Where was Finding Love in Mountain View filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

Finding Love in Mountain View is an emotional heartwarming movie directed by Sandra L. Martin. The film is not like any traditional Hallmark romance and follows a sweet story of successful architect Margaret who is living peacefully and enjoying her life. But her life takes a turn when her cousin passes away leaving behind the custody of her kids to her. Now, she becomes so depressed on seeing that everything is going against her but also finds herself into a sudden romance that she can’t even imagined. Her life goes on with lots of surprises and self discoveries. Now, let’s find out where was the Hallmark’s Finding Love in Mountain view filmed?

Finding Love in Mountain View Filming Locations

Hallmark’s Finding Love in Mountain View was filmed in the location of Mountain View, Arkansas. The place is known for natural beauty, vibrant culture and pleasant surroundings. Also, the Hallmark film is proven to be successful in capturing the true beauty of Ozark mountains, Mountain view in Stone country. The charming valley is surrounded by Blue mountain range of the Ozark Mountains is known as hotbed of live folk music.

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Danielle C. Ryan is casting as Margaret in the Hallmark movie. She is the main character of the story whose life gets disturbed after her cousin passes away. Her credits include in Criminal Minds(Portia Richards), Little House on the Prairie(Mary Ingalls), etc.

Finding Love in Mountain View cast

Myko Oliver starring as Andrew, the man who steps into the life of Margaret when she is going through hard times. His credits include in Glee(Head Warbler), Five Points(Mr. Ryan), Castle(Pi), etc.

Other cast members of the Hallmark film are:

  • John-Paul Lavoisier as Nathan
  • Luke Loveless as Joel
  • Dean Denton as Ted
  • Skyler Elyse Philpot as Sammie
  • Victoria Fox as Susan
  • Marquita Goings as Tamara

The movie is currently streaming on the official website of Hallmark. You can watch it anytime from the same channel.

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