The Chosen Season 3 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, What will happen?

The Chosen season 3 is happening for sure as the story of Jesus Christ incredible miracles is still going on and the upcoming season gonna bring lots of surprises and amusement among fans. Directed by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen is a spiritual drama series based on the true stories of Jesus and his disciples. The best part about the series is that it has received a tons of positive reviews from critics and viewers. It has created a separate fan base of the followers of Jesus and watching him in the lead role makes our heart calm and warm, the acting of cast members makes it more interesting.

When is season 3 of the chosen coming out?

The Chosen Season 3 release date is not confirmed because the filming hasn’t started yet but the screenplay was already completed in March 2021. Currently, Angel Studios team has already collected 56% of the funds that is required to start the shooting for The Chosen season 3 and if the largest crowd-funded media got it’s funding till November 2021 then we will get to see another season of the Chosen in April 2022. This season might be having 8 episodes with an average running time of 52 minutes.

The Chosen season 3 release date

Many seasons and movies are available on various streaming services but The Chosen is really special. Dallas Jenkins said that he is having a total of 7 seasons in his mind so there is definitely a scope for more if the company get enough funding. The series has highlighted several events that left unnoticed and you can estimate it’s popularity by seeing that the show has been watched more than 150M people only in June 2021. The last episode 8 release of second season release on 12 July 2021 and millions of people enjoyed it.

The Chosen Season 3 Cast

Jonathan Roumie will be definitely there to play the role of Jesus along with his disciples and mother, Mary.

  • Elizabeth Tabish as Virgin mother of Jesus/ Mary Magdalene
  • Shahar Issac will cast as Simon
  • Noah James as Andrew
  • Paras Patel as Matthew
  • Shaan Sharma as Shmuel
  • Janis Dardaris as Zohara
  • George Harrison Xanthis as John The Baptizer
  • Vanessa Benavente as Mary
  • Lara Silva as Eden
  • Nick Shakoour as Zebedee

What will happen in The Chosen Season 3?

The 3rd season of the Chosen will be about some exceptional miracles done by Jesus Christ as feeding 5000 people and calming down the hail storm. As the finale episode of The Chosen season 2 ends up with Sermon on the mount, there is still so much to reveal in the upcoming seasons. After listening to the sad news that John The Baptist is under the arrest of Jerusalem, Jesus will probably agonize and finds a plan to save him from the wrath of King Herod. But according to holy Bible, John has to meet his fate, no matter what comes in his way. His death will create ruckus all around Jerusalem and this lead to wrath of God on the bad King and his empire. All defaulters who do not follow his principles will be buried under the sand. We will get to see some other miracles as Sea of Galilee, and walking on water, there is a lot more to explain in the daily events of Jesus in The Chosen Season 3.

Gospels has covered many things that most of the people didn’t even notice in todays world. Also, the cast is playing the role by heart and that’s make this spiritual show more interesting and connecting to our lives. May god bless everyone and his messengers guide us to the path of peace and welfare of all living beings.

What do you think will be the possible plot of The Chosen Season 3? Heartbreakingly, John The Baptist is still under the claws of evil king of Jerusalem and Jesus hasn’t planned yet to free him from the arrest.

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