Where was Magic in Mistletoe filmed? See all Locations, Hallmark Cast, and Where to watch?

Magic in Mistletoe is a 2023 Hallmark holiday romance movie directed by Paula Elle from a script of Skyy Blair. The movie takes us through the charming streets of a small American town, but the actually filming was done at the sweet spot of Hallmark directors.

Starring Lyndie Greenwood Paul Campbell as leads, the movie follows a popular book series author Harrington who’s feeling exhausted after commercial success. As he returns to his hometown, he’s joined by April, a publicist for the same house, where he works.

The film is produced by Richard Greenhalgh under Basset Hound Distribution (Holiday Road and Haul Out The Holly Lit Up) and Timeless Pictures. Alexandre Coscas, Michael R Goldstein, Aidan Heatley, and Ben C Silverman are executive producers.

Where was Magic in Mistletoe filmed?

The Hallmark Channel movie Magic in Mistletoe was filmed in Burnaby near Vancouver district of British Columbia, Canada.

Magic in Mistletoe filming in Burnaby
Courtsey of Hallmark

Principal photography for the movie took place over the course of three weeks from September 26, 2023 to October 14, 2023. This fall filming timeline enabled capturing the essence of the holiday season.

Raugi Yu shared a short video of the shooting set on the first day of filming. His name title on dresssing room shows that the name of his character is Lance in the film.

Burnaby, British Columbia

Known as the City of Parks, Burnaby provided plenty of festive scenery from snow-capped mountains to cozy suburban neighborhoods that director Paul Campbell could transform into the ideal holiday village.

Heavy reported that Sustad’s writing partner Paul Campbell was filming Magic in Mistletoe in Oct 2023, which was due to premiere on Dec 8. They also noted that the shooting was taking place near Vancouver.

Dawn Chubai, who stars as a news reporter in the film also posted an on-set tour video during the shooting in Sep 2023.

The historical Burnaby Village Museum with its 1920s buildings was decorated with mistletoe and wreaths to depict the charming town center.

Other key Burnaby locations utilized during the movie’s production included tree-lined residential streets in North Burnaby’s Capitol Hill and South Burnaby’s Deer Lake neighborhoods.

These quaint houses decked out in twinkling holiday lights helped the production team to establish the feeling of community and holiday spirit to make a holiday connection.

Behind the Scenes

Paula Alle, the director of the movie shared some bts photos of her along with the other cast members on the filming set, after the shooting wrapped in Oct.

The first picture is of a clapperboard, which shows that the shooting of Magic in Mistletoe was ongoing on Oct 4, 2023 with Alle as the director and Anthony Metchie as cinematographer.

Alle goes on to share many sweet pictures of her with almost every cast member on the set.

Magic in Mistletoe Hallmark Cast

Paul Campbell as Harrington

Paul Campbell plays the role of Harrington, a famous author whose recent social media comments have ruffled some feathers.

Campbell is a well known face when it comes to Christmas movies like Three Wise Men and a Baby, Nine Kittens of Christmas, The Cases of Mystery Lane, and Christmas by Starlight.

He also starred in Battlestar Galactica, 88 Minutes, The Big Year, Almost Heroes, and Knight Rider, which gave him the most recognition.

Lyndie Greenwood as April

Lyndie Greenwood stars as the female lead April in the film. She’s a publicist who is tasked with helping Harrington repair his image and rediscover the spirit of the holidays.

Lyndie Greenwood as April in Magic in Mistletoe Movie cast
Courtsey of Hallmark

Greenwood is a Canadian actress known for her roles in shows like “Sleepy Hollow,” “The Expanse,” and “The CW’s Nikita”. She has also appeared in some Christmas movies like Girlfriendship, Holiday Heritage, and Every Time a Bell Rings.

Mila Jones as Bree

Mila Jones plays Bree, April’s young and enthusiastic assistant. The sweet child actress was born in Vancouver, Canada and she’s just 8-years-old at the time of filming. Even though, she’s small, her list of credits is really long.

She has appeared in The CW’s Supergirl, The Picture of Christmas, North To Home, Monster High: The Movie, Christmas at the Golden Dragon, Love in your Dooestep, Christmas at the Chalet, etc.

Debbie Podowski as Mallory

Debbie Podowski plays Mallory, the owner of the bookstore where Harrington signs his books. Podowski is a veteran actress with a long list of credits to her name, including roles in shows like “Virgin River,” “ER,” “The Irrational,” and “Supernatural.”

Other cast of Magic in Mistletoe includes:

  • Jacqueline Samuda as Lydia
  • Robyn Bradley as Lisa Moore
  • Raugi Yu as Lance
  • Kat Ruston as Susan McMillan
  • Dawn Chubai as News Reporter
  • Juliette Hawk as Young Fangirl
  • Thomas Darya as Reporter
  • Ian Ronningen as Uber Driver

Where to watch Magic in Mistletoe?

Magic in Mistletoe premieres on Dec 8 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel inside US and on W Network inside Canada. The movie will be available for streaming on Peacock (upto 72 hours of premiere on the Hallmark Channel) and on Stack TV inside Canada.

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