Where was The Night Agent filmed? See all Shooting Locations, Cast, Review

Netflix has surprised its subscribers with their brand new political drama series The Night Agent and proved once again that they are the boss when it comes to politically influenced thriller shows.

It was one such type of conspiracy thriller series that we all have been waiting from a very long time.

That’s why viewers are obsessed with Peter Sutherland and after finishing the first season, they have started a hunt for a potential second season of Night Agent on the internet.

That is another thing, we have covered that possibility in detail but in today’s article, we are going to cover all the shooting locations of your favorite conspiracy thriller series.

The Night Agent Netflix Filming Locations

Netflix hasn’t revealed official filming locations but several sources have confirmed that the series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

IMDb page of the show also mentioned Washington DC and Los Angeles as the filming location but we can’t confirm which scenes were shot there.

The page also mentions that the principal shooting began on 14 Feb 2022 and wrapped on 25 June 2022.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Production team of “The Night Agent” utilized various locations in Vancouver to film the series, including downtown Vancouver, the University of British Columbia, Stanley Park, and the city’s surrounding areas as New Westminster city & Georgia Viaduct.

The Night Agent filming locations in Canada
Credit: Courtsey of Netflix

Burrard Street Bridge, the Convention Centre, and Pacific Centre Mall were the main locations used for the filming in downtown area of Vancouver. The location is quite popular among filmmakers and recently Hallmark’s A Picture of Her movie was filmed there.

Stanley Park was used to film the scenes involving the forest while the university campus scenes were done inside the University of British Columbia. You will notice the UBC’s campus while watching the series.

There is a scene where Peter is chased by a group of assassins through a campus, that area belongs to UBC. Peter’s office, cafeteria, and the library shown is also located at the same place.

Was final season of the series filmed in Camp David?

Some fans are wondering if the series finale was shot in Camp David. We can confirm that the shooting wasn’t done in real army camp. An artificial camp was created by the crew members within the mentioned filming locations.

The Night Agent Cast

Gabriel Basso is starring in the lead role of Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent working at White House who caught up in a conspiracy about a mole who is aware of every single detail inside the President House.

The Night Agent cast and characters
Courtsey of Netflix

Lucianne Buchanan is playing the the role of another lead Rose Larkin, the terrorized ex-CEO whose aunt and uncle were murdererd by traitors of the FBI.

Eve Harlow (Ellen) and Phoenix Raei (as Dale) are the crime partners who pulled the gun trigger that lead to death of Rose’s aunt and uncle.

Sarah Desjardins can be recognized as Vice President’s daughter Maddie Redfield while Fola Evans-Akingbola is starring as the personal security guard of Maddie. She is an ambitious US secret agent who is now serving for VP’s daughter.

DB Woodside is a veteran US secret service agent Erik Monks and another special agent assigned for the protection of Maddie. Hong Chau is playing a really important role as the White House’s chief of staff Diane Farr in the Night Agent series.

Other cast members include:

  • Christopher Shyer as Vice President Redfield
  • Andre Anthony as Matteo
  • Philip Prajoux as David Cullen
  • Jessie Liang as Valerie
  • Toby Levins as Briggs
  • Andres Collantes as Jeff Richards
  • Ben Cotton as Wick
  • Kari Matchett as President Travers

The Night Agent Review

One word for the series, Solid. The action visuals have been perfectly captured by the cinematographers, Basso and Buchanan have given the performance that we were expecting.

The Night Agent Netflix review

We can’t say anything perfect until watching so watched the whole series thrice and come to conclusion that the series is good. Even though, we find some bad accents but that’s not really an issue when it comes to action shows.

Overall, it’s a good series to watch if you love political conspiracy shows.

The Night Agent is now streaming on Netflix in all countries.

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