The Chosen Season 3 Release Date and Time, Funding, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers

The Chosen season 3 is happening for sure as the story of Jesus Christ incredible miracles is still going on and the upcoming season gonna bring lots of surprises and amusement among fans. Directed by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen is a spiritual drama series based on the true stories of Jesus and his disciples.

The best part about the series is that it has received a tons of positive reviews from critics and viewers. It has created a separate fan base of the followers of Jesus and watching him in the lead role makes our heart calm and warm, the acting of cast members makes it more interesting.

When is season 3 of the Chosen coming out?

Since the screenplay was completed in February 2022 and the second week of filming is already done on 15 May 2022 at the Capernaum Studios, The Chosen Season 3 is expected to be release around July 2022 on Vid Angel Studios and The Chosen App. This season will also have a total of 8 holy episodes like the previous two seasons with an average running time of 52 minutes.

Chosen Cast revealed some details on the set

Little James(played by Jordan Ross) has revealed that his character will play an important role in season 3 of the Chosen and we will see him directly talking to Jesus along with the story of Tamar. So much exciting stuff is yet to come! The shooting days are pretty hot and the environment is also challenging but the team is ready for it. Tamar(Amber Williams) said that she we will get to know more about her character’s struggles. Moreover, a new female character named Jolly is also in.

Will The Chosen have a season 3?

Yes, The Chosen Season 3 has been officially announced by Dallas Jenkins. Moreover, on the official website of Angel Studios, it shows that third season of The Chosen is 100% funded and creators are having enough funds to make another another season. However, no release date has been announced by the series makers.

The Chosen season 3 TV series begin filming first scene

Dallas posted a video on 3 Feb 2022 on the show’s official YT channel that scripts are done and also provide a brief introduction to the storyline of the upcoming season. He revealed that how he wrote the scripts for the third season of the holy series based on the marvelous life of Jesus who devoted his life for the welfare of others. You will be glad to know that season 1 and 2 of the Chosen are now rebroadcasting on the official YouTube Channel of The Chosen.

When will the season 3 of The Chosen begin filming?

The pre-production for the third season begin in January 2022 and now the principal filming has begun on 1 May 2022 at Capernaum Studios inside Dallas, Texas. Director DJ has shared some exclusive behind the scenes on the set that look all the prep for The Chosen season 3. Moreover, the video shows the thoughts of George Xanthis(John) and Lara Silva(Eden) on the season 3 scripts.

On 8th May, DJ has confirmed that the filming for the season three is finished for the first week and on 15th May, filming wraps for the second week. Moreover, DJ’s oldest son Sam is a part of production team as an assistant. The director also revealed that he never get a chance to relax and sit calmly as they are still rewriting scenes and correcting everything that they find faulty. Although, the shooting process is delaying due to construction issues on the place. It’s hard but I am enjoying the whole process, Dallas said.

Most of the Jesus believers don’t find any fault in the interpretation of his works in the two seasons and are thrilled to see another season. Trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding the whole staff of this production and this is the reason they have created a masterpiece in the form of The Chosen. Please try to enjoy this series for what it is, one’s interpretation of what they have read in the Word of God. Watch this series with the attitude of seeing the Word of God coming to life since we could not be there.

Many seasons and movies are available on various streaming services but The Chosen streaming is really special. Dallas Jenkins said that he is having a total of 7 seasons in his mind so there is definitely a scope for more if the company get enough funding.

Why was season 3 of the The Chosen delayed?

DJ was suffering from some mental health issues but now the news is coming that Dallas is showing a speedy recovery after receiving the overwhelming response from fans. Even though, DJ is fine, the production problems for The Chosen Season 3 haven’t stopped as the construction is ongoing at the official filming site that hinders the show’s progress.

The Chosen season 3 release date

You can grab a few gifts from The Chosen Gifts website to support the creators. The masks are going on sale from 1 April 2022. More importantly, just remember the billboard thing before binging The Chosen Season 3. It will come out for sure in the future but it might be delayed due to various factors which are acting as a stumbling in the shooting process. We hope DJ will be fine soon and back on the set of marvelous Jesus series to play his part.

The series has highlighted several events that left unnoticed and you can estimate it’s popularity by seeing that the show has been watched more than 150 Million people only in June 2021. The last episode of second season was released on 12 July 2021 and still millions are enjoyed it.

Most of the viewers who have watched at least one season of The Chosen have taken the path of spirituality and turned their life towards self improvement. Now, they are looking for more love vibes of Jesus and our blessed Mother Mary that can fill their mind and soul with positive energy. Every minute of the show is mesmerizing.

Cast of The Chosen Season 3

Jonathan Roumie will be definitely there to play the role of Jesus along with his disciples and mother, Mary in the newest season of The Chosen.

  • Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene
  • Shahar Issac will cast as Simon
  • Noah James as Andrew
  • Paras Patel as Matthew
  • Shaan Sharma as Shmuel
  • Janis Dardaris as Zohara
  • George Harrison Xanthis as John Disciple
  • Vanessa Benavente as Mary
  • Lara Silva as Eden
  • Nick Shakoour as Zebedee
  • David Amito as John The Baptizer

What will happen in The Chosen Season 3?

The 3rd season of the Chosen will be about some exceptional miracles done by Jesus Christ as feeding 5000 people and calming down the hail storm. As the finale episode of The Chosen season 2 ends up with Sermon on the mount, there is still so much to reveal in the upcoming seasons.

After listening to the sad news that John The Baptist is under the arrest of Jerusalem, Jesus will probably agonize and finds a plan to save him from the wrath of King Herod. But according to holy Bible, John has to meet his fate, no matter what comes in his way. His death will create ruckus all around Jerusalem and this lead to wrath of God on the bad King and his empire. All defaulters who do not follow his principles will be buried under the sand.

We will get to see some other miracles as Sea of Galilee, and walking on water, there is a lot more to explain in the daily events of Jesus in The Chosen Season 3. Gospels has covered many things that most of the people didn’t even notice in todays world. Also, the cast is playing the role by heart and that’s make this spiritual show more interesting and connecting to our lives.

May God bless everyone and his messengers guide us to the path of peace and welfare of all living beings.

What do you think will be the possible plot of The Chosen Season 3? Heartbreakingly, John The Baptist is still under the claws of evil king of Jerusalem and Jesus hasn’t planned yet to free him from the arrest.

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  1. Peter labeled John the Baptist Creepy John at the beginning of Season 2 Episode one. Mary Magdalene backslides and gets repossessed by the devil and has to be delivered all over again. Jesus has to memorize and practice his sermon on the mount. Disciples built Jesus a stage for his sermon on the mount like he is some kind of actor or rock star ruined this exquisite film that could have been perfect.

    • Put yourself in the time that Jesus walked the earth. Think about the socio economic structure that was in place 2000 years ago. Think about the intention, getting the word of god out. Jesus is the son of god, and a man who walked on the earth amongst men. This preperation was suitable in that time, to preach the word of god amomgst thousands of men. Jesus remains humble. His followers more focused on the preperations.. Mary Magdelene fallomg back into sin is nothing more than a representation that even we, believers in christ who have given ohr heart to the lord, can be tempted and fall back into sinning again, and with this representation in the story, what was the outcome of Mary sinning again? She was forgiven by Jesus and regained herself in the love of god and light. We are forgiven, repent and do gods will.

    • Yes I had those concerns as well. This is an artistic rendition of the General story. I decided for myself to just let it go.
      I would have done it differently however, there is so much good we can miss if we spend our time pointing out faults. There is a beam in my eye. It will make it impossible to find the splinters in someone else’s .
      I am also amazed at how many people think that because Jonathan R. Is a catholic that the Chosen was created by Catholic. Or because the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints owned the set of season 2 and Video Angel is owned by people of that faith that That church created this. These people are so afraid of false teachings or false prophets that they forget to fill the oil in their lamps. I can see it now. When the Bridegroom comes they will say something like look their are Mormons or Catholics in the wedding party. That can’t be Him. They have false teachings. I’ll wait for the real Jesus Christ. How sad. Let’s stop focusing on whatever think is bad. Instead let’s focus on Jesus.

      • To see the sermon on the mount scene played up like preparation for a Billy Graham crusade is a bit of a let down for me, especially since Matthew is taken aside by Jesus as a scribe and advisor. If we look at Matthew, since it is connected to it, obviously, we see from the last paragraph of chapter 4 and the first verse of chapter 5 that the crowds were already gathered there and Jesus simply took advantage of their presence and began teaching. Still, the quality of the series as a whole and the “back stories” in particular makes it forgivable. The series is great and most of the interactions between the disciples they portray are very believable. As for what you said about the Catholics and Mormons, there will certainly be Catholics in the “wedding party” but Mormons as Mormons is unlikely as they have very bad theology that needs to be overcome.

        • Jesus is the judge. If Mormons are living up to their beliefs and are trusting in God, who are we to judge them? We must look to our own salvation ‘with fear and trembling’. There will be folks in the kingdom who have never heard the name of Jesus. God ‘winks at’ the time of their ignorance.

      • Well put, I was at first worried myself. Because the Mormons actually believe Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers. But, I’ve been watching close and seems to be pretty correct. I’m just praying that the people that are believers of false doctrine will actually come to the Jesus of the Bible and maybe are just as blessed by this as I am. Praise God!!

        • How they are doing it Is for the most part correct I meant, not that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. That is pure blasphemy.

        • As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (who many people nickname “Mormons”), I just want to clarify that we believe Lucifer and Jesus are brothers in the same way that we are all spirit sons and daughters of God. Lucifer just chose to rebel and took a host of followers with him. But to clarify, it’s no different relationship than that of Jesus being our brother.

    • How do you know that they didn’t create one originally? You don’t unless you were there…
      Let’s rejoice over this; that millions of people are committing or recommitting their lives to Christ as a direct result of this series. I know my life will never be the same. Let’s all keep our eyes on the prize.

  2. Dallas Jenkins, I was saved in August of 99. I have studied the word passionately. This series has given me a picture of the new testament that I could never envision. It has renewed a fire in my heart. Thank you!

  3. This series has served as a catalyst to help people seek Jesus the risen Lord. But DJ is right. It’s the Bible, the Word of God, that will truly set your heart on fire for the Lord. Remember the disciples walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus? There hearts burned within them as the Lord explained the scriptures about him. And yes, “God” should always be capitalized!! God bless everyone.

  4. The mere fact the author wrote in the title Spoilers and What Will Happen proves the Chosen film is far too fictionalized to be taken as true Bible events because to find out what happened is in the New Testament portion of the Bible for anyone to read.

  5. As a lifelong Christian and student of the Bible I find nothing too objectionable about this series. They take Liberties sure but nothing anti-biblical by any stretch. It would be nice if they showed Jesus half brothers and sisters as the Bible says he had etc but I find this series to be beneficial to believers and non-believers alike. It is actually a thrilling departure from typical Jesus stories and extremely heartlifting and refreshing.

    • Thank you I agree wholeheartly The Gospel accounts do provide the back drop for the content of this series “Look and See for yourself” I am a nurse and this series, both seasons, has provided me with a Blessed relief after dealing with the harshnees, pain, devastation and sadness of COVID I thank the Chosen producer for providing this series to uplift us

    • Actually, there isn’t proof Jesus had half brothers or sisters. The passages in the Bible (I can’t remember where at the moment) where it mentions Jesus’ “brothers” doesn’t necessarily mean brother. It comes from the Aramaic word “aha” which means “kinsman” and then was changed into the Greek “Adelphos”, meaning brother. So it could still actually mean brother, but it’s certainly not for sure. As a Catholic, I believe Mary didn’t have any other children, but it could still also mean step brothers. So the makers of the Chosen wouldn’t want to add in half brothers and sisters that Jesus might not have had. God bless!

  6. I have seen both seasons and I think this series has been a blessing because some people may not read the Bible. The series gives them also a human side of Jesus that many films about Him do not. This also should cause people to get into the word to see how much truth is in the series. Even though a different approach has been given in this series, you can see His human side as well as His spiritual side which causes His followers in the series to believe He is God’s Son, the Messiah, and He has no sin. He causes others to think about the words He is speaking, in the series. And,
    He still causes us to think about the words He is speaking in the Bible. Be Blessed.

      • How does the Bible come better than the movie. The pagan populous are not great readers – we’re moved by story and films are stories.

        The film Chosen accomplishes what Sunday School and Bible Study can kill. Ask the mellinnials who raised in church don’t go now.

    • I have been a faithful Christian since 1963, probably before some of you were even born. I absolutely loved the first two seasons of The Chosen. The parts that have been added only enhance the Biblical thought. It has made me read and study even more. I can’t wait until Season 3 comes out!!

      • Amen Alice, thank you for saying so. I seek God daily but it’s easy to get lost in this world, but then… I saw the chosen and I could see my weaknesses and where I need to work and strengthen my walk with the Lord, I felt seen again. God bless you all. And if you have God on your hearts ppl and believe that Jesus died for your sins and this series strengthens that belief…then how can you possibly be mislead by this? Love you all.

  7. I love the cast, they have portrayed the gospels very closely. Great job! I’m very happy to be able to watch seasons 1 & 2 and am very excited for season 3 to start. It’s has been hard to be patiently waiting but I’m.

  8. I too was bothered by Jesus having to prepare for the sermon on the mount. But I agree that the series is so good that i can let it pass. As someone already said, as long as it doesn’t go against what bible says and seems like its in the realm of possibility we can go with it. To address concerns about people getting drawn to this rather than the Bible. We must accept that we are living in different times now. With today’s technology and culture, a lot less people read. People watch movies, videos, etc… a lot more. So if gospel can be delivered by these means who are we to criticize. Between the time of Jesus and the new testament was written there was a gap of many years. Gospel was delivered by word of mouth. The people who received it then were arguably more on fire for the Lord than most are now with the written word and all our present understanding. Let’s not put God in a box and think that He can only work in the way we think He should. Any way that people receive the gospel should be applauded. Especially when we hear that so many ppl have been touched to renewed faith.
    Praise God and His bless

    • I am not bothered by Jesus having to prepare for the sermon. The second person of the Trinity emptied himself of much knowledge when he was born, so Jesus was not omniscient while on Earth, until his resurrection. He constantly prayed with the father for the divine knowledge he would need for his ministry. He had to learn to walk, talk, carpentry skills, etc like any human being except he was without sin.

    • What would make you think Jesus didn’t prepare before hand? It makes plausible sense, as do most of the other points shown in the series where we just don’t know, but can surmise. That is why they have a panel of people, e.g. Rabbi, Evangelical, Priest, Pastor, to discuss what could possibly have been during that time. Which allows them to give substance and added depth to the actual biblical stories. I think most modern day pastors, etc. prepare their sermons to make sure their thoughts are clear and concise.

  9. welli thought the series the chosen was very good see.. when we get a sereis like this people go in with a big maginiying glass trying to find something they can find fault with its a good series the stage owned by mormons i dont as dallas as far as i know it evangelical i dont think he would let mormons own a share in production of this hes a good evangelical plus the mormons dont believe jesus was the son of god so johnathen a catholic so is mel gibson the question here is have they both madea comittment to our Lord jesus christ as a true believer cathoilcism will not get you into heaven it wont you must be born again the disciples were called christian not catholic well musent harp on

  10. I loved season 1 and 2! It makes me want to read the Bible even more! I can’t wait till season 3, and the rest of the seasons to come out!!! It has been such a blessing to me and my husband, and I have also told others of this series! It may not be perfect but who or what is except for Our Father, Son and Holy Ghost! I think God has his hand in this and with will bless any one who watches, this what I truly believe! God bless the Chosen and all those who are part of this wonderful blessing……

  11. The response to the Gift Dallas Jenkins is giving us (by God’s Grace and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) is showing us the elusiveness of the Unity for which we must strive (I Cor 1:10), the abomination that Division in the Body is (Proverbs 6:16-19) and just how much we – individually and collectively – must work to grasp the powerful Truth behind Phil 2:3-4 and Romans 12:3.

    The precious episodes Dallas and his team produced thus far have drawn “casual affiliates” of The Faith (regrettably many professing Believers) into a renewed assessment of their concept of Jesus, The Christ; of seeing the marvelous reality of his true humanity as The Perfectly Man Divine dichotomy that also includes some treasured, brief “sparkles” of the Perfectly God Supreme Being interacting with the self-possessed Roman officials and legalistic religious authorities who fail to comprehend they are in the presence of a Fearsome Holy Lion who will someday remind them of their errant encounter/interaction with the Creator of All That Is.

    The Bible IS the Eternal, Inerrant Word of the Living God. We MUST know it better each successive day than we knew it yesterday. It compels me/us – when read as if it is (what it truly is) The Bread of Heaven – to ask 4 Questions:

    1. Do I believe?
    2. What do I believe?
    3. But what do I REALLY believe?
    4. What then am I doing about it.

    The Word of God compels action. Dallas Jenkins – at great “cost” to himself – has taken a bold and blessed action to which the Holy Spirit is calling those He invites to The Chosen to produce in them an awareness of their greatest spiritual needs or a revelation of their blindness and pharisaical attitudes.

    Those who are “caught up” so powerfully in the Bible-responsive actions of DJ (as am I) that have produced 16 inspired episodes that lift up Jesus, The Christ are those who have been called/chosen (if you will)/privileged to see the first 2 seasons.

    I think, when all is said and done, we will collectively be stunned by just whom we find in Heaven and whom we don’t. Thank you, Dallas, for acting on what the Word galvanized in your spirit. You validate the Fruit of the Tree verses from Matthew 7 and 12 which we all would be wise to heed.

    Perhaps then we would stop fighting Europe’s Thirty Years War in America and embrace the reality of a great Catholic Saint (Thomas Aquinus), the Reality of Martin Luther and the message of Billy Graham as they repeated Paul’s Great Declaration: “The Gospel IS simple.” Jesus told us a Child can comprehend it, though the Wise struggle (I Cor 1:19-31) almost fruitlessly.

    In an America that – based on secular human history only – is most likely in its final hours of existence (works of Toynbee, Sorkin and Spengler), I suspect Father God is behind The Chosen to give Everybody one more way to assess their Faith (or lack thereof) before they stand before that Lion of Judah in one of two Judgements.

    Thank you to all who have cooperated with DJ to bring about the first 2 seasons of an anointed, inspired, Divinely-directed presentation of the splendor that emanates from Our Perfectly Man, Perfectly God Savior, Jesus The Christ! That would include the LDS community and BYU TV.

    I am grateful, Dallas. Thank you.

  12. I love the series, but I have a different take on many of the characters. In particular,

    Simon Peter: I believe he was a much more faithful and simply better man than what is portrayed in the first few episodes of Season 1.
    Matthew: And as lovable a character as he is in the show, there is no way he was autistic, the way he is portrayed.
    John the Baptist: Even though he lived in the wilderness, I don’t think he was the weird, creepy character that he is portrayed in the show.

    Still, great show overall, and perhaps these portrayals add some spice.

  13. I love the simplicity and humaness of The Chosen.
    What a heartfelt experience of joy and learning for me.
    I have felt an increase of love for others and understand more about how much Jesus loves us, shows mercy and kindness to us and claims us as His.

  14. I have loved this series and cannot wait for season three. I would like to make just one comment to the person named William. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints (MORMONS), I would like you all to known we do believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. He is also our Savior and Redeemer. Thank you to the cast and producers of this series, it is beautiful.

  15. I truly love the first two seasons of the chosen. I have been a Jesus believing Christian for about 50 years and a serious student of the Bible. I find no fault in this series in the first two seasons. Of course there is background interpretations concerning the day to day interactions between Jesus and his disciples. Unless you were there you cannot know every second or minute of what was done or said. Duh! In my opinion the whole production staff of The Chosen has done an excellent job, following the Word of God, in their rendition of the gospels. I applaud them tremendously. Those who are nitpicking about what they think truly happened in the day to day events must be over two-thousand years old. Trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding the whole staff of this production. Please try to enjoy this series for what it is, one’s interpretation of what they have read in the Word of God. Nothing more. If you have questions or concerns about what you see and hear, pray to God and read the Bible. I promise you this, God will tell you the same thing he tells me, nothing different. God is not the author of confusion.

    Watch this series with the attitude of seeing the Word of God coming to life since we could not be there. While it may not be exactly correct, who cares, the significant and important information stated in the series has been accurately portrayed thus far. I too cannot wait until season 3 and those thereafter. God bless all.


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