Was A Tourists guide to Love filmed in Vietnam? See all wonderful locations

It looks like Netflix has given itinerant tourists a chance to choose their next destination this year with the release of its latest rom-com film A Tourist Guide to Love.

While we were figuring out the shooting locations of this new romance, vacationers were already there saying the filming location is Vietnam!!!!!! So, the question arises, was A Tourists guide to Love filmed in Vietnam?

And the answer is, Yes, they were right. The whole shooting took place in the Southeast Asian country famous for its stunning scenery, ethnic minority tribes, and numerous pagodas and temples.

About A Tourists guide to Love

A Tourists guide to Love is a 2023 rom com film directed by American filmmaker Steven K Tsuchida from the screenplay of Eirene Tran Donohue for Netflix.

Was A Tourists guide to love filmed in Vietnam

With Rachael Leigh Cook starring in the lead role, the movie follows a travel industry professional who is asked to go on a undercover mission to gain insight into the tourism sector of Vietnam after her five year long relationship ends unexpectedly.

Leigh Cook is not only starring the main role but she’s also the co-producer of the film with Joel S Rice who was in-charge of production.

The movie has been produced by Muse Entertainment and Head First Ben’s Sister Production company. It has been released worldwide on Netflix like Florida Man.

Where was A Tourists guide to Love filmed?

Netflix’s A Tourists guide to Love movie was filmed in various locations in Vietnam including the capital city of Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Da Nang, Ha Giang, and Hanoi.

Principal filming commenced in April 2022, according to the national newspaper. The report says the A Tourists guide to Love movie will be filmed in five iconic destinations of Việt Nam and the beauty of its panoramic locales will be shown to the global audiences.

A Tourist's guide to love filming locations featuring Rachael Cook as Amanda on airport
Image via Netflix

The English language daily print newspaper reported in March 2022 that the filming was about to begin in HCM city with Truc Tran and Lê Thiện joining the cast.

More cast members including Emmy nominee Ben Feldman and Missi Pyle were announced to cast in May 2022.

Ho Chi Minh City

This is not only the capital and largest city of Vietnam but also the starting point of Amanda’s journey in the film.

She first visits the lively Ben Thanh Market and browse through a variety of goods that includes fresh produce, handcrafted items, and garments.

A Tourist's Guide to Love was filmed in Vietnam
Courtsey of Netflix

Da Nang

Da Nang is a coastal city located in the central Vietnam and is known for its colonial port, according to Wikipedia.

The coastal city was chosen for its sandy beaches and My Son Sanctuary, that has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hoi An

The ancient town where Amanda and her group is seen visiting Quon Cong Temple is located on the central coast of Vietnam.

A Tourists Guide to Love movie featuring Amanda and Sin Thachh
Image via Netflix

It would not be wrong to say that most of A Tourists guide to Love movie scenes were done at this place as crew members transformed four different locations within Hội An city.

One scene includes a tailor shop at a Yaly Couture shop, the vintage courtyard was turned into a showcase area to capture the marvelous beauty of the city.

A scene was done at lantern-lit street where Amanda and Sinh are seen walking together while another scene of the water lantern festival was done on the bank of the Thu Bon River.

Hà Giang

Another visit worthy place of northeastern Vietnam that highlights the country’s cultural ethnic heritage and shows a connection of the architecture with their ancestral roots.

The place is golden duck for those tourists who search for nostalgiac tourism as it has rustic countryside beauty and other old stuff that only an archaelogical mind can understand.


Finally, we have Hanoi where A Tourists guide to Love film final scenes took place.

The iconic roundabout located in front of Hanoi Opera House was modified into a wondeful place by the production team, the original design was inspired by Classic Greek and French architecture.

A Tourist Guide to Love puppet show scene
Image: Netflix

You might have seen a water puppet show in the movie and wondering where was it shot?

That puppet show was done at Thang Long National Water Puppet Theatre, a renowned cultural attraction in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tirant Hotel has been also featured in the movie as an iconic hotel.

The property is located on Gia Ngu street in the Old Quarter and is operating since 2011, according to their official website.

Behind the scenes

Rachael Cook shared while talking to Netflix that she has a passion for romantic comedies and she was drawn to the character’s story because of her experience with breakups in real life, that’s why Amanda is so relatable.

A Tourists Guide to Love filming locations featuring Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda
Courtsey of Netflix

Screenwriter Donohue shared that she wrote scripts based on her own dramatic breakup that happened on the eve trip to the same country. She chose to set the scripts in Vietnam as this place lies close to her heart. Morever, this is the first US film to be entirely shot on the socialist republic of Vietnam.

Eirene wanted to change the perespective of Vietnam and highlight it as a modern day country with full of joy, love, and celebration. The locals were supportive and keen as well to see their country’s beauty showcasing on a huge network like Netflix.

This was indeed A Tourists guide to Love!!!

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