Top 10 Must-See Documentaries of 2022 that have no haters

Documentaries have become a popular form of media over the past couple of years. So, this is a must read for those who have missed the recent trends in the entertainment industry.

If you haven’t watched these documentaries till now then you are missing a big opportunity. You might already know that preparation of a well-versed documentary requires a lot of time and effort but still, there are some gems that are left unexplored.

Here we have covered the top 10 best documentaries that every American should watch in 2023. From gender equality to personal journey of famous individuals, we have prepared a list of most loved documentaries that have been released recently.

#1 What is a Woman? (2022)

The definition of a woman has been changing with the digital age, particularly after LGBTQ+ rights movements and that’s why political commentator and podcaster Matt Welsh has attempted to answer the question of a generation in his documentary What is a Woman? on the conservative news website owned by Shapiro.

What is a Woman documentary Matt Welsh

You will be surprised to learn that even experts are unable answer this question clearly and you probably remember the case of Supreme court justice Ketanji Brown who dodged the question when asked in a session.

This is not just a well-documented film directed by Justin Folk but an eye opening experience that will leave you questioning at the end on how you define a woman. Matt has said that it was made againist the gender ideology.

2) Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me (2022)

My Mind & Me is a 2022 biographical film based on the journey of Gomez that covers the struggles and mental health issues that she faced on her way of becoming a superstar.

Selena Gomez documentary

The 95-minute film takes us through the childhood days of Selena and give us a blueprint on how she become a star at a very young age.

It covers her on-screen debut in the early 2000s on Barney & Friends and then playing the role of Alex Russo in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, and other career paths that the singer chose.

3) You Can Call Me Bill (2023)

This type of documentary won’t be possible without William Shatner’s consent and when he agreed, he didn’t charge even a single dollar for his role, a true legend.

You Can Call Me Bill documentary
Legion M

The veteran American actor has been asked by various filmmakers for doing a film about his life but he rejected all of them until he met the Legion M Entertainment.

Finally, we are able to see Shatner’s personal journey across nine decades of his life, that’s a lot of content but director Alexandre O. Phillippe has added lots of exciting stuff to make the documentation less boring.

4) Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies (TV Mini Series 2022)

Look at Casey Anthony’s case, trial, and life through her eyes in this peaock original series.

Casey was convicted for providing false information to the US justice dept but acquitted of first degree murder and manslaughter of her daughter Caylee.

However, she hasn’t spoke about the issue since a decade. She will be seen breaking the silence in this docuseries. If you are a fan of true crime docuseries then you shouldn’t miss this one.

5) The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM (2022)

The BLM documentary was released on the 2-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, Candace Owens revisits those streets of Minneapolis where the black man was brutally murdered by a white polieceman and expose the biggest scandal of Black Lives Matter movement.

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Candace Owens documentary

Where did all the donated money to #Blacklivesmatter movement gone? This is another documentary will leave you questioning in the end that whether you are doing the right thing or not.

90 Million dollars was planned to raise to help the people of African American community in Minnesota but where the hell, they burn all the money and how it was spent? The doc attempts to answer the questions.

6) Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby (2022)

Nobody is unaware of the Atlanta rapper Lil Baby today and this 93-minute film exactly tells how a street rapper become an internet sensation.

The biographical documentary was filming during the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 when the Baby dropped his biggest album and the way producers have managed all the stuff is worth-praising.

It is an original work of Amazon Prime Video that premiered for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival on 11 June 2022, and then for Prime Video subscribers on 26 Aug 2022.

7) All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022)

This is the demonstration of an American female photographer Nan Goldin who is famous for capturing moments of intimacy, LGTB subcultures, and the best possible interpretation of opioid crisis.

Director and producer Laura Poitras said while talking with The Hollywood Reporter that Nan’s art and vision has always been an inspiration and her work has influenced generations of filmmakers including her.

8) Who Killed Jenni Rivera? (TV Mini Series 2022)

A 2022 miniseries that explores the mysterious events that led to the death of famous Latin star Jenni Rivera with the help of intimate footage and interviews.

Who Killed Jenni Rivera documentary

The series also delves into the potential causes of her horrific 2012 plane crash that occured outside Monterrey, Mexico. Was that death natural or it was a pre-planned murder?

9) Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed (TV Series 2022)

This is a faith based docuseries that discusses the harrowing allegations of the trauma, abuse, and financial exploitation that created to a completed chaos at Hillsong, a church founded by Brian Houston.

It features several ex-members of the infamous Hillsong church that was made famous by big celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kardashians, and other pop stars.

The Discovery+ series explores the downfall of the megachurch led by Ranin Karim, a woman who was in a direct relationship with pastor Carl Lentz.

10) Look at Me (2022 film)

This list won’t be completed without including a musical documentary, they are loved by everyone. Take an inside look on how a Florida teenager became a soundcloud rapper.

From Jahseh Onfroy to rapper XXXTentacion, the film explores the journey of the American rapper who has become one of the most streamed hip hop artists on the internet and on the verge of becoming a legend like Eminem.

So, these were some of the most loved documentaries of 2022. We have also covered the best orphan movies of all time, so make sure to check that out too.

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