Where was Sealed With A List filmed? See all Locations

The new Hallmark holiday film ‘Sealed With A List‘ takes us on a festive tour through the picturesque streets of New Westminster and Langley in Canada.

Directed by Lucie Guest, the movie is about a woman named Carley (Katie Findlay) who love to make New Year Resolutions every year but never completes them.

But this year is going to be different because she is determined to finish off her list of abandoned goals, while falling in love with her handsome co-worker Wyatt (Evan Roderick) at workplace.

Where was Sealed with a List filmed?

The Hallmark movie “Sealed with a list” was filmed in the charming locales of New Westminster and Langley inside British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada.

Sealed with a list filming locations
Courtsey of Hallmark

Most of the shooting was done at the renowned Martini Town, a backlot studio in Langley during October 2023.

Sealed with a list filming in Martini Town, a backlot studio in Langley
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Props included a Christmas tree, snow (real and fake) and oversized ornaments.

It’s hard to distinguish between fake and real snow while watching the film, and that’s good because it enhances our watching experience.

Cinematographers are really good at their job and by chance, if they missed any detail then post-production editors have got their back.

Let us know about your favorite scene of this holiday movie. (Just one scene, Okay!)

New Westminster, British Columbia

Located just outside of Vancouver, New Westminster boasts a historic downtown core nestled along the Fraser River.

With its heritage buildings, antique shops, cozy cafes and festive light displays, New West makes for an idyllic small town backdrop in Sealed with a List.

Several scenes of the movie feature signature landmarks like the Irving House, the most elegant Victorian mansion in the city.

Built in 1865, this historic site captures the Christmas charm with twinkling lights and evergreen garlands.

The movie also showcases key attractions along Columbia Street like the replica of the SS Empress steamboat.

Christmas markets in Tipperary Park as well as shots of Front Street lined with vintage-style lamp posts captured the holiday vibe in Sealed With A List movie.

Neighboring communities like Queen’s Park were also featured with its heritage homes representing a quaint suburban feel.

The Bridal Gallery can be seen in the photos shared by New West Record.

Martini Town, Langley, British Columbia

The primary filming location was Martini Town – Langley’s popular backlot studio.

Martini Film Studios as filming location in Sealed with a list movie Hallmark
Courtsey of Martini Film Studios

There is an entire small town, a New York-themed Brownstone Street, a town square, a coffee shop, an urban alley, a diner, a courthouse, a movie theatre with a lit marquee, and much more to feed the fantasy of Hallmark viewers.

Inside the studio, there are versatile filming spaces like the Chesapeake Merchants courtyard. You might already know how that looks if you have watched Sealed With A List movie with an eagle eye.

You can actually tour Martini Town during the Merry & Bright annual festival, started from December 1 and will run till New Year 2024.

Martini Town Merry and Bright theme annual event for holiday celebrations
Courtsey of Martini Town

The entire event also runs on clean energy, earning organizers recognition from BC Hydro as Clean Energy Champions.

Brownstone Street with elaborate New York-style walk-ups can be seen in outdoor scenes.

Brownstone Street was also used for filming Sealed with a list Hallmark movie
Courtsey of Martini Film Studios

This festively decorated backlot serves as an ideal backdrop for Hallmark’s signature holiday movies and has been used frequently in recent years. It continues to attract major TV and film productions to the area.

You will see Martini Studios again in the upcoming holiday film Friends & Family Christmas.

If you are a fan of Christopher Russell or Meghan Ory then you also want to explore the filming location of The Secret Gift of Christmas.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Production team of Sealed With a List also chose Vancouver as the shooting location.

With its heritage architecture and festive atmosphere Vancouver proves to be the perfect locale for getting into the holiday spirit.

Sealed with a list filming in Vancouver
Courtsey of Hallmark

We have said that before and will say again, ten thousand times, holiday film producers are obsessed with Vancouver, and they have their reasons.

The environment is very good, shop owners are friendly, and instead of getting offended, the locals voluntarily become a part of the filming process.

Canadian govt giving incentives to filmmakers

You only see one side of the story, the romance between two main characters of the story, but in reality, there are two kind of romances.

One between the two lead characters of the film, and the second between, the film director and the location they chose.

Some of the recent holiday film productions that were done in British Columbia includes Heaven Down Here, Christmas at the Chalet, Round and Round, Christmas on Cherry Lane, Magic in Mistletoe, etc.

Behind The Scenes

Production designer Heather Coutts collaborated with set decorators to dress locations with festive Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, presents and more to complete the holiday aesthetic.

The charming small town scenes were amplified through details like twinkle lights, falling snow and decorated shop windows during post production.

‘Sealed with a List’ fully utilizes these charming locations to deliver all the Christmas feels and tidings audiences look for in a Hallmark movie.

From small town streetscapes to cosy cafes and snow dusted suburban homes, these settings transport viewers straight into Christmas wonder.

Where to watch Sealed with a List?

Sealed with a List premieres on Hallmark Channel on Dec 16, 2023 on Hallmark Channel in US, and on W Network in Canada.

In addition, the movie will be available on Peacock up to 72 hours after the premiere on Hallmark.

If you have missed the premiere then you will be able to watch it on Hallmark Channel on the following dates:

  • Dec 17 at 10/9c
  • Dec 21 at 6/5c
  • Dec 23 at 12/11c
  • Dec 27 at 8a/7c
  • Dec 31 at 8/7c

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