A Cozy Christmas Inn Filming Locations, Cast, Synopsis

A Cozy Christmas Inn is the fourth Hallmark film of Countdown to Christmas movies directed by Peter Sullivan from the screenplay of Jennifer Notas Shapiro. The movie is produced by Hybrid, Mayor Entertainment, and Crown Media Productions.

It serves as the direct sequel to the 2014’s Christmas Under Wraps that’s why the movie is referred to as Christmas Under Wraps 2. The second part of highest rated Hallmark movie of all time sees the return of most of the cast members except our favorite Candace Cameron Bure.

The movie sets in a small town of Alaska where a real estate executive travels to purchase an inn. To her suprise, the property is now owned by her ex. Will she able to fall in love with him?

Where was A Cozy Christmas Inn filmed?

A Cozy Christmas Inn was entirely filmed in Utah. Principal photography took place in Dec 2021 according to Ho! Ho! Holiday Vieweing! twitter, the account which is known for sharing exact filming locations of Hallmark movies.

The exterior of the Garland Inn was filmed at Compass Rose Lodge in Huntsville, Utah while other filming locations included the Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory and the town of Park City, which was used for the downtown scenes.

A Cozy Christmas Inn filming locations

Erika’s B&B is located in the fictional town of Garland, Alaska but the actual production of the Hallmark movie was done within Huntsville, Utah. Director Peter wanted to create a town that was both crazy and festive, and that’s why the team utilized the location with less than nine thousand population.

The town is filled with small businesses like bakeries, coffee shops, and gift shops. It also has a beautiful town square where the locals gather to celebrate the holidays. Erika is immediately drawn to the charm of this town and quickly falls in love with her ex-boyfriend.

Jodie Sweetin also posted some pictures on her Instagram while the filming was ongoing in December. She can be seen wearing a green cap and long coat along with a cute snowman.

Eight years ago, Christmas Under Wraps was filmed in Payson, Salt Lake City and Heber city inside the US state of Utah as per the reports published by the Utah Film Commision. It was a very special moment for the state as this brought Hallmark to UT.

A Cozy Christmas Inn hallmark cast

This was the first ever Hallmark Movie production taking place in Utah, it was a wonderful experience, a cast members shared. Christmas Under Wraps and A Cozy Christmas Inn, both sets in the fictional town of Garland, Alaska but the filming regions were different.

Christmas Under Wraps was done in Salt Lake City and A Cozy Christmas Inn was done in Huntsville. Salt Lake City is the capital as well as most populated city of Utah which is known for being the religious center of the Mormons, snow filled Ski resorts, great salt lake, and Sundance Film Festival.

Utah has become one of the classic filming location among Hallmark directors and some recently filmed movies are Love in the Limelight, Sister Swap, The Christmas Bow, Sweet Pecan Summer, The Chosen, etc.

Who’s in the cast of A Cozy Christmas Inn?

A Cozy Christmas Inn cast members include:

  • Jodie Sweetin as Erika McNicoll
  • David O’Donnell As Andy Holliday
  • Vivica A. Fox as Sharon
  • Scott Christopher as Ed
  • Anita Rice as Faith Holliday
  • Yolanda Stange as Alana
  • Peter Jacobson as Martin
  • Jennifer Aspen as Claire
  • Brian Doyle-Murray as Frank Holliday
  • Alireza Mirmontazeri
  • Melanie Nelson as Dina
  • Antonio D. Charity as Oscar
  • Jessica Deshong as Stephanie
  • Kim Shaw as Joy
  • Page Petrucka as Hattie


Erika McNicoll is a famous real estate executive who is doing good in her life and business. All the time, she help others in selecting the best property for them but now, she is planning to purchase a cozy B&B in Alaska to celebrate her Christmas holidays.

To her surprise, the bed and breakfast inn is actually owned by her ex-boyfriend Andy Hollidy. The woman falls in love with the Alaskan town at first sight but what’s with Andy. Will the festive season bring Erika and Andy together or this Christmas will pass like the last one?

A Cozy Christmas Inn is set to premiere on 28 Oct at 8/7c only on Hallmark Channel. The movie will also premiere on 29 Oct at 10/9c, 6 Nov at 2/1c, 9 Nov at 10/9c, 15 Nov at 6a/5c, 24 Nov 10a/9c, and 28 Nov at 6/5c.

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