Where was Rain Dogs filmed? See All UK Locations Now

Rain Dogs is an English black comedy series directed by Richard Laxton and Jennifer Perott for BBC One and HBO that premiered on March 6, 2023.

Created by British-Irish author Cash Carraway, the drama series follows the lives of two women who are trying to find their place in the world while navigating other people around them.

The combination of real-world locations and studio sets helped the filmmakers in creating a rich and immersive world for the series.

Are you ready to see those beautiful locations where all of the scenes were pictured? Let’s see each of them one by one.

Rain Dogs Filming Locations

Rain Dogs was filmed on 78 different locations in England, UK with most of the filming taking place in Bristol city.

Producer Ciara revealed that they spend only two days in London and rest of the shooting was done in Bristol and South West England. Principal filming began on 4 April at the Bottle Yard Studios and wrapped on 3 October 2022.

Daisy May Cooper as Costello Jones in Rain Dogs series
Courtsey of HBO MAX

Bristol, the most populous city of South West England was used as the primary shooting location of the comedy movie. In terms of area, it is way smaller than London and that’s why some viewers are laughing on the shooting locations picked up by the filmmakers.

Fans are also wondering why they chose densely populated city of South West England instead of big and famous London. Well, it’s because of their limited budget, Bristol was more affordable.

Even though, they saved some money in renting, they had to spend a lot of money on decorating the busy streets of city, Bedminster Bridge and Flats (where Costello’s flat is located), and the lesser used Bottle Yard Studios of Bristol.

Rain Dogs Filming Locations

Bristol, UK

Bristol city is located in South West England and uses the following locations for filming of Rain Dogs: Piccadily Circus, Bedminster Bridge and Prison, and Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios, as per the reports published by the local news provider.

Let’s begin with the settings of first episode.

Bottle Yard Studios

Located in Whitchurch Lane, the British film studio is the largest television studio in the west of England. With eight sound stages, the studio provides a wide area for filming and that’s budget friendly too, that’s why, the showrunners shoot most of the scenes within this studio.

Piccadily Circus, Bristol

Have you ever visited Piccadily Circus? If not, then this might be the right time. You will find the place where Gloria’s phone box is located,. Just go near the Eros Statue and you will be there.

Bedminster Bridge and Flats, Bristol

There is a scene within the first episode where Iris and Costello are evicted from the flat and are seen running through a building, that block of flats is located near the Bedminster Bridge over the River Avon.

Chinatown, London

This scene was shot in those two days in London, that we were talking earlier. You can see London’s real chinatown in the first episode where Selby makes his way to the gambling den after coming out from the prison.

Jack Farthing as Selby coming out of prison in Rain Dogs series
Courtsey of BBC: Selby going towards the gambling den

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery has been also used for the shooting of a scene in episode 7 where Costello discusses about her book with a woman.

The Hatchet Inn, Frogmore Street

The Hatchet Inn is 200 years old building that has undergone restoration several times but if you watch closely, you will fall in love with its simplicity. You can also see the filming locations of Open Range movie to see how small towns are transformed into a stunning location.

Moreover, the supportive public has also added charm to this historic site with their kind nature and warm hospitality. The Inn is located on the Frogmore street in Bristol and was used in the series production.

There is a small hairdresser shop located on Wick Road in East Bristol, that shop has also been featured in the Rain Dogs series.

North Somerset, South West England

North Somerset provided the production team with stunning natural landscapes along with the countryside environment like Ride series of Hallmark.

Filming took place near Old Sodbury and Horton Common in North Somerset. The scene where Gloria, Costello, and Iris drive the hearse was filmed there.

Rain Dogs series filming locations
Courtsey of HBO MAX

Moreover, the bookshop in the film is actually a real flower shop named Trug Flowers located in Wrington village of Somerset.

According to the florist, the shop was modified into a bookshop temporarily during the May 2022.

The place is known for its historical architecture that includes medieval churches, Victorian-era buildings, and Georgian mansions that provided a period setting for the series production like The Regime.

That’s why, the historical HMP Shepton Mallet or Cornhill was was used to shoot the prison scenes.

Another good part about North Somerset is that the city is easily accessible from big cities like London & Bristol because of good transport links that makes it convenient for crews to reach the location.

Behind the Scenes

The Bristol based filmmaker Ciara McIlvenny said, “Making Rain Dogs in Bristol has been a great experience.”

She also praised the locals for being supportive by saying, “it’s an incredibly friendly city, it felt like everyone really wanted us to be here”. Moreover, they are planning to make more shows such shows there.

The cast members also shared their unique experiences while posting their photos on Instagram. Overall, it was a great experience where everyone from enjoyed being part of the filming.

Where can I watch Rain dogs?

Rain Dogs is exclusively streaming for HBO MAX subscribers inside the United States. New episodes are airing on Mondays ever week at 10:00 PM ET only on HBO inside USA.

In the UK, Rain Dogs is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer, NOW, and SKY Go.

How much does HBO MAX costs?

HBO MAX costs $15.99 per month for an ad-free plan but if you love watching ads then the minimum plan is starting at $9.99 month.

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