North to Home Hallmark Movie Cast, Preview, Synopsis

North to Home is a 2022 Hallmark family drama movie directed by Ali Liebert whose story is based upon the book The Christmas Sisters written by Sarah Morgan.

It follows Suzanne McBride and her three adopted daughters that plans to reunite in Alaska for a memorable birthday celebration but the girls seem to be struggling in their own lives. The New Year countdown Hallmark film released on Sunday, 9 Jan 2022 at 10:00 PM ET on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and is available for all Hallmark subscribers.

Cast of North to Home Hallmark Movie

Kimberley Sustad, Lydnsy Fonseca and Erica Durance are in the main cast as the adopted daughters of Mrs. Suzanne whose role played by Barbara Niven while the rest of the cast is listed below:

North To Home cast Hallmark
Kimberley Sustad hugging Barbara Niven in North to Home Hallmark movie Preview
  • Barabara Niven as Suzanne McBride
  • Maria Meadows as Young Suzanne
  • Mia Jones as Ruby
  • Kimberley Sustad as Beth
  • Isla Sunar as Young Beth
  • Lyndsy Fonseca as Posy
  • Saige McMillan as Young Posy
  • Mila Jones as Ruby
  • Erica Durance as Hannah
  • Maesa Nicholson as Young Hannah
  • Lauren Jackson as Michelle
  • Matthew James Dowden as Adam
  • Chris Robson as Businessman
  • Monique Helbig as Businesswoman
  • Tom Stevens as Luke
  • Luvia Peterson as Corinna
  • Mac Dodge as Lou
  • Fred Keating as Stewart
  • Cliff Prang as Brett Palmer
  • Jay Hindle as Jerry


An official preview for the film has been released which shows that Suzanne is offering some advice to one of her adopted daughter that Forgiveness is a good start. Moreover, one of her daughter’s husband is asking from her wife that she lied to him. Probably, she will follow her mom’s advice and tell the truth to her husband.

North to Home Hallmark Movie Plot

The synopsis reads: Suzanne McBride is excited to spend her special day with all her family members that consists of of her 3 adopted daughters. Its a very long time since she has seen all her girls together.

In order to think that there will be fun and also the girls will enjoy each other’s company on getting back together, she invites all of them for the birthday celebration in Alaska.

North to Home Hallmark Movie cast and plot

However, the girls are having their own stories and different works to do like workaholic Hannah is holding a huge secret, Beth has got a job offer after a long time that she doesn’t want to miss and finally the youngest child Posy is feeling pressure from her parents to take over the restaurant responsibilities.

However, Posy wants to explore the nature and dreams to become a mountain climber. Moreover, she falls in love with her neighbor. Love story is an essential element of Hallmark films as they seem incomplete without any romance.

In that way, the girls are wrestling with their own challenges that are holding them back to get together for the celebration. It seems that McBride sisters are not ready for the party, will Suzanne managed to convince her daughters? Will she able to persuade the trio or she has to celebrate her celebrate her bday alone this time too?

north to home is now streaming on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries along with other surprising films like The Wedding Veil, Where Your Heart Belongs, Sister Swap, etc.

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  1. I am looking forward to this movie. I hope its not the disappointment that Christmas for Keeps was. But I will watch Kimberley Sustad in anything. I really like her because it doesn’t feel like she is acting to me. Some of the actors on these movies are very pretty/handsome but not good when I watch them in their roles.

  2. I really like Kimberly Sustad, also. I read this book several years ago, so I already knew what was going to happen. It was called “The Sisters”, but I don’t know who the author is. I didn’t see anything in the credits about that. Did anyone else read the book?


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