Where is Ride filmed? See Hallmark series Locations, Full Cast

Ride is the newest Primetime series of Hallmark Channel directed by Paolo Barzman from the original scripts written by wife & husband team Rebecca Boss & Chris Masi for Endeavor Content.

Based on a rodeo dynasty, the series follows the lives of the McMurrays as they struggle to keep their beloved ranch just the way it is. Missy (Tiera Skovbye) is a former rodeo queen who is looking for her place in the family while Isabel (Nancy Travis) is a matriarch who is fighting for her family.

The series is produced by Endeavor, Blink49 Studios & Seven24 Films in partnership with Bell Media for CTV Drama channel that is handling the distribution of the series in Canada. Endeavor Content is incharge of the international distribution for the series.

When and Where is Ride filmed?

The Hallmark series Ride sets in Colorado, but was filmed in Alberta, Canada like many other Hallmark movies. The McMurray ranch scenes were shot at a real working ranch called The Bar-N Ranch & Cattle Company in Turner Valley, south of Calgary. Rodeo scenes were filmed at the High River Ag Grounds and the Calgary Stampede.

Locals reported that the shooting began on 4 August 2022 and wrapped on 23 November 2022 covering almost four months. DGC Alberta shared on Twitter that the series was proudly filmed in Alberta, Canada with Alberta cast & crew.

Production team utilized several locations around Calgary city including downtown core, historic inglewood, and the surrounding countryside. The crew stepped on Calgary Stampede and Cochrane Rodeo grounds to film most of the rodeo scenes in the series.

Ride Series Filming Locations

Cochrane, Calgary

Cochrane is a small town in the Calgary metropolitan region and is located 18 Km west of the main Calgary city. The bull-riding competition shown in the final episode of the Hallmark original series was filmed there, the scene features bucking bulls pushing their riders outside the arena.

Where is Ride filmed
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The famous rodeo arena of Cochrane has been used for various rodeo events and competition over the years. Therefore, it has become a popular shooting location for western TV shows.

Rocky Mountain Film Studio, Calgary

The Rocky Mountain Film Studio is one of the finest studio of Canada located at 7016 81 Street in Calgary that is known for its sound stages & top facilities that leads to high quality TV productions.

Most of the interior scenes involving horse stables and ranch surrounding were filmed within the studios. The real ranches were used for shooting but the landscapes surrounding the ranch were artificially developed by the editors and crew members within the studio.

The latest equipment, the sound stages, and technology provided at Mountain Film Studio helped the team in capturing the beautiful interiors of the ranch town.

High River, Alberta

Some scenes of the Hallmark series were filmed in High River, a town located 60 Km south of Calgary and is famous its western charm and picturesque landscapes. Due to its western environment, the crew members setup a camp around Eamon’s Garage and Bow River.

Ride series filming locations in Canada
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The Bar U Ranch National Historic Site is a preserved ranch in Longview, that is located a few kilometers away in the west of High River. The national site showcases the history of ranching in the Western Canada and that’s why the ranch was used in the filming of the series.

Who’s in the cast of Ride series?

  • Nancy Travis as Isabel McMurray
  • Tiera Skovbye as Missy McMurray
  • Tyler Jacob Moore as Gus Booker
  • Jake Foy as Tuff McMurray
  • Marcus Rosner as Austin McMurray
  • Beau Mirchoff as Cash McMurray
  • Sara Garcia as Valeria Galindo
  • Greg Lawson as Hank Hickson
  • Dylan Neal as Daniel Booker
  • Isla Spencer as Sophie
  • Vasilios Filippakis as Julian Katsaros
  • James Gallanders as Kenny Bucknam
  • Stuart Bentley as Hugo
  • Daniel Yip as Audience Member
  • Hugo Raymundo as Police Officer

About Ride

The series moves around McMurray family that is ruling over a great Colorado ranch from generations but due to an unexpected incident, the family is now struggling to keep their interpersonal relationships intact.

Ride series cast on Hallmark

Every person of the rodeo dynasty getts shaken including the matriarch of the family Isabel who is formulating a plan to keep all of her family members together.

When the whole town seems to be flown away into the waves of overwhelming emotions, Isabel is not the one who can give up so easily. She gets up and stand strong against all challenges with the three strongest women of her family including widowed rodeo queen Missy, former teen run-away Valeria, and herself.

Ride series is now streaming on Hallmark Channel for the viewers inside the United States.

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