Where was Netflix’s Florida Man filmed? See all Locations with Cast

Florida Man is the latest American crime comedy series created and written by Donald Todd for Netflix. The series follows Mike Valentine, an ex-cop who returns to his hometown in Florida and is struggling to find a runaway girlfriend of a Philly mobster.

Edgar Ramirez, the Venezuelan actor is starring in the main role of the struggling cop while Lex Scott Davis is starring as his ex-wife Iris and a detective in the series who helps Mike in solving the case of finding the girlfriend.

The crime TV miniseries is executive produced by Donald Todd, Jason Bateman, Michael Costigan, and Miguel Arteta under Todd’s owned productions and Bateman’s Aggregate Films for Netflix.

Where was Florida Man filmed?

The limited television series Florida Man was filmed in and around various parts of Wilmington, North Carolina. Even though, the show sets in a developed town of Florida, only a small portion was done in the setting whereas most of the filming was done in NC.

According to official IMDb page of the series, the filming began on 10 August 2021 and wrapped on 16 November 2021. However, some other reports suggested that the filming went through December 2021 around the south eastern US State of North Carolina.

See Netflix’s Florida Man Filming Locations

Wilmington, North Carolina

The place was chosen for filming because it has a similar coastal landscapes to Florida and there are plenty of sources available for smooth production.

Port City Marina, downtown area, the Battleship North Carolina, and the Cape Fear Riverwalk are some famous places that viewers can recognize while watching the show.

Florida Man filming locations showing Edgar Ramirez as Mike Valentine talking on a phone
Courtsey of Netflix

You will also find some scenes on the beaches, that were done at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach located in New Hanover Country. Kure Beach is just 15 miles south of Wilmington and is a part of its Metropolitan statistical area.

Some of the shooting was also done in Dark Horse Studios located at 301 Harley Road, Wilmington while others were filmed at some specific businesses of the city like the Manna restaurant was transformed into a coffee shop, Blue Post Billiars for bar scenes.

The Copper Penny at 109 Chestnut Street, Stevens Ace Hardware at 6756 Market Street, All Ways Graphics at 120 Racine Drive #3, UniFirst Uniform Services at 1821 Dawson Street, and Hell’s Kitchen at 118 Princess Street were also designed for filming purposes.


The Coronado Beach shown in the series a real beach of Florida located in the south of Jacksonville and north of west Palm Beach.

Florida Man series featuring Edgar Ramirez as Mike Valentine and Abbey Lee as Delly West
Courtsey of Netflix

Since the place was eight hour away to the main shooting location, it was utilized to give an original FL touch to the series but only a handful of scenes were done there.

On reaching to Florida, the production team makes use of South Beach, Tampa Bay, downtown Miami, Brickell City Centre, and the Art Deco District of the southern US state popular with meme.

Florida Man Cast

Edgar Ramirez will be seen playing the role of the lead character Mike Valentine, Anthony LaPaglia as father of Mike or Sonny Valentine, Otmara Marrero as sister of Mike, Patsy, and Lex Scott Davis as Mike’s ex-wife and detective Iris.

Abbey Lee is starring as the mobster’s girlfriend (Perfect Addiction) Delly West who is looking for a way to escape from the claws of mobster Moss Yankov (played by Emory Cohen). Isaiah Johnson in another main role of Benny as a motel owner.

Other cast members of psychotronic series include:

  • Clark Gregg as Deputy Sheriff Ketcher
  • Andres Sing as jailer
  • Lauren Buglioli as Kaitlin Fox, a news anchor
  • Mark Jeffrey Miller as Buzz, Sonny Valentine’s associate
  • Paul Schneider as Officer Andy Boone
  • Sibongile Mlambo as Clara, Benny’s wife
  • Leonard Earl Howze as Ray-Ray, a former cop
  • Isabel Gameros as Tyler, Patsy and Deacon’s 14-year-old daughter

What is the story of Florida Man?

Florida Man moves around Mike, an ex-gambling addict working for a gangster named Moss as he has to pay off his debts. When Moss gifts her girlfriend a golden necklace, she runs away to Florida abandoning him while inviting Mike to join her.

Florida Man series Netflix show locations

Mike finds Delly dead and faked her death to escape from Moss’s hands. The duo of Mike and Delly learned that a truck full of gold is arriving in the state. So, they plan to retrieve the gold but things become twisted when Mike’s ex-wife arrive in Florida.

Will Mike been able to escape from his ex-wife with his boss’s girlfriend or he choose to takeway the gold?

The Florida Man series is now streaming on Netflix and if you like watching romance adventures then you will also love Beef series whose season 1 is currently available on Netflix with an awaited second season and Rain Dogs, available on BBC in UK and HBO in US.

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