Where was The Secret Gifts of Christmas filmed? See Locations

The Secret Gifts of Christmas is the latest Hallmark holiday movie that takes us through some beautiful winter town with its filming locations.

Now, you might be wondering that the production took place within the studios, Right?

Well, guess what? The cozy scenes weren’t just dreamed up in a studio!

They were filmed in a real place, filled with Christmas magic and Canadian charm.

Let’s uncover those wonderful shooting locations and will also give you a behind-the-scenes peek that you are craving!

The Secret Gifts of Christmas Filming Locations

The Hallmark original movie “The Secret Gifts of Christmas” was filmed in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Principal shooting began on September 18 and wrapped on October 9, as per Actra Maritimes.

The Secret Gift of Christmas filming locations in Nova Scotia
Courtsey of Hallmark

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Most of the scenes were shot in Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia.

Furlani, who stars as Marco in the film, shared a few bts photos from the filming days on his Instagram.

Remember the bustling Christmas market where our heroine, Bonnie, helps a dad find the perfect gifts for his daughter?

That was filmed right in the heart of Halifax, where the streets come alive with decorations and carolers spread holiday cheer.

The Secret Gift of Christmas movie Christmas market location
Courtsey of Hallmark

The cast members were also spotted filming in front of Pacifico (The old Merrill’s) on George and Granville streets in downtown Halifax, the local media reported on X.

Furlani also shared a picture on Instagram to name his role during the shoot in October 2023.

The crew used real locals as extras, adding a touch of authenticity to the scenes.

Maybe you even spotted a familiar face!

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

Some scenes were also shot in the beautiful little town of Lunenberg.

This adorable seaside village, full of colorful houses and charming shops, played a starring role in the movie.

Lunenberg was a filming location in The Secret Gifts of Christmas Filming Locations
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Keep your eyes peeled for the Bluenose II, a famous tall ship you might spot in the film!

Christmas Island is another Hallmark film, that was also shot in Nova Scotia this year, that film even featured a real airport.

Behind The Scenes

The crew and actors worked for almost three weeks.

It must have been fun to film a Christmas movie in September in those beautiful Maritime settings!

Director Wolf posted some heartwarming pics with other cast and crew members after completing the shooting.

The director has recently shared an overview of the shooting of through a reel on Instagram.

Jenn Grant is a musician, who got a small role of a singer in the film. She wrote, “I was so excited to have a small but mighty role as Fiona Applebe in Hallamark’s Christmas movie.”

Who’s in the cast of The Secret Gifts of Christmas?

The main cast of The Secret Gifts of Christmas includes:

  • Meghan Ory as Bonnie Parker
  • Aria Publicover as Samantha Parker
  • Christopher Russell as Patrick Armstrong
  • Henry Keefe as Bernard
  • Guido Furlani as Marco
  • Jenn Grant as Fiona


The holiday romance movie follows a personal shopper Bonnie, who helps a dad and his daughter in rediscovering the holiday spirit.

Where to watch The Secret Gifts of Christmas?

The Secret Gifts of Christmas premieres on Hallmark Channel on Dec 15, 2023 inside the United States, and on W Network inside Canada.

You can also stream it on Peacock upto 72 hours of its original premiere on Hallmark.

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