Where was Sense and Sensibility filmed? See All UK Locations

The 2024 Hallmark mahogany film “Sense and Sensibility” transports us back to 19th century England through its elegant filming locations across Bulgaria and Ireland.

Under director Roge Bobb and screenwriter Tim Huddleston, the production team sought out sites that captured the essence of Jane Austen’s story.

Sense and Sensibility Filming Locations

Sense and Sensibility was filmed in Ireland and Bulgaria around November 2023. Principal shooting began on November 17, 2023 and wrapped after 35 days on December 19 in the same year. Let’s dive into these filming sites and explore their rich history now:

Sofia, Bulgaria

Production team spend 20 days in Bulgaria for the shooting of interior scenes. Most of the shooting was done within Sofia, the capital city of this Balkan nation.

Sense and Sensibility filming in Bulgaria
Courtsey of Hallmark Channel

You can also explore Sofia’s captivating landmarks like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a majestic example of Byzantine Revival architecture, or take a stroll down charming streets like Vitoša Boulevard, lined with shops and cafes.

Varna, Bulgaria

Locations in Varna were likely used to portray interior estate scenes as Vanessa has shared a group photo with other cast members that matches with the filming timeline.

Varna is full of amazing places like, Aladzha Monastery, Sea Garden, Butterfly House, Dormition of the Mother of God, Roman Thermae, Dolphinarium, Port Varna, Cape Galata, Asparuhov Park, etc. that are open for tourists.

Blessington, Ireland

The lush landscapes of Blessington provided stunning backdrops for many exterior scenes. As per reports, the team spent 15 days in Ireland to film for the exteriors.

Notably, the Dashwood sisters’ grand mansion at the beginning of the film is actually Russborough House, a magnificent 18th-century Palladian villa located near the Blessington Lakes.

Sense and Sensibility movie filming inside Russborough House
Courtsey of Hallmark Channel

Blessington is full of beautiful tourist places like Russborough House & Park, Tufarris Golf Club, Hunting Brook Gardens, Glendalough Cathedral, Threecastles Castle, etc. that you can easily visit.

Other mahogany Hallmark movies that were filmed in the British settings include Christmas with a Kiss, Spring Breakthrough, The Holiday Stocking, Mea Culpa, and Unthinkably Good Things.

Behind The Scenes

Ireland offered the production scenic natural backdrops reminiscent of rural England during Jane Austen’s era. The region is popular for filming pastoral European countryside scenes.

  • 68 custom period-accurate Regency era costumes were created for the production in just 20 days by costume designer Kara Saun and a team of tailors from Bulgaria and Ukraine
  • Far more costumes than the 25 originally allotted were created, showing the team went above and beyond
  • Each character had their own unique color palette that aligned with their personality and served to make the actress’s beauty shine
  • Vibrant, rich colors were chosen to match the vision of warmth and lushness held by Hallmark Mahogany
  • Historical consultant Vanessa Riley made sure all costumes were authentic to the era and taught interesting details like when certain colors were invented
  • Love for the material and attention to detail shines through from the team in creating the perfect Regency look for each character

Consulting producer Vanessa Riley shared behind-the-scenes photos appreciating lead actress Bethany Antonia.

Riley highlighted Antonia embracing the role of Marianne Dashwood, the “GOAT” of filming Sense and Sensibility.

Sense and Sensibility Cast

The cast of Sense and Sensibility includes:

  • Deborah Ayorinde as Elinor
  • Beth Angus as Meg
  • Dan Jeannotte as Edward
  • Anna Crichlow as Anne
  • Akil Largie as Colonel Brandon
  • Victor Hugo as Willoughby
  • Victoria Ekanoye as Lucy
  • Gary Pillai as Doctor
  • Carlyss Peer as Fanny
  • Bethany Antonia as Marianne
  • Martina Laird as Mrs. Jennings
  • Dimitri Gripari as Robert
  • Julian Firth as Henry Dashwood
  • Susan Lawson-Reynolds as Mary
  • Daniel Costello as Thomas
  • Daniel Boyd as John Dashwood
  • Karlina Grace-Paseda as Mrs. Ferrars
  • Edward Bennett as Sir John Middleton

Where to watch Sense and Sensibility?

The movie is currently not available on Hallmark Movies Now, but you can watch it on Hallmark Channel on the following dates:

  • March 9 at 2/1c
  • March 25 at 12/11c
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