The Wedding Veil Filming Locations, Hallmark Movie Cast, Preview, Plot Synopsis

The Wedding Veil is an upcoming Hallmark romantic film directed by Terry Ingram, produced by Charles Cooper, and written by Sandra Berg along with Judith Berg. It stars Lacey Chabert (from Mean Girls, Christmas at Castle Heart), Kevin McGarry(When Calls the Heart), Autumn Reeser(Sully) and Alison Sweeney(Days of our lives) in the lead roles. The movie will be released as a part of network’s annual New Year, New Movies event, Wedding Veil is set to premiere on Sat, 8 Jan 2022 at 8 PM EDT/PT only on Hallmark Channel and the official website of Hallmark.

Where was The Wedding Veil filmed?

Hallmark’s The Wedding Veil was filmed inside Victoria, Canada according to a report by Victoria News. The principal filming began in the last week of April 2021 and wrapped up within May 2021 covering almost 3 weeks. Lacey Chabert shared the photos during filming stating that she enjoyed filming at the place with Kevin McGarry and other crew members.

Victoria is the main shooting location for various Hallmark films like Deck The Halls 2 location, Nine Lives of Holidays, You Me and the Christmas Trees, etc. Unlike Tis the Season To Be Merry that shot inside Winnipeg.

The Wedding Veil Hallmark Movie Cast

  • Avery(Lacey Chabert)
  • Tracy (Alison Sweeney)
  • Emma (Autumn Reeser)
  • Peter (Kevin McGarry)
  • Lucy (Fiona Vroom)
  • Frederick (Greg Rogers)
  • Jason (Zachary Gulka)
  • Grace (Karen Kruper)
  • Hilda (Christine Willes)
  • Drew (Kwesi Ameyaw)
  • Jeff (David Kaye)
  • Nina (Emily Maddison)
  • Young Girl (Aiyanna Miorin)
  • Sonya (Catherine Lough Haggquist)
  • Ryan (Thomas Darya)
  • Board Member #1 (Linda Minard)
  • Concierge – San Francisco (Amira Anderson)
  • Minister (Natalie Von Rotsburg)
  • Work Man (Stephen Adekolu)

The Wedding Veil Synopsis

Three bar-flung college friends namely Emma, Tracey and Avery reunites in different cities for antiquing. During their visit to San Francisco, the trio notice a unique antique lace wedding veil with a legend and heard a popular saying attached that says whoever possess the veil will definitely find his/her true love. Filled with eagerness and anxiety, the friends purchased the veil right after looking and pass it along each other to test the veil out of curiosity.

The Wedding Veil Hallmark movie synopsis
Avery purchasing the veil with legend to find her true love

As expected, the veil shows the magic and first possession goes to Avery. She met a handsome stranger named Peter at the local museum and spend her day together with him. Peter turns out to be a well-known philanthropic personality and the newest board member of her working place. How will the romance grew between Peter and her and what will happen with the rest of friends Emma and Tracy? Will they able to find their true love or they will just lose the hope in the veil?

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