Where was Emmerdale Challenge filmed? iTV Filming Locations

Created by Kevin Laffan, Emmerdale is one of the best British soap opera sets in a fictional village of Yorkshire Dales that shows the realistic lives of villagers who are looking for a survival challenge week to come out from their comfort zones. Some old cast members are still there from the beginning with the addition of various new contestants recently in October 2021. The ranches and mountain top view looks awesome and crazy amazing but where was the filming took place? Let’s find out.

Where was Emmerdale Survival Challenge filmed?

Emmerdale Survival’s Week was filmed at Brimham Rocks located near Summerbridge, Harrogate, United Kingdom. The principal shooting began on August 2021 and wrapped up on September 2021 covering six weeks according to Mirror UK and photos posted by Isabel Hodgins.

The bridge scene took place at Tees Barrage in Sept. Moreover, Teeside captured the images of Isabel(Victoria) and Matthew(David) inside Emmerdale near the White Water Centre in Stockton that is one of the best things inside Stockton. Some other notable locations are High Force Waterfall in Middleton, Teeside.

Emmerdale Survivor Week filming locations

Filming also took place at Brimham Rocks that is a National Trust located around eight miles from Harrogate. Will Schofield finds himself in a river which supposedly in WW1 France is the River Tees actually. The waterway shown in the series is also featured in Oscar winning, 1917 film.

When does Emmerdale’s survival week start airing?

The long awaited soap opera is set to air on October 18 till 22 Oct 2021 with several plot twists and turns. After the beginning of an enjoying adventure, the series takes a horrible turn risking the lives of all the villagers. Various dazzling and thrilling scenes are planned to feature in this film that will amaze the viewers.

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