The Chosen Season 3 begins airing, Here’s the best way to watch

In the time, when the world is full of negative news, Dallas has given us the biggest gift of 2022 in the form of The Chosen Season 3. The release date announcement was officially made by the main director in an October livestream.

Moreover, an official trailer has been released for the new season of The Chosen that is showing Jesus feeding the five thousands under the sky, one of the miraculous event performed by Jesus in front of his disciples.

The hit series is packed with emotional and miraculous moments and the best part is, they were all real. Jesus was on this Earth a long time ago and thing is strong enough to heal ourselves. Heal yourself on the name of God. Love your enemies!

What is The Chosen?

The Chosen is an epic historical drama series directed and created by Dallas Jenkins under VidAngel Studios, It started premiering on 2017 Christmas Eve and has become the world’s largest crowdfunding television series today.

What is The Chosen

The holy TV series has attracted more than 423 Million viewers till date and still counting. It has been translated in 56 languages and the best part about the Bible based series is that it is freely streaming online. You just need to download the official App of The Chosen from Appstore or Playstore.

The Chosen Season 3 Official Trailer Breakdown

The Chosen Season 3 trailer begins with Jesus asking Pharisee if he’s troubled. To which, the man responds “I am”. Jesus affirms his pain and said, “You’re losing something. I know how it feels like.”

Shmuel asks out of curiosity, “What are you losing?”.

Jesus responds, “Time”.

The Chosen season 3 official trailer

This reply of Jesus gives us goosebumps because it reminds us that the time is passing and the public ministry of Jesus wil last only three years. If we go for a deep meaning, then it also reflects the truth of life.

When we have time, we are not trying to evolve our passion too much, we just want to settle with a mediocre life and have a fun family but that’s a very limited life.

One day, we will be gone and nobody is going to remember us if we didn’t do our best. So, make sure to give your best before running out of time.

The Chosen Season 3 Where to watch

Jesus is trying to tell the same thing in the scene, he is having a lot of work to do in the period of three years. He wants to heal as much people as he can but he’s running out of time.

However, the sad part is that, there were also some non-believers who didn’t chose to believe in him but the son of God never given them any mistreatment. He brought food for all of his followers and keep guiding everyone to the path of truth.

Where can I watch The Chosen Season 3?

Currently, two seasons of the series are available for streaming and a third season is scheduled to release online in December 2022. Firstly, The Chosen Season 3 episode 1 & 2 will be released on silver screens on 18 Nov 2022 to 22 Nov 2022 inside the United States. You can book your tickets online if you are curious to watch the season 3 right now.

Where to watch the chosen season 3 free

After the theatrical premiere of one week, the episodes will be released on The Chosen App for free users. Even though, Dallas hasn’t revealed anything regarding the new episodes arrival on the app, we can expect the Chosen Season 3 to come out before the Christmas eve.

You can contribute to Angel Studios to help in bringing more seasons of the show.

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