Unthinkably Good Things Filming Locations, Hallmark Cast, Synopsis

Unthinkably Good Things is the newest Hallmark family drama film directed by Terri J Vaughn from the screenplay written by Cas Sigers-Beedles.

It stars Karen Pittman, Joyful Drake, and Erica Cash in the lead role of three best friends who meet in Italy to reexamine their state of life.

The movie is produced by David M Wulf under Kronicle Media and Mahogany Films while Cristina Giubbetti, Monique Nash, and Konn Williams have executively produced the film.

Where is Unthinkably Good Things filmed?

Unthinkably Good Things was filmed in the capital city of Italy and its nearby regions including Desio and Lazio inside during March 2022. Filming began in the middle of March 2022 and wrapped up within April 2022 covering almost 3 weeks.

Unthinkably Good Things Hallmark movie filming locations

Italy is a country with a peninsula surrounded with several islands. The EU country is located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe but due to its group of islands, the place is also considered as a part of Western Europe.

Lazio is one of the most important filming location for the shooting of Mahogany movie. It is located in the central peninsular section of the Italy and is having more than 5 Million inhabitants that makes it the second most populated region of the country after Lombardy.

The production team went through the commune of Lazio named Viterbo to shoot some scenes where Allison is seen wandering around the walls. Moreover, the city of Frascati is also seen in some scenes where some hilly areas are shown.

Even though, the movie sets in Tuscany, not even a single scene was filmed at the actual place. The place is famous its cuisine and food stuff and a food romance movie that was actually filmed there was Netflix Toscana.

Cast of Unthinkably Good Things

  • Karen Pittman as Allison
  • Erica Ash as Reesa
  • Joyful Drake as Melina
  • Lance Gross as Andre/Reesa’s Husband
  • Jermaine Love as Lucas
  • Luca Seta as Nico


Allison is need of love and support from her childhood best friends Melina and Reesa who are doing well in their life. In an attempt to overcome their boredom and find true love, the girls planned a trip to Tuscany.

Unthinkably Good Things filming locations

While the trio is experiencing different relationship challenges, the three women learn the importance of friendship and inspire each other each other to make out the best in the next season.

Allison is divorced lady who is looking to start a new life, Melina is a chef who signs up for the local cooking class in Tuscany, and Reesa is a married woman who is trying to build a family with her husband but somehow she just couldn’t.

Reesa need some girl time to spend with her friends. Will it help in building a strong relationship with Andre or make the situation even worse? On the other side, will Allison and Melina meet their love?

The first Hallmark movie produced under the Mahogany Brand Unthinkably Good Things is set to premiere on 28 Aug 2022 at 9/8c only on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.

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