Sister Swap Hallmark Full Cast and Film Location & Plot Details

Sister Swap: Christmas in the City is the newest film to the Hallmark Christmas countdown that is directed by Sean McNamara and written by Erik Patterson, Claire Boyles, along with Jessica Scott. The story moves around two sisters namely Jennifer and Meg who arrive in each other’s towns just before Christmas arrival and Meg dives into the restaurant where Jennifer is working to lend her a helping hand. This allows Meg to begin a romance with her sister’s co-worker Joe that leads to the exploration of various towns. Let’s find out where was the actual shooting took place.

Where was Hallmark’s Sister Swap filmed?

Sister Swap: Christmas in the City was filmed inside Salt Lake City, Utah and Vancouver, British Columbia. The filming began on 12 April 2021 and wrapped up on 22 May 2021, with an extensive production from 5th July to 5th Aug of the same year.

All the restaurant scenes were filmed in the downtown area of Salt Lake City and the remaining scenes were filmed at your fav Hallmark location, Vancouver where A Christmas Proposal 2021 was also filmed.

Sister Swap hallmark full cast

Sister Swap Hallmark Cast

  • Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Jennifer Swift
  • Ashley Williams as Meg Swift
  • Mark Deklin as Eric
  • Anna Holbrook as Debbie
  • Jim Byrnes as Luke
  • Keith D. Robinson as Joe
  • Lila Clark as Madzie
  • Logan Donovan as Alex
  • Anna Daines as Kate
  • Kevin Nealon as Uncle Dave
  • Landry Townsend as Connie
  • Jacob Buster as Simon
  • Briana Price as Victoria
  • Tito Livas as Martin
  • Jay Hunter as Steve
  • David L. King as Frank
  • Roberta Valderrama as Valerie
  • Cami Carver as Lydia
  • Yolanda Wood as Maryanne
  • Rhonda Morman as Nina
  • Joseph Scott Campbell as Brett
  • Elyse A. Wilkins as Young Jen
  • Anne Sward as Mary Heller
  • Jess DelVizo as Julie
  • Virginia Farabee as Young Meg
  • Matt Koenig as Charlie
  • Susan Yeagley as Barb Hutter
  • Richard Benedict as Santa
  • Thomas Cummins as Tiny Simon (as Thomas Cummings)
  • Brittney Souther as Caroler
  • John Forker as Restaurant Patron / Passerby
  • Dustin Freeman as Ice Rink Employee
  • Surae Chinn as Newscaster
  • Gabriel Hamilton as Taylor
  • Luke Newman as Ice Skater Greeter
  • Mitchell Watson as Chef
  • Chad Wright as Hotel Manager
  • Alireza Mirmontazeri as Pedestrian
  • Elaine Marie Smith as Theater Goer

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