A Picture of Her: Discover the Stunning Filming Locations and Meet the Cast!

A Picture of Her is the newest romance comedy movie of the Hallmark Channel directed by Michael Robison and written by Donald Davenport.

The movie follows the heartwarming story of a girl named Beth who gets photographed without her knowledge and become an overnight star in LA.

After getting featured on a popular magazine cover, she gets all the fame that she always wished but our girl is so humble that she wants to lookout for the photographer who mysteriously took her viral picture.

The movie will make you feel good and will give you a sweet experience as the two main cast members Rhiannon Fish and Warren Christie are having a chemistry together.

Moreover, the stunning filming locations will take away your heart. Let’s see each of them.

Where was ‘A Picture of Her’ filmed?

A Picture of Her was primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with some interior scenes filmed at Los Angeles, California. According to sources, the whole filming was done within Feb 2023.

The production team used some beautiful outdoor locations to capture the natural beauty of Canada. These locations include parks, gardens, and waterfront areas, which are common features in many Hallmark movies like Autumn in the City, Mid-Love Crisis, etc.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Stanley Park is a 1000-acre park in Vancouver that features forests, beaches, and a seawall; and Granville Island, a popular tourist destination that features a public market, artisan studios, and waterfront views.

A Picture of Her Hallmark movie showing Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish on the filming location
Credit: Hallmark Channel

Other filming locations for A Picture of Her include the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, which offers stunning views of the Capilano River. Horseshoe Bay is a picturesque village in West Vancouver that is known for its marina and waterfront restaurants, it was also used in the filming of A Picture of her movie.

Additionally, we have Instagram posts shared by the Australian actress Rhiannon that reveals that the shooting was going on in Feb 2023. She posted a behind the scenes photo with co-star Tyler with the caption “Shooting spring in winter. Cute.”

Tyler Hynes shared a short clip that highlights one of the scenes of the movie. The clapperboard shows that the shooting was done under the working title The Girl in the Picture and the director is Michael Robison.

Los Angeles, California

Even though, the primarily filming location for “A Picture of Her ” was Canada, some of the interior scenes were filmed inside a studios in LA. The cast & crew were spotted around the Griffith Observatory during the shoot.

If you are an avid series lover, you might know about Daisy Jones & the Six, the miniseries was fillmed at the same place and the Griffith observatory has been featured in it.

Meet the Cast

Tyler Hynes who is starring as Jake in the Hallmark movie shared with US Weekly how he discovered magic on the set during the filming.

He exclusively told the reporter that the film would have been different if Rhiannon wasn’t there, she’s a talented human being and as lovely as you think.

A Picture of Her was filmed in Canada
Credit: Hallmark Channel

Rhiannon Fish (as Beth) had some kissing scenes with her co-star Hynes that helped her in feeling comfortable during the intimate scenes, the actress revealed to Justjared.

The article also confirms that both the actors had a good chemistry on and off screen.

Other cast members of A Picture of Her Hallmark movie includes:

  • Robert Wisden as Captain Mark
  • Alison Araya as Candace
  • Gavin Langelo as Richie Rosebrook
  • Seth Whittaker as Jaypeg
  • Mark James as Cool Rocker
  • Madonna Gonzalez as Make-up Artist
  • Aadila Dosani as Janice
  • Felicia Chiappetta as Date Woman
  • Daniel Bacon as Vern
  • Haley Victoria Hunt asl Devon
  • Samantha Ferris as Aunt Dody
  • Gabriel Prevost-Takahashi as Manager
  • Tebo Nzeku as Amanda
  • Dominique Termansen as Freddy
  • April Telek as Claire (as April Amber Telek)
  • Jason Furukawa as Hiro

What is the plot of Picture of Her?

The movie follows the story of a young woman named Beth who works on her father’s salmon boat and living a fishing village in the Pacific Northwest. Everything seems perfect unti her aunt breaks her leg, the kind woman offers to visit her in LA.

A Picture of Her movie is now streaming on the Hallmark Channel

There, a freelance photojournalist Jake Driver, who goes by the name “Shutterbot,” accidentally takes a stunning candid photo of her at a farmers’ market, which ends up going viral and earning a spot on the cover of a weekly newspaper.

Jake and Beth meet at a dog park, and a friendship rapidly blossoms between them. However, when Beth discovers that Jake is the mystery photographer who took the viral photo, she becomes angry and hurt and turns her back on her newfound fame.

She heads back to the safety and obscurity of her father’s boat, and Jake is unsure how to contact her. However, Beth’s Aunt Dody cooks up a scheme to reunite them in the charming fishing village, realizing that both Beth and Jake are in love.

A Picture of Her is now streaming on Hallmark channel.

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