods as they brought this heartwarming story to life.

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline shown in The Christmas movie
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The swift schedule was facilitated by the breadth of filming locations LA provided – from cozy cafes to bustling business districts downtown. The efficiency of the experienced local crew also kept the production on track to deliver the film in time for the 2023 holiday season.

Some of the recent holiday productions that were shot in California includes The Holiday Proposal, Ladies of The 80s, and Silent Night Fatal Night while Canadian shot films include Laughing All The Way, Friends & Family Christmas, and Sealed with a List.

The Christmas Intern Cast Lifetime

  • Jackee Harry as Cecilla
  • Vivica A. Fox as Charlotte
  • Ciarra Carter as Alexis
  • Daniel Joo as Brock
  • Harold Bell as Matty
  • Jasmine Aivaliotis as Sari
  • Doug Rogers as Donte
  • Brian Nolan as Marty
  • Michael Paré as William
  • Jamie Bernadette as Gemma

Where to watch A Christmas Intern?

The Christmas Intern premieres on Dec 16, 2023 on Lifetime Channel is available to stream on-demand on Lifetime App inside the United States.

The Christmas Intern Review

The Christmas Intern is a heartwarming new holiday film that beautifully captures the joy and meaning of the season.

Led by the talented Jackée Harry and Vivica A. Fox, the movie tells the story of a mother and daughter who rediscover their bond and the true spirit of Christmas through an unexpected internship.

Harry shines as Cecilia, a lively retiree who comes out of retirement to support her daughter Alexis’ gift-giving startup, CYBER SANTA.

A christmas intern review
Courtsey of Lifetime

Though her presence initially causes some chaos, Cecilia’s warmth, wisdom, and belief in her daughter soon become an asset to the young company. Her scenes sparkle with humor and emotion.

The storyline explores timely themes like entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and female empowerment with compassion.

Even while tackling business challenges, the characters make time for romance and family. Fox is excellent as a successful executive who begins a budding holiday romance without losing her professional focus.

With lively humor and a remarkably talented cast, The Christmas Intern captures the best of the holiday spirit. It’s a perfect choice for fans of inspirational stories, small businesses, and mother-daughter bonds.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Jackée Harry and Ciarra Carter have undeniable mother-daughter chemistry, making their scenes pure joy to watch. You’ll be reaching for your phone to call your own mom after this one!

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