Love in the Limelight Filming Locations, Hallmark Cast, Synopsis

Love in the Limelight is a 2022 Hallmark romance movie directed by Ron Oliver & written by Willie Aames, Rich Tabach, and Winnie Hung. The film is produced by David Wulf and executively produced by James Wilberger under Crown Media Productions likewise any other Hallmark Channel film.

Hallmark is known for producing engaging romance stories to its audience and this film is one of those stunning ones that are based on true stories. The film is about a lead singer and his teenage crush.

Where was Love in the Limelight filmed?

Hallmark’s Love in the Limelight was filmed inside Salt Lake City, Utah. Principal filming began in 9 May 2022 and wrapped up within the same month on 27th of May as per the report by Utah Film Commission.

Director Oliver shared on Instagram that the interior scenes were shot inside The Grand America Hotel located at 555 S Main St, Salt Lake City. The hotel features 775 guest rooms, fitness center, pools, and many more luxury stuff.

It is located just 10 minutes away from Salt Lake International Airport on ten acres of land in the downtown area. SLC Airport was also featured in a few scenes.

Where was Love in the limelight filmed

Ron also posted a photo on the final day of principal photography that showed he and his Steadicam/A Cam operator Ryan Hannah were wearing the same pink flamingo onesies.

Salt Lake City is the capital and most populous city of of Utah. The city has developed a strong tourism industry based on skiing and other outdoor activities that every tourist loves.

Hallmark channel shared a behind the scene video featuring the main cast of the movie that reveals that the couple really enjoyed the filming experience. Alexa said that watching her husband performance was the most fun thing on location.

Jeremiah Johnson(1972), Halloween Ends, Sister Swap, Joe Bell, Under the Banner of Heaven, The Last Queen on Earth, 127 Hours, Dumb and Dumber, etc. are some other films that were shot at the same location.

Love in the Limelight Cast

  • Alexa PenaVega as Summer Rivera, a devoted fan of popular boy band
  • Carlos PenaVega as Nick Mendez/ Lead singer
  • Ivonne Coll as Grandma Rivera
  • Chase Ramsey as Toby


Summer has been pen pals with her teenage crush, Nick Mendez and now a lead singer from the popular band, The Mendez. What’s holding Summer back is her hesitancy and lack of confidence.

She is a bit more hesitant and reluctant to express her feelings because Nick is now a lead singer whom every girl of the town desires.

The man has arrived in the same town where Summer lives for a comeback concert and is giving Summer a chance to speak her heart out.

Moreover, her grandma also encourages her to express her feelings. Now, stage is ready and every person in the crowd is having an eye on Summer.

Will she able to make her relationship public or her hesitant behavior will overtake? Failure will never overtake her if her feelings are strong enough.

The movie is scheduled to premiere on 6 August 2022 at 8:00 PM ET and 7:00 PM CT, 7 Aug at 6/5c, 11 Aug at 8/7c, 14 Aug at 12/11c, and 20 Aug at 4/3c only on Hallmark Channel and the official website of Hallmark.

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