Where was The Holiday Stocking filmed? See all Locations and Cast Details

Hallmark is ready to bring its first ever Christmas Mahogany film in the form of The Holiday Stocking. It is the latest Hallmark movie in the Miracles of Christmas programming block that will premiere on 3 Dec at 10/9c only on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.

This line of card has been popular among African Americans since 1987 and this is the reason why Hallmark is bringing one such type of film that will make the community happy. It is like a blessing for the Mahogany lovers.

The movie is directed by Roger M Bobb from the scripts written by Cas Siegers-Beedles for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. Nadine Ellis and Tamala Jones are starring in the main roles of Dani and Marlow in the sweet romance movie produced by Hallmark Entertainment and Synthetic Cinema International.

The Holiday Stocking Filming Locations

The Holiday Stocking was filmed in Salt City City, Utah during the 2021 festival season. Principal photography of the movie began and wrapped up within the month of December last year.

The Holiday Stocking filming locations

Utah Film Commission has confirmed that the shooting of this mahogany film took place in the U.S. state of Utah just like A Cozy Christmas Inn. It is also the last movie approved by UT Film Commission premiering in 2022 and this is really a special production.

Generally, we find Hallmark directors rushing to British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, or some other province of Canada. It seems that the Hallmark filmmakers are obsessed with Canadian locations and it’s pretty rare to spot the crew at some other location.

The network is known for transforming any city or town into a charming and warming place and that’s why it doesn’t really matter where the team goes for shooting. Moreover, the team’s behavior is often praised by the cast members.

Even though, exact addresses are not known, what we know is, a special production camp was setup inside the Salt Lake City and the soundproofed stages were used to shoot some romantic festival scenes. Most of the filming took place within the studios except a few street scenes where we see decorated storefronts.

Who will be casting in the The Holiday Stocking?

Let’s see the main cast of the film:

  • Mykelti Williamson as Robert
  • Tamala Jones as Marlow
  • Nadine Ellis as Dani
  • BJ Britt as RJ
  • Karon Riley
  • Cheryl Vienna as Mrs. Whitlock
  • Lonzo Liggins as Frank
  • Exie Booker as Stefon
  • Alireza Mirmontazeri as Patron

What is the story of the film?

According to a recent interview with TV Insider, the mahogany film follows a single Dani and a married mom Marlow, the two siblings who are drifted apart due to a series of personal tragedies that happened over the years. Even though, Marlow has some inclination towards her sister Dani while she reimagining the days while they live together with brother and mom which are no more.

The Holiday Stocking Cast and synopsis

The deceased older brother Robert has returned to earth as a stranger with a purpose to reunite the two sisters and mend their relationship. But he’s not allowed to reveal his mission until he got success and on the top of that, he got only 12 days. Will the stranger been able to succeed in his mission?

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