Netflix Vicky and Her Mystery Filming Locations & Cast Details

Vicky and Her Mystery is a heartfelt French family drama film directed and written by Denis Imbert whose story follows a young girl named Vicky and her father Stephane who are living together after the death of Victoria’s mother.

However, Victoria doesn’t share the same bond with her father anymore as before because her mother’s demise has completely shocked her.

Their black and white life seems to filled with colors once again when Vicky found a little fur baby named Mystery at a farm. The filming locations are beautifully placed and the places are well designed but where was the filming took place.

Where was Vicky and Her Mystery filmed?

The French Netflix drama Vicky and Her Mystery was filmed entirely at the location of Cantal, France. According to sources, the filming began on Aug 2019 and wrapped up in Jan 2020 covering almost 5 months.

With its rolling green hills, historic stone architecture, and quiet country roads, Cantal evokes an quaint village seemingly frozen in time – the perfect setting for Vicky’s supernatural-tinged adventures.

Most of the filming took place in the commune of La Falgoux where Victoria’s father is seen hiking. Additional scenes were captured across Cantal’s bucolic surroundings and the region’s scarcely populated environs.

Some scenes were also filmed at Col d’Aulac located near the Vaulmier town. The scene where Vicky and her father decides to start a new life was shot at the mountains of Cantal.

The idyllic countryside of France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region provides a picturesque backdrop for the Netflix mystery series Vicky and Her Mystery.

Even though, the filming was wrapped up before Covid-19 pandemic take over the world, it was still challenging to shot the scenes at the mountainous regions like the Tragedy of Macbeth movie shot.


  • Shanna Keil as Victoria
  • Vincent Elbaz as Stephanie
  • Romain Lancry as M. Darmet
  • Marie Gillain as Anna
  • Tcheky Karyo as Bruno
  • Vincent Deniard as Brice
  • Eric Elmosnino as Thierry

Is Vicky and Her Mystery based on a story?

Vicky and her mystery real story

Yeah, the movie is inspired from the true story. It is revealed in the ending of the film before end credits start rolling. The ending scene explains how Vicky met Mystery in real life when she was just three.

You will also love to see Ruby Rossi movie if you like Netflix’s Vicky and Her Mystery, because it’s also a family drama that talks about a deaf girl who make a career in singing, despite of facing so many challenges.


The movie follows the story of a young girl who feels heartbroken after her mother’s death.

She withdraws herself into a shell where no one could disturb her and stopped talking to everyone including her dad.

Meanwhile, father plans to go on a trip with her to relieve her stress and break the silence. The trip proves to be a timber where Victoria finds a small pup named Mystery to pet.

Another surprise comes into play, when she realize that the puppy doesn’t belong to dog but a wolf.

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