Where is Spring Breakthrough filmed? See Hallmark Locations

Hallmark is bringing a new original mahogany presentation in the form of Spring Breakthrough on 30 April 2023.

Previously, Holiday Stocking and now this, the brand is expanding into films that will be told through the lens of black women.

Directed by Mykelti Williamson from the screenplay of Samantha Herman, the sweet romance film that follows a single mom named Monica who is having a hard life after losing her 20 year old job.

She travels to the gulf shores to see her daughter Vivian and also discovers a romantic stranger to relieve herself. Let’s see those beautiful shooting locations where this romance was shot!

Where was Spring Breakthrough filmed?

The Hallmark movie “Spring Breakthrough” was shot on location in and around Fairhope, Alabama, with the picturesque Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa in Point Clear serving as the primary filming location.

Sources suggested that the shooting began in the third week of February 2023 and wrapped in the middle of March 2023 around the historic Alabama resort and other gulf locations.

The filming of Spring Breakthrough movie took place at various locations on the Grand Hotel property, including the salon, golf course, beach, and cabanas by the pool.

Jason Bazmore shared a photo on set while the filming was ongoing at Lakewood Golf Club on 24 Feb 2023.

According to Sharpe, one of her favorite scenes was filmed outside of Bucky’s Lounge, which is likely to be a popular spot for Hallmark movie fans. The lounge is located about 4 miles away from the main filming location.

Spring Breakthrough filming locations
Courtsey of Hallmark

The movie’s heartwarming storyline and picturesque filming locations are sure to delight fans of Hallmark movies and Southern charm alike.

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Behind the Scenes

The hotel’s director of sales and marketing, Kevin Hellmich, expressed his excitement about hosting the film crew, calling it a “fun group to have in house.”

Keesha Sharpe, who plays the lead role of Monica, a single mother facing significant life changes, shared her enthusiasm for the stunning location of Spring Breakthrough.

Keesha Sharpe discussing behind the scenes of Spring Breakthrough movie
Courtsey of Hallmark

She particularly enjoyed filming by the water, soaking up the gorgeous scenery and the warm Southern weather. Moreover, she loved the hospitality in area.

Sharpe also took the time to explore Fairhope, discovering its charming family-run businesses like The Hope Farm restaurant, which she visited three times.

She appreciated the sense of community in the town, which is not something that one often finds in big cities. Aside from the beautiful location, the movie offers a unique twist on the classic love story.

Cast of Spring Breakthrough

The movie stars Keesha Sharp in the lead role of a single mother who is dealing with two major life changes at the same time. She is the driving character for this new Hallmark movie.

Garfield Wilson is starring as Nathan, a handsome stranger who Monica meets during her forced trip to the gulf coast and develops an antique relationship with him. It appears to be a tourists guide to love for her.

Other cast members include Lilah Fitzgerald as Vivian, Monica’s college-aged daughter who is engaged to be married, and Sergio Di Zio as Jack, Vivian’s fiancé.

The movie also features some well-known Hallmark actors such as Lara Amersey, who has appeared in several Hallmark productions, and Tom Stevens, who has appeared in Chesapeake Shores and A Godwink Christmas.

What is the plot of Spring Breakthough?

Monica’s life is turned upside down when she loses her job of twenty years and finds out her daughter is engaged, forcing her to face the reality of her daughter growing up and leaving the nest.

As she navigates these changes, she meets a handsome stranger, and sparks fly. Through it all, Monica learns to embrace her new opportunities and experiences personal growth.

Spring Breakthrough premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on April 30, 2023.

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