Where was Jeremiah Johnson filmed? Cast & Filming Locations

Jeremiah Johnson is a western American film directed by Sydney Pollack, screenplay by Edward Anhalt and John Milus, and story by Raymond W. Thorp and Robert Bunker. The story follows a Mexican-American War veteran who takes up the life of a mountain man who recounted in Vardis Fisher’s novel Mountain Man along with Raymond Thorp and Robert Bunker’s book Crow Killer: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson. Now, let’s jump into the places where this movie was filmed.

Jeremiah Johnson Filming Locations

Jeremiah Johnson was filmed in Utah and Arizona inside the United States. The shooting took place around 100 different locations in Utah around January 1971 while some scenes were shot in Arizona.

Where was Jeremiah Johnson filmed

The prominent filming places include Zion National Park, St. George, Snow Canyon, Sundance, Alpine Loop and Mount Timpanogos, Wasatch-Cache National Forest Leeds, Ashley National Forest, and Uinta National Forest. Mount Timpanogos located near Redford’s personal property Sundance.

Robert Redford and director Sydney had to struggle with the studio executives who weren’t supportive to their ideas of filming at the first place. Moreover, the crew faced problems due to the terrible snow in Southern Utah and they have to pack up with the first take according to The Crimson.

Jeremiah Johnson Movie Cast

  • Robert Redford as Jeremiah
  • Stefan Gierasch as Del Gue
  • Will Geer as Bear Claw Chris Lapp
  • Josh Albee as Caleb
  • Paul Benedict as Reverend Lindquist
  • Delle Bolton as Swan
  • Joaquín Martínez as Paints His Shirt Red
  • Jack Colvin as Lieutenant Mulvey
  • Allyn Ann McLerie as the Crazy Woman
  • Charles Tyner as Robidoux
  • Matt Clark as Qualen
  • Richard Angarola as Chief Two-Tongues Lebeaux


Jeremiah Johnsons is the movie about a former veteran who is spending his life in the wilderness of Colorado to attain peace and enjoy his solidarity. He also carries a gun with him to make sure his survival goes long. Robert Redford is starring as the main protagonist in the western survival film whose story is partially based on the life of a legendary mountain man.

In his journey of survival, Jeremiah meets another bear hunter Chris Lapp who tells about his survival tactics to him and befriends with him. Then, both the adventurers spends life together in wildlife exploration and made several memories. Even though, Johnson is retired, the US army hired him again to save a group of settlers in wagon train because he is the only one who can save them with his experience.

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